One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 20

There was a knock at the door “I’ll get it mom” Jessica yelled. Jessica opened the door to find Jonathan standing there holding a drying cleaning bag.

“You left these at my house so I had them cleaned” he told her.

“Umm thank you” was all she could say.

“Look I am sorry I pushed you into last night I just wanted to watch the moon but you looked so beautiful.” Jonathan told her.

“Its okay” she said taking the dry cleaning. “Look I can get the dress for you” she said sitting the bag down on the chair.

“No that dress was for you please keep It.” he told her.

“I think it’s the most expensive thing I own now,” Jessica told him.

She moved from the door to allow him in. He came and took off his coat and laid it on the back of the couch. Her mother walked into the room and smiled when she saw Jonathan.

“Nice to see you again Jon.” she greeted him

“Thank you and it is always a pleasure to see you Mrs. Kimbell.” he greeted her kissing her hand and covering it with his own.

“Now Jon I told you to call me Heidi.,” she told him with a smile.

“Yes you have but I like to greet the ladies with respect.” he said.

“You are a charmer aren't you Jon.” her mother said.

As Jessica gave her mom a go away look she went to sit down in the living room. Jonathan followed her while her mother hovered for a few minutes asking if they wanted anything to drink or eat. They politely said no and she finally left.

“So where do we stand, I am confused because you spent the day with me and then you spent the romantic moment under the moon and took off like you were terrified.” Jonathan told her.

“I crossed a line kissing you back and I am not sure how I feel right now Jonathan.” she told him.

“Can you answer a question though?” Jonathan asked.

“Ok” she answered.

“Did you like it?” he asked.

“At that moment yes and then I was just afraid of who I was kissing the man or the beast.” she told him.

“My dear Jessica they are one and the same I have told you this,” he told her softly taking her hand. “I know this may be difficult for you but I am already falling in love with you and I can wait as long as it takes for you to fall in love with me.”

Jessica felt tears whelming up on her eyes.

“I have never been in love so all of this is new to me and you are so kind to me,” she said.

Without thinking she inched closer and found her lips touching his, they were soft but then got more urgent. He held her so close as they kissed and it felt so natural kissing him that she didn't want to stop. When she finally pulled away she tried to look away but he gently pulled her chin back to so his eyes were level with his

“Never feel ashamed for doing what your heart wants my love,” he told her.

She had done what she had wanted to do whether it was on the balcony or in her living room. She was starting to fall for Jonathan and she had let herself go finally. She was thankful her mother had not walked in and seen though. She may be almost 18 but she was still her mothers’ baby and she was not sure how her mom would react to her kissing a 23 year old and one that was a vampire. Whether he was a vampire or not she was falling in love and that was all that mattered at the moment.

Jason was about to go upstairs and ask Jessica to lunch when he saw Jonathan pull up. All he could think was you have got to be kidding me but now he would have to wait to win Jessica’s heart until after this guy left and pray he wasn't to late. There was something about the man that bothered him. It was strange because the guy had never bothered him before. He waited for what seemed like hours until he saw the man leave in his car.

Should I go up and try now he kept thinking. He grabbed his coat and went to make the short trip. Right as he was about to knock on the door Jessica opened the door.

“Oh hi I was just about to check the mail,” she told him.

“Okay I’ll walk with you than” he told her. “Sure” she said. As they started down the stairs he decided now was as good as any to ask.

“So I was wondering if I could take you to lunch today,” he asked.

“I would but I have to meet Jonathan later this afternoon, look I’m sorry but I’m not sure where things are going with him and so I am kind of off the market.” she told him.

“You know that guy is older than you and I mean he is out of high school,” Jason told her.

“So what, why act jealous now, you dumped me for Abby remember.” Jessica told him.

“Yeah I messed up but this guy is bad news there is something off about him” he told her.

“I’m a big girl I think I can handle myself,” she said ending the conversation and walking away.

Jason still didn't like the idea of Jessica dating Jonathan and he was determined to find out what this guys secret was that was creeping him out.

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