One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 2

Jessica pulled into her parking spot about 7pm. She was just a little tired from her long day. Her errands for her mom had taken longer than she had thought. She grabbed the groceries from the back seat and went to turn around and there stood Jason.

“Need some help?” Jason asked.

Jessica almost dropped the groceries but Jason held out his hands to take them from her.

“You scared me,” Jessica laughed.

“Didn’t mean to just saw you might need some help,” Jason explained. She reached into the back seat to grab the dry cleaning and shut the door.

“Well thank you,” Jessica said smiling. They walked across the parking lot to the apartments and up the stairs. Jessica opened the door “Mom I’m home” Jessica announced as she came in.

“Hi Honey, I was starting to worry you were taking so long.” Her mother answered

“Well I told you if I had a cellphone you could just call me,” Jessica answered back. Jason walked with Jessica to the kitchen

“Oh hello there” her mother said looking towards Jessica.

“Sorry mom this is Jason our new neighbor he was helping me bring in the groceries” Jessica explained.

“Well its nice to meet you Jason” her mother said.

“Likewise Mrs.?” Jason asked

“Oh you can call me Mrs. Kimbell” her mother replied

He reached out his hand and shook hers

“Well Mrs. Kimbell it is” Jason said.

He looked back at Jessica and back to her mom

“Do you mind if I took your daughter to a movie tonight? I know its short notice but she helped me move in earlier.” Jason asked.

Her mother got a slow grin on her face

“Of course it would be but have her back here by midnight.” Her mother said.

Jessica stood there in shock not knowing what to say.

“Is that okay with you Jess?” her mother said noticing her shocked expression.

“Yeah thank you mom.” Jessica said

“Well then you two had better get going if you are going to catch a movie and get back in time” her mom said practically shoving the two of them out the front door.

Once they were outside Jessica snapped back to reality, she was going out on a date. Stay cool and calm she told herself although it was hard with him being so hot. Maybe he was just thanking her for helping and his girlfriend well ex girlfriend for being such a rude bitch.

“So your car or mine?” Jessica asked.

“Let me grab my wallet and tell my dad where I am going” Jason replied running to his door.

Wow he hadn’t even asked his dad he just did things off the top of his on a whim. She waited a few minutes and he came back out with his keys and walked to his truck and motioned for her to follow.

He popped the lock and she opened the door and slide in. It was a nice truck for being older.

“Nice truck” Jessica said

“Thanks I like it, it’s older and easier to work on” he said patting the dashboard.” Jason said with pride.

So he knew how to work on trucks that was a plus if she ever owned one.

“So what movie you want to see?” Jessica asked

“Actually thought you might like to grab a bite first,” Jason said his eyes lingering on her.

“Sure but I don’t have a lot of cash” Jessica said

“That’s ok I asked you out so I can pay, my dad gave me some money” Jason replied.

He started the truck and backed out to drive off not noticing the dark figure step out of the shadows. The figures hands were clenched in anger and it quickly ascended the stairs to Jessica’s apartment where her mother was now alone. The figure entered her apartment where a short scream was heard then all was silent, as silent as death itself.

Jessica was dancing on air from the movie and her time with Jason now expecting what was coming next. As they pulled up to the apartments they saw police cars and an ambulance. Jessica didn’t wait for the truck to fully stop before she jumped out and running to her apartment. Police stopped her at her door.

"You can't go in there." The officer told her.

"I live here" the officer let her pass after seeing her ID. Her family's apartment was in shreds broken glass with blood on it covered the floor.

"What happened? Where’s my family?" Jessica asked the nearest police officer.

“Who are you?” the officer asked

“I am Jessica I live here. Where are my mom and my sister?” Jessica asked

"Not to worry your sisters fine. She is down at the station waiting for your dad to pick her up. Your mom's in bad shape though. We are assuming she got into a fight with a burglar and she obtained a few injuries." the officer told her.

Jason tried to enter the apartment to get to Jessica but the police refused to let him in. Finally the police allowed him in just in time to grab Jessica as she slumped to the floor.

"Move son" a man in a uniform told him.

"Give the girl some air people she's fainted." A medic announced. The man set her on the couch.

After what seemed like forever Jason saw Jessica start to wake up.

"Jess are you okay?" Jason asked her kneeling beside her.

"Yeah I'm fine sorry,” Jessica said managing a weak smile. “ I just can’t believe someone would hurt my family.” Jessica said rubbing her head to find a band aide.

“Yeah you took a piece of glass to your head when the officer forced me out of the way” Jason said glaring in the officer’s direction. The officer glanced over not missing Jason’s glare but he choose to ignore it

"Excuse me miss are you feeling better? We need to take you to the police station we have some questions for you?" a young blonde haired, blue-eyed officer asked. "My name is Officer Howell,” he told her. “If you would come with me“, Jason cut in

“That's okay I'll drive her thanks, I think you all have done enough damage to her” Jason said glancing at the where she had cut her head.

“Sure that would be no problem we will meet there”. Officer Howell said.

Jessica slowly got up walked with Jason to his truck and headed towards the police station. About 15 minutes into their trip the truck sputtered and died.

"God what else is going to happen to me today?" Jessica cried.

"Jess just calm down okay." Jason said putting his arm around her. "Let me go look and see what the problem is okay?" Jason told her.

"Okay, I'm sorry." Jessica said smiling a little. Jason got out and popped the hood open and smoke flew out from the engine.

"Its overheated I have to go get water." Jason told Jessica who had got out of the truck. “ Stay here I will be right back." Jason told her even though he had bad feeling he flagged down a car and left.

An hour later Jessica was still waiting impatiently for Jason to return. "I've had it." Jessica said getting out of the truck. She flagged down a police car. "Could you give me a ride to the station please." Jessica asked.

"Sure hop in the back please,” the officer told her.

"Hold on just a sec please." Jessica returned to the truck and took out a piece of paper and pen from Jason's glove compartment and left a note telling him where she was. "Now I'm ready." Jessica said getting in the backseat.

Jason arrived back at his car and didn't see Jessica at all. Wonder where she is he thought. He saw a note under one of his windshield wipers and it read:

Jason, I got impatient and got aride from a police officer,Thanks anyways,Jessica

So that's where she's at Jason said popping the hood of his truck and filled the radiator with water. He shut the hood and got in his truck and started it. He headed towards the police station. Never can be too careful he thought.

Jessica stared out the window and noticed that they had turned down a dirt road that was the opposite direction of the police station. "Umm we're going the wrong way." Jessica said right as they started bumping around on a dirt road. She knocked on the separation glass and said “I think we are going the wrong way,” the officer didn’t answer so she started jiggling the door handles but the doors wouldn't open at all.

"Stop moving around back there!" the Officer yelled at her. She became frightened and started kicking the doors.

Suddenly the car jerked to a halt and the man got out and opened the back door and jerked her out by her arm, while in the process hitting her head on the doorframe.

"Your dumb you know that don't you Jessica!" the man who was the young boy from her apartment earlier.

"Officer Howell you let me go!" Jessica yelled taking a swing at Officer Howell.

“Good memory surprised it took you so long” he laughed.

He slammed her against the car and slapped her in the face bloodying her lip. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and put them on her hands. Jessica tried to break free only to feel the cold butt of a gun against the back of her skull, then everything turned black like night.

Why do they always have to fight? Kenny wondered. He shoved the unconscious Jessica in the backseat. He returned to the drivers seat and started the car and drove down the dirt road. He had stalked this girl for months and he wasn’t about to tolerate her disobedience now that he had her.

About a half hour later he heard Jessica stir.

"Decided to wake up and be sensible?" Officer Howell asked.

Jessica groaned when she started to seat up and winced at the pain hammering in the back of her head. The hard black plastic of the back seat of the police car was not helping the situation. She could feel dry blood on her lip and the bruising pain on her cheek.

"You have to be such a smart ass." Jessica muttered.

"What did you say beautiful? By now I am sure you picked up I am not an Officer so call me Kenny" Kenny snarled at her.

"You know if you hadn't fought you would not be in pain." Kenny told her.

"Your a true ass-hole you know that." Jessica said angrily.

"I wouldn't get to smart or you'll get another punishment." Kenny warned her. Jessica looked up in time to see a figure in the middle of the road.

“Oh my god look out!” screamed Jessica.

"Oh shit!" Kenny screamed as he swerved but he felt the bump as he hit the stranger. Kenny slammed on the brakes sat still for a moment. “No one saw it I can leave, everything is ok” he tried to tell himself. Better check. Kenny got out of the car. He walked around to the front of the car to find nothing but dirt. Kenny gave a sigh of relief and got back in the car. Just as Kenny buckled his seatbelt he heard the sound of metal as his door was ripped off the hinges. Two strong hands jerked him out breaking his seatbelt. Kenny felt the pain as the seat belt seared his skin. He looked up to find two anger red eyes staring at him.

“She is mine!” the figure screamed in a shriek.

Then Kenny felt a piercing pain in his neck and the world faded from his sight to black forever. Jessica saw Kenny go limp in the men's arms and fall to the ground.

Jessica let loose a blood-curdling scream, then she fainted
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