One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 24

“I know this sounds silly but I want us to get a photo taken.” Jonathan told Jessica on the phone.

“Really what kind of photo” she asked.

“The kind I can put in a frame and stare at until I see you again,” he said in a sly sexy voice.

“Now Mr. Rice people will think you are getting sentimental about me,” she teased him.

So much time had elapsed since she had begun seeing Jonathan. They had watched many sunsets together and done many romantic walks on the beach. He was her prince charming but that one decision still loomed over her head Life or Eternal life? She wanted to be with him and being with him was like breathing air. He was never bad to her.

School had started and Jonathan had spent many long nights distracting her from her homework. She had to force herself to do her homework by herself to get it done. Her 19th birthday was looming around the corner and she was looking forward to it. Things were looking up. Even her sister had moved to a ward for people who were on short-term stay. She might be coming home soon. Mom was busy trying to redo her sister’s room because she had picked up her things from dads. Dad’s sister went through and boxed it up for mom. Summer had been a time of change but things were looking better now.

She had forgotten about Jason though she had seen him the other day and she swore she had seen him wearing a cross necklace. A thought of “did he know” had crossed her mind and she had pushed it away. Things were perfect in her world

Jason stood in his room with walls covered with crosses and littered with photos and printouts. He had been researching for months and everything lead to dead ends. Everyone had passed away but Jonathan. It seemed the bloodline had always had Jonathan Rice and he had always appeared to look the same. Wherever they lived there seemed to be a rash of murders but as it hit the mid 1900’s things began to go down in numbers.

The murders always had two holes mostly if the throat wasn't ripped out. Seemed the victims were anyone at first then it changed to hookers, then rapists, murders and then any violent crook. Now things were not even a whisper other than the Kenny Howell murder.

He believed without a doubt that Jonathan rice was older then he looked and also a legendary vampire straight out of the books. While he had no proof other than photographs and family lines, newspaper clippings about tragic killings. He knew they were all connected but this was all the proof he had and he knew Jessica would never listen. He needed more proof and he no idea where to turn. He had to show her and try to make her listen.

If he went straight after Jonathan that would be bad cause it would end 1 of 3 ways: Jonathan would murder him, get a restraining order, or would just deny it all. All ways Jessica would hate him and never speak to him again because she would think he was insane.

So there really was no easy way to go about finding out the truth. Then there was this glamour technique that vampires had. It wasn't 100% effective and could be reversed and Jason was starting to wonder about Cathy’s story. Had Jonathan killed Jessica’s father? Had he tried to glamour Cathy and it not worked. He needed to speak to her badly so he needed to be careful where he treaded so he could speak to her and find the truth out about Jonathan. He popped another Tylenol and lay down on his bed and tried to close his eyes.

Cathy looked around the activities room to the whiteboard where they keep all the class times. She had an hour till the next class. She was so tired of all these group classes. She wanted out of this unit so bad and to be in her own bed. She knew her life as she had known it was over. No more running to dad when her mother was overbearing or when she wanted to get away. He was gone and there was no getting him back. She closed her eyes and felt a tear slide down her cheek.

Her dad was her best friend even though he would pump her for information on her mom they had a connection. They would go shopping but they would stay up and watch movies and he would help her with her homework. He was very smart and explained things so she could understand. She had gone from a C student to a B student with his help. Her dad had changed her for good reasons. She was not looking forward to living with her mom.

As she sat down in a chair away from everyone she started writing anything she wanted that was on her mind. She didn't hear the girl sit down next to her.

“Sorry to bother you but I don't think we have met?” she told Cathy.

It took a minute then Cathy looked up and saw someone was sitting next to her. “Oh hey I’m Cathy,” she said going back to her writing.

“Well I just wanted to say hello,” the girl said before just wandering off without leaving her name.

Cathy didn't think twice of it being that everyone had his or her own problems in this place. She didn't really try to make friends or get to know anyone because she had no plans to stay in touch. She was planning on closing this ugly chapter of her life and hiding it.

“Cathy can you come with me please?” a man asked in a suit and tie.

Time to go with the guy who thinks vampires are imaginary “yay me not” she thought. She got up and left the table grabbing the paper, folding it, and putting it in her pocket.

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