One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 22

Cathy had finally come out of her room but carried a blanket wrapped around her body. She was starting to remember being locked in the closet but how could she be locked the closet when she was hiding. Had the vampire locked her in there? Had he seen her and locked her in there? Nothing was making sense but there was a vampire and it had killed her father. She had walked in and the face she saw was twisted and angry. She had run and hid to avoid dying at its hands. She shook her head and picked up the phone to call someone but hung it up when she realized there was no one she wanted to call. She was sick of talking to the therapist they sent in. He just kept telling her there was no such thing as vampires. She would have said the same thing to had she not seen one with her own eyes.

It was mealtime so she headed back to her room to eat, most of the patients carried their trays to the dining room to be social but she preferred to be by herself rather than surrounded by others. It was hamburger today with fries, she could order what she wanted but she hadn't felt up to it so someone on staff had ordered for her. The first week she was here she spent in her corner of her room scared of her own shadow but she had slowly ventured out when she realized the vampire wasn’t after her well at least not here. She was safe her for the time being.

As she ate her food she thought about her father and how much he had meant to her. He was always kind to her and bought her whatever she wanted. He wasn't buying her love though he was making her happy. It wasn’t the same thing though. Not in her mind at least. She was the youngest and she had shown her dad she was loyal when it came down to the custody battle. Her mother never really had time for her because she was working. She wanted a parent to show her love and her dad had done that. He stayed up to watch movies even if he had to work the next day and always had a smile for her. He would never take his own life. He and Jessica never got along because she saw his attempts at custody as a gesture of hate. She had wished so many times that Jessica and mom would leave her and dad alone but it never happened. It was like a war.

Now she was stuck here for telling the truth and freaking out about it. What did they expect when childhood horror stories came to life.

The place Jonathan had chosen today was another nice but slightly uppercase place for lunch. So she had gotten to wear one of the other dresses he had bought her. She felt slightly out of place but Jonathan seemed to be happy. She didn't like the places he was apparently fitting in because she felt out of place. This one couple at the bar had asked who she was 3 times. She had politely told them she was a guest of Jonathan Rice. She wanted to go back and change into her jeans and escape back into her world. However this came with being with him. She could survive a country club for a day. The weather was bad so everyone was inside and the food was great but she had no idea what they were talking about. A couple of the men had even made passes at her but apologized when they found out who she was with.

“So how are you surviving” Jonathan stopped to ask her.

“I am okay but people seem to either respect or fear you. I was flirted with then apologized to.” Jessica told him.

“That would be a mix of both. The last guy who flirted with my date lost millions in his company. I am rather ruthless in business,” Jonathan told Jessica.

“The ladies seem to love you but none seem to like me for some reason” Jessica told him.

“My dear its the oldest and simplest of reasons. You are with me and they want to be with me its simple,” he laughed.

“Funny for you but not so much for me because I get rude glares and no conversations I am a leper.” she said.

“We shall go in a few minutes ok” he assured her.

As Jessica grabbed her purse to get ready to go a woman stopped her.

“So you are with Jon huh?” she asked

“Yes I am” was all Jessica could say.

“Be careful he can be a little wild,” she said warning Jessica as if she was some teenager.

“I think I know what I am doing when it comes to Jonathan thank you,” Jessica said trying to walk away.

“No I am serious one girl was hospitalized after a night with him.” the girl said blocking her path.

“Look please just leave me alone okay my love life is not your concern as I don't know you and judging by your creepiness never well” Jessica said pushing past her.

She couldn't believe that female who talked to her was totally rude acting as though Jonathan was a playboy who got in trouble. She tried to not laugh because she knew more than these people. She was ready to leave this place and never return. These type of people were not for her because they lacked souls in her opinion. As she found Jonathan she grabbed his arm and whispered, “I’m ready to go these people are creepy”

“Okay let’s get our coats” he told her as he kissed her.

When Jessica opened her eyes people were looking as if they were trying to think of things to say or just in shock. She smiled and grabbed his arm and headed out to get their coats and leave.

On the drive back to Jonathans, Jessica thought about how the people had treated her. It was as though they feared Jonathan, but she knew it had to be more than shrewd marketing advances to get them like that. “This one woman came up to me and made it sound like you were a drunk playboy who was out of control.” she began to tell Jonathan who was apparently lost in his own thoughts because he didn't reply.

“Jonathon hello? Anyone home?” she said trying to get his attention

“Sorry I was thinking over some things over in my head.” he answered by turning up the radio...Bruno Mars ‘Just the way you are’ came on the radio

Jessica glanced over at Jonathan smiled and placed her hand on his leg. They exchanged silly glance during the song as though it was a song meant for just the two of them. Jessica lost herself in the moment and rested her head on his shoulder as they drove to his place.

Jessica was about to change the station when she heard a familiar song start up Eminem ‘The Monster’ (Feat Rihanna) She smiled and laughed a little. Jonathan looked at her for a minute and got the joke.

“You are in a good mood, so am I the monster under your bed?” he asked her.

“I don't know are you?” she said with a smile.

“I am glad you are having fun, I hope to always bring you such joy,” he said.

Then lets go somewhere different or just drive for a bit. Jessica said feeling the moment.

“You are feeling adventurous” Jonathan replied.

As Jonathan got onto the highway and picked up a little speed Jessica let her hair down and felt the wind blow it. She was free and she was with someone who cared about her and she cared about him. Her future was still being written and she was the writer. Her future with Jonathan wasn't set in stone but this moment she was sharing with him meant the world to her. It was like being in a movie and finding out you had a horrible choice to make. Live with a vampire and have a childless life or chose human and have Jonathan stalk or possible get violent. She knew his feelings couldn't be shoved to the side he would react badly.

Jonathan loved spending this time with Jessica because she was so flighty he was uncertain how long this would last. She seemed to be enjoying the music and the highway. It was nice to see her let her hair down and give into a little fun. Jessica pointed to an off road that led to orchard. He pulled in and they got out. She tried to calm her hair from all the wind. They walked up and saw the sign allowing admission. They food an apple tree and picked a couple. Jonathan was taken by surprise when Jessica kissed him. He kissed her back and held on.

Eventually they let go but this moment was special he would remember it as would she.

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