One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 27

What was going to happen now? She thought as she got in the car with Jonathan. She had to tell him in case Jason did something stupid. She just didn't know how tell him that someone was digging up his past looking for answers. She wasn't even sure how he would react.

“Umm so Jason talked to me today” Jessica started.

“What he has to say?” Jonathan asked.

“Now I don't want you to get mad ok” she started.

“Ok” he answered.

“Apparently he was been doing research on you and your family.” She could feel the tension.

“He found some old photos and murders and claims that you are a vampire based on his evidence” Jonathan looked upset

“I don't think anyone will believe him.” She added

“He just doesn't give up, he is so obsessed with you now he is obsessed with taking me down to get you.” Jonathan said glaring at Jason's apartment.

“Don’t worry about him ok,” Jessica said taking his arm.

“If he wants to be crazy and put crosses all over his house let him.” Jessica reassured Jonathan.

“Yeah lets go get some lunch I bet you're starving.” Jonathan said putting the car in gear.

“If that’s ok, why do you always watch me eat?” she asked him.

“You have to eat and I love seeing you enjoy it” he responded.

“I know you tell me that but I wondered since you always just sit there that people might start noticing. Jason said he followed us and noticed when I eat and you don't. So if he notices other might also so, why don't we order in for a while?” she asked.

Jonathan seemed to grip the steering wheel harder.

“I refuse to hide because a teenager wants to play investigator and try to expose me. So lets find a nice place and enjoy ordering out ok,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I am not trying to make you mad, it’s just that I never thought of things like that and I don't want others to take notice or start rumors that could be damaging to you” she explained.

“I understand but if I let every Jason in the world scare me into hiding I would never come out.”

“I am just worried if he can figure it out who else can if they really look?” she asked. Jonathan was starting to look agitated.

“Lets change the subject before I get to angry ok” he said with gritted teeth.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you upset. Maybe I should just go home.”

“No we are going out to lunch and ignoring this stupid boys accusations.” Jonathan said in a sharp tone.

Jessica let go of his arm and sat back in her seat and got quiet. She knew she had said too much.

“You're not going to hurt him are you?” she asked.

“No but I don’t want to talk about it either, the past needs to stay in the past. Those were different times and I am not proud of them.” he said calming down and loosening his grip on the steering wheel.

The rest of their date seemed to be quiet and Jessica couldn't get her mind off Jason’s accusations because Jonathan had admitted basically to killing all those people. He said different times but it made her wonder if he would actually pose a danger to Jason. She couldn’t warn Jason because then she would be feeding into his story and giving it footing to run with. Then there was Cathy who would be coming home soon according to her mom. What havoc would he cause there.

By the time Jonathan dropped her off she wasn't sporting her usual smile. Jason had ruined their day with his ranting’s and Jessica was left with problems and unwanted information about Jonathans past. She was in love with a serial killer but he was a vampire and needed their blood to live so what was it really and those men were murders and rapists, so what was it really she was mad at.

Was she mad at herself for ignoring his monster inside and pretending he was a normal guy like the vampire side was nothing more than a title. It came with a warning label of death and she treated it lightly. Now she was hearing what that warning label was really about and she didn't like it but she didn't want to lose him so she had a choice live with it or stop seeing Jonathan which could turn into a horrible mistake. For the first time she felt fear again like she had the first time she saw the monstrous side of him that night in the patrol car. Nothing came without a price and now the fun and games were coming to an end.

Jonathan sensed a change in Jessica. Had his anger showed too much or had Jason pieced together too much and Jessica just now realized the monster he was or used to be. Either way he didn't want to lose her in this boys ranting’s. However when she got out of the car she didn’t seem her joyful self like before. She said she was just tired but he knew being found out was weighing on her and there was not much he could do about it. He knew the time to change her into a vampire was fast approaching. Now with all this added drama it might take more to convince her. In all his decades he had never had this much trouble with one person even Angelique had chosen fairly quickly. He knew what happened when townsfolk found out and he didn't want a repeat of history.

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