One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 23

Jessica had such a good time with Jonathan. She was on cloud nine not noticing Jason getting out of truck. She nearly bumped into him; she noticed he had what looked like articles from a newspaper poking out. She tried to look like she wasn't interested. She didn't know what to say after the last time they spoke. She still felt hurt and it was hard to push it away and forget. She was even having trouble forgiving him. Now he was trashing talking Jonathan and it was too much.

She felt a twang of hurt in her heart though because she did care for Jason. He had been her first boyfriend as short lived as it was. She had never kissed a boy or felt that way with anyone. Now it felt like there was a war between them. She fought against her anger around him but she knew she had to let it go. She refuses to let Jason wreck her though.

“Sorry I wasn’t paying attention” she said barely meeting his eyes.

“Yeah its okay” he mumbled as he continued onto his way to his apartment.

Well that was strange he was acting as if he was trying to avoid her. He had been so eager to be in her company and now it was mumbled words. Just when things were looking up something or someone had to ruin it. Not this time though she had had an amazing time with Jonathan and nothing could ruin that. The way her and Jonathan had cruised along the highway and the wind had whipped her hair around and the music felt like it was singing to them it was amazing. It was something she had always wanted to do with the right man. She had felt free and it reminded her she and Jonathan could have fun in their life together.

She went upstairs and opened the door to her mother listening to the radio cleaning. Jessica had to laugh cause her mom was singing to the song on the radio while mopping the floor.

“Umm mom why aren't you are work?” Jessica asked.

“I got off early today,” she said smiling.

“How was your time with Jon?” her mom asked

“It was okay we had fun,” she said looking through the mail

“You know school is going to be starting up next month. So we will need to do some school supply shopping soon.”

And her mom could always find a way to knock her back to earth. “Yeah on what money mom? We are barely affording rent right now. I will make due with the stuff I got left over from last year its okay” Jessica said

“So when is Jon coming back over sweetie, you are spending a lot of time with him lately” her mom asked.

“I’m sure you'd love it if he came over mom you're always flirting” Jessica joked.

“I think he is a gentlemen just what you need Hun” her mother told her.

If her mom only knew that Jonathan was very different. If she fully knew she might not be as accepting but that was Jessica’s secret to keep. She was enjoying her time with him for as long as it lasted.

“I got some good news they said your sister is making progress she is coming out of her room. There may be hope for her returning home yet,” her mother told her with a smile.

Mom was hoping so bad that her sister could get better. While it sounded like great news Jessica knew her sister had a long ways to go before they let her out. But for now she let her mom be happy because she deserved it after all that happened. People sometimes thought everything rolled off her mothers back but that was far from the truth.

The mild heart attack was proof that things affect her but dad taking his life had almost freed her from a prison. She loved him still and it broke her heart what he was doing to her every time he called or came around. I know it sounds morbid but she was free. So he was a coward and took the wrong way out but in the end even I missed my dad but we were better without him.

Jonathan wandered around his home thinking about his day with Jessica and how she had looked at him when that song had played. He understood the words and was touched that she had meant it for them.

When they had driven down the highway to just drive she had let her hair down and it whipped in the wind. She never looked so beautiful smiling the way she did. Then at the orchard she had kissed him like she owned him and he had grabbed her as though he was her mate. It had felt so good to free that side of him, although he had controlled the beast. There was no doubt that Jessica was the girl he had been searching for.

He had laughed when she had played “The Monster” song because he never wanted to stop being the monster under her bed if she never stopped loving him. It was funny how she picked songs to relate to her feelings. If that’s how she had to do it then he was okay with it. He looked out and wondered what Jessica was doing. She was all he could think about and with school fast approaching this was her last year as a senior his time with her was precious.

He was still hoping she would chose to be like he was so they could be together forever but she was fighting it. He didn’t want to ruin the progress they had made by making her hate him by forcing it on her. However if she decided to keep refusing him he would have to play his hand. He wanted her forever and he would have her forever. After all he wasn't taking life he was giving her one that lasted forever. Yes it came with certain criteria but life had its own criteria.

He shut his eyes and opened them looking outside as the sun was dropping below the mountains. Maybe he should just let the subject sit on the back burner although he wanted it so bad but he wanted her freedom to be hers. If she ever left him then they would cross that bridge then.

He wandered to the library and decided after staring at the empty spot where his frame once sat that he would replace it someday soon. He wanted to remove memories of pain and replace them with joy. He was happier than he had been in centuries.

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