One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 19

Jason felt a little better being able to vent and tell someone how he felt. How could one girl drive him this crazy? Now seeing her with Jonathan was like pouring salt on an open wound. But every time he wanted to tell her he loved her and he was wrong he couldn't find the words. He stopped thinking for a minute when he saw headlights in the parking lot. Jessica was back and when she stepped out of the care he was shocked at how she was dressed she looked beautiful but she looked unhappy. Has Jonathan broken things off? He grabbed his jacket and headed outside.

As she came towards the stairs he stepped outside and finally muscled up the courage to say “Hi” but she hardly noticed him so he repeated himself “Hi Jessica” and she looked at him with blank eyes and then realized who he was

“Oh hi Jason” was all she said as she started up the stairs.

“Hey I was wondering if I could talk to you a minute?” Jason asked.

“Look I’m tired and want to go to bed,” she told him.

“I know but look I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you and I know I can’t change what I’ve done but I would like to be friends,” he told her.

She stopped and looked like she was thinking

“Look I will sleep on it ok I just need to rest” she said continuing up the stairs.

It was better than nothing and farther than he had gotten in a week with her. Jason walked back into his house and threw the jacket onto his couch and headed to bed.

Jessica walked into her house and saw her mom was waiting up or watching TV as she always claimed.

“Jessica where did you get that dress!” her mother asked.

“Oh Jonathan gave it to me, I am going to bed I am tired right now can we talk in the morning mom?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah you look tired get some sleep sweetie,” her mother said before turning back to the TV.

As Jessica lay in bed exhausted mentally from her day with Jonathan she drifted off and started dreaming. Jonathan was there reaching out his hand to bring her onto the balcony and as she stepped out onto the balcony he held her hand and was slipping a ring onto her finger and when she looked up she saw his face and turned into a vicious beast and just as he was about to bite her neck she woke up with a start. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom and checked her neck. There were no marks, she walked back to her room and sat on her bed and sighed. It was just a dream but it was her worst fear.

“Morning Jessica, how’d you sleep?” her mother asked her.

She knew her mother was curious about last night when she came home in different clothes and expensive ones at that. Though she was awake she was far from ready to talk about what happened last night or able to put it into words her mother could understand. This friendship with Jonathan was becoming complicated and she had feelings that were becoming complicated.

“Penny for your thoughts.” her mother offered as she set a cup of coffee in front of her.

“No I am okay just a long night and slow morning. Yesterday was good though,” she said as she sipped the coffee her mom set in front of her.

“So how did the date go last night? Did you see your super moon?” her mother asked.

Jessica took another sip of coffee and went to answer but the house phone began to ring. Saved by the phone she thought. Her mother motioned for her to seat down.

“Okay thank you” her mother told the person on the phone and hung up.

“That was about your sister doctor calling to tell me there has been no change. I just don't understand what happened to her,” her mother said with a sad tone.

“Well I am going to go take a shower and get dressed.” Jessica said trying to get away from her mother before she asked any more questions about last night.

“Okay but I want to hear more about your date last night.” her mother told her.

“Mom you're my mother not my BBF.” Jessica yelled down the hall. Her mother just laughed and poured another cup of coffee and yelled,

“I got rights to know, I’m your mother” but her answer was the bathroom door closing. “Kids” she muttered.

Jason woke up and felt good, today was the day he was going to talk to Jessica and see where things went. He wanted her to forgive him for what he did but he knew that forgiveness would not be easy. So he got dressed, quickly ate his breakfast and he still felt nervous. He went out the front door and walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. Her mother Mrs. Kimbell answered. “Is Jessica home?” Jason asked.

“Yes just a minute why don't you sit down on the couch and I’ll get her.” she told him. After a few minutes Jessica came out to the living room.

“Hello Jason” she said Jessica said. Jason stood up while Jessica sat down then he sat back down. His dad and taught him some manners.

“Listen I wanted to talk to you about what I did and I feel bad about it…” he began but Jessica cut him off

“What happened was simple you went back to your ex I was a rebound” she told him.

“Jessica you are more then a rebound you are special and I was blind to not see it. It took taking Abby back to see it. I am sorry for the pain I caused you.” Jason said.

“So what do you expect from me right now Jason.” Jessica asked.

“I just want your forgiveness and to at least be friends. I don’t want to lose that. You are an amazing person.” he told her.

“Did you break up with Abby?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah she cheated on me. But I regretted taking her back she was driving me nuts with her shallowness. I am not that kind of guy but I felt I owed her a 2nd chance.” he said.

“I can understand 2nd chances but you should have came to me not had Abby there to answer the door.” she told him.

“I know and I am sorry Jess I honestly never meant to hurt you.,” he told her.

“Well we can work on being friends and I appreciate you being honest with me. Most people would just have left it as it was.” Jessica told him.

“It was hard to fight my fears of you telling me to go to hell when I came up here” he told her.

“Its okay I have to get dressed I have a few things to do today so I will talk to you later.” she said. As they both stood up they gave each other a hug and he left.

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