One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 18

She pulled away and cursed herself for giving into his kiss.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen” Jessica said and went to leave the balcony but he grabbed her arm.

“Don’t be scared of your feelings Jessica its okay to show them when they are real.” Jonathan told her.

“Yes but I gave into the man not the creature.” she told him.

“They are one and the same you need to understand that,” he told her.

“You felt the connection that’s why you gave in and that’s why you spent the day with me. You felt it and here you didn't give in you just showed how you felt.” he told her with pleading eyes. “Please don’t run away from me my love,” he begged her.

“Jonathan I’m sorry but its the creature I am running from not the man no matter how much you believe they are one and the same.” she told him.

Removing her arm from his grasp to go back in the house. She went to go change but without thinking just grabbed her purse, as she didn't want to spend another minute in this situation because she could not trust herself alone with him. When she went to the door to leave she felt guilt inside because she knew he was alone but he did not try to stop her this time. She needed time to think about what just happened and he was giving that to her and she respected him for that.

It was when she was half way home she realized she was still in the dress and she had left her clothes at his house but she didn't turn around she kept driving towards home. How could she let herself be sweep up in the romance and kiss him? The strange thing was she wanted it to happen she wanted him. What was happening she had drawn a line and she had crossed it for a moment of pure romance? Now she was boggled with thoughts telling her to turn around and run back but then thoughts that said sleep on it and see what happens next when you are clear minded. She would return the dress to him when she was ready to face him. She felt so stupid at the moment. Was she developing feelings for this man who had such a dark side? If she decided to pursue this romance she would never have a family and eventually she would become unhappy.

Jonathan wandered the halls of his castle and wondered how to deal with Jessica’s fears of his darker side. Kissing her had been so wonderful. It had been the highlight of his existence. She was like a delicate flower that kept closing herself up whenever he tried to see deeper within. She was a fragile and he knew that but he couldn't stop himself from kissing her. She had looked so beautiful in the moonlight in that dress. He had wanted to draw her near and kiss her like she deserved. She was an amazing woman and he wanted her to know it. This line she had drawn would need to be removed though because it wasn't a friendship line it was her own fears. However it would take time and he had all the time in the world.

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