One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 29

“If we are to be together than there is only once choice” Jonathan answered.

“How can you say that to me after everything?” Jessica said yelled at him.

“You need to calm down Jessica, I never posed a time frame on you,” he said in a calm voice.

“However you will not yell at me you knew what you were getting into when you started seeing me and yes I may have been pushy but you chose to fall in love.” as soon as the words left his lips he wanted to take them back.

“What? I chose to fall in love with you, no that was natural and you pursued me so you took away my choice honestly. This has been your plan since the beginning as soon as you saw me in the back of the patrol car. OH MY GOD! I am so stupid I walked right into your trap. So are you going to kill me now if I decide to live?” Jessica said with frantic eyes looking for an exit.

“Jessica I love you and please calm down, it is natural for me to want you as I am. I never tried to trick you, just court you and see if you could love me and you do,” he answered. “We are intertwined together and I cannot live without you,” he told her.

Jessica felt like she couldn't breathe, like someone had sucked the air out of the room. She gasped over and over then saw black.

It was what seemed like forever before he saw her stir on the couch. “Jessica are you okay?” Jonathan asked.

“What happened?” she muttered holding her head.

“You passed out, I think you had a panic attack,” he explained.

“I didn’t mean for you to get that upset,” he told her. She was just sitting there looking dazed.

“I love you,” she finally said. In a small voice he heard her ask,

“Does it hurt?”

“Don’t worry about all that, we don't need to deal with it right now” He told her sitting down next to her on the couch.

He knew the questions in her head had to be too much. She had overloaded to the point of fainting at the idea of dying but living eternal. This was a normal reaction. Angelique had taken easier to the idea but she had her moments of uncertainty.

He did not question her feelings for him but her uncertainty was something to work on. How could he ease her mind around this huge change? It wouldn't happen tonight that was for sure.

“I think you should be getting back home, I don’t want to keep you out too late and worry your mom.” He told her

It was almost funny the part about worrying her mom because there would be a time when it didn't matter that she would be with him and her mom would be smiling looking on thinking her child had found her true love. Jessica adored her mother and the change would or might damage that relationship since neither of them age.

That was the bad part of making oneself a vampire so young. Everyone grows older quicker around you and then they were gone within a blink of an eye. There would be a time period when she was new that she could not be around her family for their safety. Jonathan knew she would not like the basics when it came to it but each new vampire was different. For right now he just wanted her to get home and rest.

He walked Jessica out to her car and they said their goodbyes for the night.

As Jessica drove home she found her thoughts drifting back to her conversation about a choice that really wasn't a choice. If she wanted to be with him that’s how it would be. Everything that made her human would change. She would have to adjust to everything and she wasn’t ready to lose her family after all that had happened. At one point she started crying and had to pull over. Her life had seemed so care free and now someone wanted to change her all for love. She really didn't know which to do and she had to hope that her heart would lead the way to where she belonged.

She was almost 19 years old and she had thought had her whole life out there and now death was looming over her head with eternal life. What was eternal life watching everyone you love die till you had no one. She didn't want that but she wanted to be with Jonathan and that was a choice she would have to make. She never thought she could love someone the way she loved him. This choice was tough and yet so simple. She was afraid of dying and that was the honesty of it all. Was her love that strong that she could do it for Jonathan?

She started the car and got back on the road and drove home.

As Jessica was pulling in she noticed Jason’s curtains move again. Was he seriously keeping tabs on her now? She hoped it didn't go any further than that or Jonathan would find out and that would be bad. She parked and got out in time to see the curtains move again but this time she had seen his face watching her. Honestly it kind of strange. She chose to ignore him and went up to her apartment. Her mother had already gone to bed for the night so she locked the door and went in to her own room and went to bed she was exhausted

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