One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 26

Jason sat in his apartment in his room thinking of how to handle this situation. He had placed crosses in his room and even had gotten some holy water from the church. He told his father he superstitious and he didn't seem to care. Honestly his father didn't seem to care about much lately. He just sat there and cashed his social security checks since he had gotten hurt on his job years ago. He never got out of the house much and sometimes went out with another couple guys to play bingo or to have a guy’s night of drinking.

Jason decided to wait until Cathy got out because only then would someone believe him of what Jonathan was. This beast had killed Jessica and Cathy’s dad and probably in cold blood. He had to get proof to show to Jessica because two raving lunatics crying out about vampires would only end up bad. He would have to plan this carefully to show her she wasn't safe if she didn't know. As it was her mom would freak if he tried to explain this with Cathy around. On all the dates he had managed to follow Jessica on he noticed only she ate. She can't be that dumb she had to know something was wrong. How could someone date someone who had killed her own father or was she part of it? Had she asked him to kill him? She had not seemed that upset when she had found out.

He shook his head he was becoming obsessed with the truth and he wanted to share the information to protect Jessica but he didn't know how to without losing her. He had to make a leap of faith and hope she didn't think he was crazy. He picked up the phone to dial her number but hung it up. She had been ignoring him but he didn't know if she had been glamoured or not.

He decided to take that leap and picked the phone back up and call.

“Hello?” her voice came over the phone.

“Hey Jessica its Jason do you think maybe you can come downstairs I want to show you something?” he asked her.

“I’m expecting Jonathan shortly can it wait?” she asked.

“No I think you need to see this,” he told her.

“Okay give me a couple minutes” he hung up the phone and started to become nervous.

Just tell her the truth and if she accepts it then so be it. There was a knock on the door and he nearly jumped out of his skin. He answered the door and let Jessica in.

“Okay so what’s so important?” she asked with a sigh.

“You could be a little nicer about it you know. Come with me to my room.”

As they walked into the room Jessica saw all the pictures and news clippings hanging on the walls. Then she saw the crosses hanging and started to panic. He had figured it out but what were all this articles and photos. Jonathan can’t find out about this or he would freak. “Umm so what am I looking at exactly?” she asked.

“All of this links to Jonathan. Before you shut down let me explain, he is a vampire that dates back to the 1800’s and killed rapists, murders you name it until the latter 1900’s where everything was pretty cold until Kenny Howell. In his family line there was always Jonathan Rice and they look the same also. I know it sounds crazy but it all makes sense why he never eats” Jessica eyed him for a minute.

“How do you know he never eats?”

“I followed him once or twice.” Jason admitted.

“So what am I suppose to do if my boyfriend is a vampire? Do you know how silly that sounds? I think its best you keep this to yourself before you end up like Cathy.” Jessica warned.

“Thing is I don't think she was crazy I think Jonathan killed your father” there it had been said.

What Jessica had ignored and pushed off and now it was flat in her face again.

“Why would he kill my dad?” she asked.

“This whole thing is stupid Jason,” she said walking out of his room and heading for the front door.

“Look Jessica I care about you and this guy is death, I don't want you to end up like your dad,” he said with pleading eyes. She opened the door and walked out shutting the door behind her.

As Jessica walked outside she knew what she was doing was for the best. She couldn't give Jason any part of the truth. However what he had said about her father was something she had thought but had no proof on. Besides why would he risk exposure with Cathy seeing? It just was something that didn't make sense. Jonathan isn't that stupid. She went back upstairs to get ready to meet Jonathan.

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