One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 28

Jonathan wandered to the room where he had shown Jessica all the dresses and clothing he had gotten her. He had done this because he knew she would be living there very soon but she took it as he was sweet and was pampering her. He wanted to change her with every fiber of his undead being. It grew day-by-day it was his animal like nature that desired her to be officially his. He was near done playing diligent boyfriend going on dates. She needed to make a choice or he was going to force a choice. But then he would have that nasty thought of her hating him for all eternity or running off after turning. He had seen how ugly turning people by force could be. The girl that another vampire had turned had wrecked the village that killed his Angelique. He had torn the newbies head off and her makers after Angelique was killed. So he would be damned if that happened again.

The thought of that time always angered him and saw he had ripped the doorknob off instead of turning it to open the door. He pushed the door open; he would have a servant fix the door. He looked at all the dresses and skirts and blouses and pictured Jessica wearing them, as he was a vampire. She would glide in the gowns and look sexy in the skirts just for him. His eyes moved to the bed he had been thinking of what it would be like but she wasn’t ready for that yet. He glanced outside the window and saw the trees and thought of the wolf, his guardian. Yes it had attacked Jessica but it hadn't known she was his. It wouldn’t dare get closer now.

He exited her bedroom and went down the marble hallway to the front door and went to the gate. He whistled and within seconds the wolf appeared. He stooped down and petted the wolf. Many legends were told of the wolf but this one was sacred to him and he had not meant to hurt him that night but he was protecting Jessica. The wolf was half human but had not changed in over a decade. The man the wolf was or had been had been a friend and he had stayed with him. He protected his woods and once in a while the city sent animal control but they never found him. He petted the wolfs head and went back into the house.

Jessica sat at home thinking about her choice. Her 19th Birthday was around the corner in a matter of days. She would be an adult and no longer a child. She knew he would want a choice. What if she chose wrong and she didn't want to be a vampire? Would he make her become one? So many things to consider, years of living and changing names or moving so no one got suspicious or hiding in the castle. How did he do it for decades and not have problems. If she chose to be like him then would she have to leave her family? Would she pose too much of a threat to her mom and sister? She didn't want to lose her family just because she was in love. Deep inside she knew he wouldn’t settle for a human relationship. However she found herself arguing with herself with the same questions a lot lately.

She decided that they needed to talk about it together since she couldn’t make up her mind alone.

She picked up the phone and dialed his number. “Hi, do you think we could talk possibly at your place tonight?” Jessica asked Jonathan when he answered.

“Yes, is something the matter?” he asked.

“No I just need to work a couple things out about us” there was a pause on the phone.

“Okay come on over” he told her.

“See you in a few” she said hanging up the phone. Her mother was lying down so she picked up the car keys and headed to Jonathans place.

As she got in the car outside the apartments she saw Jason’s curtains move. God now he is spying on me. He must be obsessed he could prove to be a problem we so need to move she thought. Last thing she needed was an obsessed neighbor stalker getting into her business right now. She backed the car out and headed for Jonathan’s place.

She wanted to talk but was this good or bad he thought. Maybe it was the talk he wanted and she was coming around and just needed convincing that this was the right choice. He didn’t want to force her after all. He wanted patiently for her to arrive but every minute felt like forever. Finally 30 minutes had passed and he heard her car approaching.

He walked outside and saw her driving through the gate. He opened her door for her after she parked.

“Hi, what took you so long” he teased her.

“Not everyone can run as fast as you,” she laughed.

They walked into the house and Jessica went straight for the library. Jonathan followed and they both sat by the fire.

“So I wanted to talk because something is weighing on my mind” Jessica told him.

“You want to change me to be like you so we can be together forever.” She motioned for Jonathan to listen when he opened his mouth to speak.

“I am struggling with I guess you call it my humanity. I don’t want to lose it I don't want to be a creature with no remorse. I saw the article clippings of all the people you killed. I also am not sure I want to live forever but I find myself falling in love with you and while I don't want to age and you don’t. I am stuck at a crossroad. I’m scared of making the wrong choice but I feel like I am being pushed towards only once choice and my days with you are magical.” she looked at him with pleading eyes.

“I can only tell you what I want, not what you should do.” he answered her. Careful Jonathan don’t show her all your cards you want this to be her choice he thought.

“Honestly I want you with me, I want you by my side forever. I love you that much my dear Jessica,” he told her. “I would love to make you happy for the rest of eternity if I could” he said hugging her.

“I know you would but is it so wrong to cling to being human so much.” she asked.

“This conversation will always be the same no matter how many times we have it. I would rather it be your choice then have it happen during a life or death moment in your life” he told her. “I would never let you die,” he told her

. “So your telling me you’ll never let me die that one day I will be like you?” she asked.

“I cant live without” he answered.

“When were you going to tell me it wasn't my choice!” she asked rather heated.

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