One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 21

Jessica couldn’t believe that Jason was acting jealous but he was picking up on Jonathan being different and that could serve to be a problem if Jonathan found out. She just hoped that Jason never looked too deep and found out Jonathan’s secret. She wasn’t sure if Jonathan would try to silence him and what method he was to use. It scared her because she didn’t want anything to happen to Jason. She wanted to say yes to lunch but she didn’t want to lead him on even though he would deserve it for what he had done to her. Revenge was never the answer and it wasn’t like he had branded her and then ditched her. He had played with her heart and now he wanted her back after finding out what he thought he wanted wasn’t actually wasn’t what he wanted after all. Yes he and Abby had history but it was still wrong. Jessica shook her head to clear her thoughts because Jason was the last person she wanted to think about right now.

Her mind drifted to the kiss on the couch and what it meant. Had she just told Jonathan in so many words she wanted to be with him. Is that what she truly wanted? He had said all the right things and she had lost herself in the moment again and it had felt so right kissing him. Her mom had not been in the room or she would be teasing her and asking for information right now. Sometimes she thought her mom was the teenager and not her mom.

Jonathan sat wondering about Jessica’s sister and how he had glamoured her. He had not expected her to take the turn she had. He had planned on returning her to normal after a short stay in a psychiatric ward but some how something had gone wrong and now she was technically beyond his reach. He had never wanted her to end up a permanent resident. He had to find a way into the ward and try to fix what he had done. This weighed on him now that Jessica was coming around to wanting to be with him. He didn't want her suffering from her sister being locked up. However in a case where a person is glamoured and things turn for the worse he wasn't sure he could fix the damage being what she had seen. She had been terrified and never seen his human face just the monster, which was a face that hid inside him. He wasn't even sure he could fix this but for Jessica he had to try. Maybe he could talk Jessica into letting him help. This condition was rare and he had to try and fix it if he could.

Jason sat down at the computer and pulled up Google search to start looking up Jonathan Rice. He found the general news articles but other then that nothing else was popping up. This guy didn't even have a Facebook page. How do you research a guy who isn't on the Internet? was worth a check. He dug a bit deeper and found Jonathan Rice listed but it was listed for the 1800’s and then the 1900’s so, which was which? They both appeared to have a photo link. So he clicked and looked at both and what he saw left him breathless. Both photos were exactly similar to the Jonathan

“Stop staring at him” Jessica told Jonathan. As Jason crossed the parking lot to get in his truck.

“I wasn't I was just glancing. From what you told me on the phone he was asking you out knowing you were seeing me I find that rude.” Jonathan said glaring at Jason.

“He didn't know the whole story just relax,” she told him.

“Relaxing is not my strong suit you know that” Jonathan told her. Jonathan got in the car and started the car and thought about how nice it would be to run Jason off the road but it would upset Jessica so he restrained himself. Jessica noticed he was still tense and put a hand on his arm.

“Lets just enjoy lunch okay,” she told him.

“Just keep an eye on him so if he gets too close to the truth about me,” he told Jessica.

“I doubt he can research to the point where he discovers you're a vampire. Was there a news announcement declaring vampires in the city? Jessica asked sarcastically.

“No but…” Jonathan began but then stopped talking.

“That’s right now let’s go to lunch okay, before I change my mind and stay home. I am giving you a chance remember,” she said smiling.

“No my dear you are giving us a chance.” he said returning her smile.

As Jason pulled into the library parking he looked at his print outs and wondered if maybe he was grabbing at straws because he wanted Jessica for his own and destroying Jonathan was the only way to do this. No this was the right thing to do checking out a few things to protect his friend, someone who he cared deeply about. He got out of his truck and made his way into the library. He asked where the old films were. The librarians were kind enough to direct him to the films and the machines so he could go through things. At first he saw nothing but then there were unexplained deaths, they even named a serial killer that only comes out at night.

Honestly he thought Hot Poker was a little lame but it caught on all the papers followed suit. He always left two pokes in the neck or on other body parts. What this guy did was sick and calculated. He drained them not leaving a drop and sometimes he gutted them other times left a bloodless heap. Funny thing was that it was mostly robbers, hookers, and other people who broke the law. They said it was witchcraft what was done with removing the blood through holes in the neck. While others said it was a warning to those who broke the law to hurt others. They never caught the guy back in the 1800’s. He found nothing linking Jonathan’s family to these murders.

The photo he found named the name Jonathan L. Rice II and it was a family photo of his cousins, parents, and other family members. Then he decided to check the other photo he found it again with the man listed as Jonathan L Rice V and some friends at a party. May have not been a family portrait in a while. He decided to check the newspapers locally for unknown murders that were close to the ones back from these time periods but the police reports that were released were edited for the public but he found a few reports about drained of blood or strange marks on neck.

Other then that he couldn't dig up anything and nothing was linked to Jonathan other than his family seemed to always live in the area during these attacks. If he was a kid he would almost think they had been plagued by vampires but there was no such things. He apparently had family history in the area and that left Jason back at square one. This guy had roots in the area he had just proved that. He browsed through all the charity event newspaper articles where he posed for picture after picture for an event. So he cared about charities what celebrity or rich guy didn't.

As much as he wished to find something incriminating on this guy nothing was showing up. Unless his family was the one killing everyone then that was something but he found no proof of that. There was a sudden thought, how did he know or find Jessica on the road that night? If there is such a danger of wolves why was he out? Then something struck him maybe he was the killer. It was a far reach but him being out on the road didn’t make sense. Who or what had attacked Officer Howell? He was killed the same way as those in the 1800s and the 1900s was it possible that his family was some type of human hybrid? Was it passed through genetics? Was he a vampire? A childhood horror story comes to life? It couldn't be true he had better be sure before accusing him of being this because there was no going back.

Cathy was locked up for saying things like this but it made sense. Cathy’s dad starts trouble and Jonathan strikes out and kills him and Cathy saw his true form. Would she recognize him in his human form?

He wasn't even sure if he was sane thinking this way. If Jonathan knew he was aware he may kill him. He had to get Jessica away from him as soon as he possibly could. There was no way she could know and be okay with that.

Jason quickly gathered up all his research and turned in the books and newspapers after making his copies and left the library. He headed back to the house to prepare himself for how he would tell Jessica without sounding insane. There had to be a way to do this without losing her forever.

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