One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 31

As the sun rose in the sky the sunlight danced across Jessica’s face. She slowly dragged herself out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Then all of last night came crashing back. There was a choice well not really a choice but a fact that to be with Jonathan she would have to join him as he was in death. She grabbed her brush and brushed out her hair putting it in a ponytail.

School was going to be hard to get through after all the excitement last night. She was worried her choice would be taken and she would become a vampire against her will. She couldn't imagine Jonathan doing that to her but his beast should he lose control could take her life. The danger was clear and so was her choice but she lingered as though there was another option. He would only allow so much time before he made it clear the choice had to be made then and she would be forced to take the leap and lose her family. There had to be a way to do this and still have her family but it meant seeing them grow old and dying without her in life.

How long did a newbie vampire have to be away from blood? Can they actually control himself like Bellina in that Vampire movie? Then she told herself to stop comparing this to movies that was all made up and this was real. She laughed for a moment, it was funny because vampires used to be just a movie or a made up story but now Jessica had found the truth that they did exist and she was to become one soon. Not really much to laugh at but the irony of when you watch movies they make you fall in love with a vampire thinking oh this is all make believe but strangely enough make believe was just the beginning of the story. She went and got dressed and grabbed her backpack to get ready to leave.

As she closed the front door and locked it she heard Jason's truck fire up. Guess he was going to school. “That’s a surprise,” she mumbled. She had thought he would be home schooled since he never came out anymore. She knew she had ripped his heart out and for a second it felt good but then she had felt bad inside. He was obsessed with her thought and that wasn't good for either of them.

“Stop judging just because he watched out the window at you.” she told herself.

She really didn't feel like going to school but it was a requirement of her mothers if you were under her roof you either went to school or got your GED and if you got a GED, you got a job. She sighed and headed towards school.

“Mrs. Kimbell Hi, I am Doctor that is overseeing your daughter Cathy’s case,” he said shaking her hand. “Now she is going to be ready for release and we want to make sure she has all she support she needs at home. She has made a large amount of progress and she is eager to come home,” he continued.

He handed some forms and a business card to her. “Now we are hoping to check her out. Will you be able to come get her later today or arrange a ride for her?” he asked.

“Oh yes I will be picking her up. I have taken paid leave at work so I can be there if she needs me” she told the doctor.

“I would suggest she see a counselor and also a medication provider for mental health. She needs to stay on her medication so she can function” the doctor told her.

“Okay thank you” her mom said shaking his hand. She was so happy her baby was coming home just thinking of her locked up had been hard but she had to make the right choice to protect her from herself.

As she walked out of the hospital she stopped and cried. Her baby was coming home and she had fought back the tears but they were happy tears now.

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