One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 25

“Cathy how are you feeling today?” the doctor asked.

Here it goes the general courtship “I am doing better than yesterday” she answered she said sitting on her bed as the doctor said in the chair across from her.

“I noticed some notes saying you are participating more in the groups and even engaging in communicating with others,” he pointed out.

“Yes I am starting to feel better and comfortable in my surroundings.” she answered again.

Then the real questions began.

“On your fathers death do you still believe he was killed by a vampire?” the doctor asked.

“No I just didn't want to admit that my father would take his own life that he would be that selfish. He was my best friend and losing him ripped everything apart. I ran to him when my mom was being a pain. Losing him broke me and ripped me apart inside.”

She played with her fingers and waited for his reply

“Cathy its natural to feel abandoned and to go to a place of pain but in case you went to a place called a mental delusion to protect yourself shifting the pain and responsibility onto someone else. I think you have made great progress and we will discuss possibly you going home with family at our meeting later on this morning. We will let you know.” with that he got up and left the room. “Be proud of yourself you have come a long ways over the summer” he said before leaving.

Yeah I have I have learned to play your head games better than you think she thought silently. She had to get out of this place and get out into the real world and see whom else this vampire was praying on. Personally she wanted to find it and kill it. The one thing she couldn’t get out of her head was how familiar the twisted face was and its clothing. She knew for a fact it did not transform into a bat and fly off she had way too much time to think and she knew she had been in the closet and it was by force not by choice or so she thought. Why would she hide if her father were committing suicide? If anything she would have tried to stop him. She missed him and he would have never have committed her like her mom had. He was the type to work things out with his kids and talk to them.

Cathy was so lost in thought she almost walked into another patient.

“Sorry” she said moving aside.

“No problem” they said and kept walking.

She knew she couldn't bring her dad back but she could try to figure out what really happened.

Jessica has just gotten home after another night of Jonathan taking her out. He had taken her to a fancy restaurant where they required a shirt and tie. She had thought that places where just made in movies. She had a steak that had onion fries with it. It was definitely different but he was trying to expand her taste buds as he put it but she has wondered if he gave up when she had ordered the steak. However the steak was one of the best she has ever tasted and filling for how small it was. Things with him were always different he wanted her to expand her horizons as he put it. Honestly as long as he was around she enjoyed nearly every date.

The only one she had not enjoyed was that country club one where the girl had made him out to be a playboy and a bad one. She knew who he was and she accepted it and she had wanted to be rude to the girl but bit her tongue for the most part. She had known there would be people like that out there and she would just have to ignore them. As long as they were together people could say what they wanted because she knew his truth. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that she only knew what he wanted to her to know though.

As Jessica sat listening to Katy Perry ‘Dark Horse’ song in the car the words began to make sense. She turned it off and walked to the apartment. Was there no going back on this relationship was it in fact too late? Would he expect her to eventually become a vampire like him? She tried to not think about it day after day but it popped up and she was always torn on what to do. She was in love but was that enough to give your life for to become a blood sucking eternal creature of the day, cloudy day or night, however they managed all that.

She had found herself researching vampires more lately and the myths and types of vampires out there were endless.

“Limited Species My Ass!” she told the walls of her room.

The thing was not nearly all of this could be true because they would have been found and killed. So here was Jonathan roaming untouched. I bet he knew at least 7 other vampires close to the city she thought. She shook her dead and decided to find another subject or thing to do cause she was a bit obsessive and tended to argue with herself for hours and just ended up mad. She flipped on the TV to see if the News was on. Usual drama, at least there wasn't any unsolved murder or animal attacks.

She watched TV for a few hours and heard the key in the lock. Mom must be home she thought. She went back to the TV. Her mother came in holding a couple bags.

“Can I get some help here please?” she asked.

Jessica got up and grabbed the bags while her mom took the keys out of the lock and take off her coat. “Good day at work mom?” she asked as she started to put the food away.

“Yeah it was okay, the usual,” her mother answered sitting down and taking her shoes off.

“So how was your day?” her mother asked

Jessica turned around with a smile. “Jonathan took me to a fancy lunch. I preferred a hamburger personally,” she laughed.

“Have you told him that?” she asked.

“Yeah but hey he lets me wear all these great clothes so I can't complain really.” Jessica smiled.

“I do know how you enjoyed dress up as a kid” her mother smiled. Just make sure you are dating for the right reasons and not to play dress up ok,” her mother told her with a hug.

“I know trust me its the guy I like mom” Jessica reassured her.

“He has been a positive influence on you though and you are not sacrificing your grades so as long as you two put the right things forward I am okay with it.” her mother said leaning back on the couch.

“All though he does understand your my baby and…” she continued.

Jessica laughed and told her “Yes mom I think anyone within a 100 mile radius knows your protective.”

“So what’s for dinner tonight we can order in?” her mother asked.

“Chinese sounds amazing actually.” Jessica replied.

“Grab the menu and bring it here Hun” her mother told her.

Jessica grabbed the menu off the fridge and brought it to her mom who had grabbed the phone and dialed the number to order. Jessica wandered to her bedroom to call Jonathan on her cellphone. Seemed like the phone rang before he answered.

“Hello” he answered.

“What took so long to answer?” Jessica asked playfully.

“I was on the other side of the house from the phone,” he told her

“You know a cellphone does wonders” Jessica teased him.

“Yes I know I should get one of those since you have one now” he told her.

“Okay since you had to move so fast from one side to the other I guess I can let you slide.” Jessica told him.

“You’re smiling right now are you Jess?” Jonathan asked.

“Why how do you know me so well.” Jessica asked.

“Because I keep my girlfriend very happy” he smiled and told her. He had called her his girlfriend and it had felt good.

“So mom is ordering Chinese to bad you don't eat people food” she told him.

“You make me sound like a dog when you say it like that” Jonathan laughed.

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