One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 3

The creature tore the back door off the patrol car and pulled the girl out. She had fainted from fright when she saw him murder that man.

He carried her back to his home where he put her on a bed and waited for her to wake up. He looked at a mirror and noticed blood on his face and decided to clean it off. He went in the bathroom.

He stood and tried to think clearly, this girl looks a lot like Angelique, but my Angelique is dead. He thought at his rage earlier when he entered her house and attacked her mother, how stupid he was. He could never tell her what he'd done.

He returned and placed a rag and water by the bed, and began cleaning the blood from her face. She began to groan.

"Where am I?" Jessica asked.

"You're in my home.” the man told her.

"Why am I here though?" Jessica asked.

"You ask to many questions." The man replied.

"Might I ask your name please?" Jessica asked

"Jonathan Rice at your service." Jonathan said bowing before her.

"Can I call you Jon?" Jessica asked.

"Yes you may." Jonathan said.

"I want to go home." Jessica told him.

"I'm sorry you can't leave till morning. It’s too dangerous we have wolves,” Jonathan told her walking towards the door.

"Fine I'll leave without your help,” she told him.

She jumped to her feet and felt the room spinning and she felt weak in her knees but headed towards the door. Jon appeared before her locking the door.

"Get out of my way now!" Jessica yelled and slumped to the floor and started crying. Jonathan tried to put his arms around her.

"Get away from me." Jessica screamed moving away from him. She sat and cried for a while and he stood watching.

“You are hurt and I just want to help you. I promise I will let you call a cab in the morning. My home is yours until the morning” Jessica looked up realizing this man meant no harm to her.

“There was this monster that killed this man..” Jessica stammered

“Don’t worry you are safe here” Jonathan reassured her

“Where did you find me?” Jessica asked.

She looked at her hands and saw the bruising starting where the cuffs had been so tight on her wrists. If he had found her had he seen Kenny’s body or had that monstrous creature taken it.

“Enough questions for now you need rest” He left the room. Jessica jumped to her feet and unlocked the door and ran out of the house.

Jonathan sensing she had left the house started out after her? Jessica cut through the woods but only to find herself lost. Jonathan watched from the trees. Jessica sat down on the ground knowing she was totally lost and closed her eyes starting to cry. He felt remorse and a need to protect her. She felt a cold breeze and looked up to find Jonathan looking down at her.

"How'd you find me?" Jessica asked puzzled.

"I followed you." Jonathan told her extending his hand to help her up but she refused. "Come with me." Jonathan ordered.

"No!" Jessica told him stubbornly and started running.

Jessica stopped nearly colliding into Jonathan who had suddenly appeared before her. "What the hell?" Jessica said stepping back and falling over a rock. Jonathan grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. "How'd I even get here?" she asked.

"I brought you here,” he told her.

"Where was I?" she asked.

"In a car with a dead driver on the ground." he said his expression not changing.

"Did you kill him?" Jessica asked started to shake from the cold and the fear growing inside her.

"Yes I did." Jonathan replied placing his coat around her shoulders. "How can you do something so monstrous?" Jessica said shaking with fear.

“He was going to kill you was he not?” Jonathan asked her.

“I don’t know possibly, I don’t know why?” Jessica asked

“People like him don’t need reasons they just take what they want and destroy it” Jonathan said with anger “Come back to the house and rest you suffered enough tonight and catching a cold shouldn’t be one more thing to add” Jonathan paused “I will get you a ride home in the morning.” Jonathan said and Jessica nodded and they started back towards the castle.

After they had reached the castle Jessica laid down on the couch and had no problem falling asleep and began to dream about the day she had first met Jason with his deep blue eyes about going to the movies and how he taken her to dinner and the time they shared. Wasn’t long before her dream was over and she was awakened to sunlight on her face.

At the police station Jason had just woken up on a bench. While he had slept he had dreamed about Jessica and the day they had met and the last time he had seen her. He felt such regret leaving her alone on the side of the road. Had he known what would happen he would have never done it. He got up and asked about any information on Jessica but there was none. He was becoming more concerned.

“Listen she said she caught a ride with a officer here.” Jason repeated for the millionth time that night.

“Sure I assure you we have no officer named Howell and she isn’t here, now if you would like to sit and wait” the desk officer said

“Forget it, I will find her myself.” Jason said rather upset.

“Wait, sir did you say Officer Howell?” a Detective asked

“yes” Jason replied. The detective motioned for him to follow.

“We would like to talk to you for a few minutes…” the detective said. They walked to an interview room where the detective set down a folder with pictures in it.

“We found a body next to a stolen police car with name tag that said Officer Howell” all the blood drained from Jason’s face.

“Was Jessica found?” Jason asked. The detective shook his head.

“The police car driver door was ripped clean off as well as the backdoor as so who or whatever did this we have no idea” the detective said. Jason felt heaviness in the pit of his stomach “I am guessing she ran but her fingerprints were all over the back seat. The strange thing is the fake officer was drained of all his blood.” The detective added

The detective continued. He said shaking his head. “Unless your girlfriends a vampire or really sick in the head I can't see her being able to do this.” The detective added with a chuckle but stopped when he saw the look on Jason’s face.

“Do you have a number we can reach you at if we hear anything?” the detective added.

Jason reached for a piece of paper and wrote his number down.

“You’re free to go but if you hear from Jessica please notify us immediately so we can get some answers” the detective said.

Jason left the police station and got in his truck and sat there thinking vampire was this guy serious. He started his truck and headed towards home hoping that Jessica would have made it back there to hers.

Jessica stretched her achy body and walked down the hall. She opened a door and inside was a library filled with books. She walked in and began looking at the many books

“Find anything interesting?” Jonathan said from behind her.

Jessica turned around to see Jonathan he walked towards her but she backed away.

“I wont hurt you” Jonathan told her trying to reassure her

“I keep trying to convince myself that Kenny brought it upon himself” tears began to sting her eyes.

“What he did to you was wrong, what I did was justice” Jonathan said to her quietly.

“Why do you take justice into your own hands?” Jessica asked him.

“If I hadn’t you would be dead right now” Jonathan told her his voice softening.

“How would you know?” she asked him.

“I saw it in his eyes” he pulled his eyes away from hers “stop” he said walking out of the room.

She followed him into the hall and put her hand on his shoulder and asked, “What’s wrong Jonathan?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, its time for you to go” he told her

“Why?” Jessica asked

“Because I said so now go,” Jonathan said raising his voice

He walked into a room and shut the door. Jessica went to the phone and called a cab. Soon the cab arrived and as she walked down the steps she looked up to see Jonathan watching her from the window ‘goodbye Jonathan’ she thought half-heartedly. She got into the cab and left and was on her way home
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