One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 32

Jason had just gotten home from school. He had made a choice that he was going to leave Jonathan alone. He was smarter then he let on and he didn't want to die at his hands. He began to take down the clippings and put them back in the folder on his desk until one article caught his attention. He was surprised he had missed it. On the cover was a photo an old photo of a young woman and it read Tragedy strikes Rice family. The girl looked similar to Jessica but she had been engaged to Jonathan when a mob had attacked staking her through the heart. Jonathan withdrew from the public eye for a long time it appeared. So was this link behind him and Jessica? Did she even know about this girl? He knew he couldn't show her because she would just brush him off again. The more he read the article the more he wanted to confront Jonathan about his findings. He knew if he did it would mean certain death though. He tucked the article in the folder and continued taking down the other articles. He would just have to find another way to get through to her somehow.

Jonathan entered another Jewelry store hoping to find the perfect ring. The clerks in the store did as the others had upon his arrival greeted him and immediately fawned over his every want and need. Some had even put up a closed sign so they could focus solely on him. He had seen so many rings he didn’t know what to choose.

Then one caught his eye it was a gold heart on one side and a silver heart on the other connecting to each other like they were from two different worlds coming together. The Silver heart was bigger as though it was protecting the gold heart and it seemed only fitting, as he wanted to protect her for the rest of their lives. The diamond hearts were beautiful and they had little diamonds on the band. He had to have this for as her engagement ring. Never had he felt like he had found such a more perfect ring. He told the clerk to pull the ring out.

“Sir this ring is very inexpensive are you sure this is the one you want?” the Jeweler asked,

“We have others that are far more beautiful?” the Jeweler asked.

“No this is the one and if you continue to not give your opinion we may come back here for our wedding rings.” Jonathan told him harshly.

He hated when people tried to get him to spend more money just because he had it. The Jeweler pulled out a velvet ring box and asked another jeweler to clean the ring while Jonathan paid. Once they cleaned it they returned the ring to the velvet box and handed it to Jonathan.

“Thank you for your business and good luck on your proposal” the Jeweler told him.

Jonathan nodded with a smile and made his way towards the door and left.

Jonathan saw a flower vendor on the street and stopped and asked for a dozen red roses. The florist wrapped them and handed to Jonathan who paid him and left him a tip. Jonathan went back to his black limo he had rented and asked the driver to head towards Jessica’s apartment. She had no idea what she was in for today. He looked at the dress lying next to him complete with shoes. He took the ring box and placed it in his suit jacket he was wearing and tucked the bag in his other pocket. Today was going to be a perfect day. He had no idea how he was going to propose to her. He wanted to take her to lunch and to a good photographer to get their pictures done. He could slip the ring box out during the photos and catch her reaction during the photo session. That would be memorable for them both and she wouldn't feel the pressure of an entire restaurant on her shoulders.

As they pulled up to the apartments the driver got out and opened Jonathan’s door. As Jonathan stepped out he saw Jason’s curtains move. Jonathan decided today he would let it pass as he was all about Jessica and him today.

As he ascended the stairs carrying the dress and shoes he stopped in front of her door and knocked. It didn't take long for her to answer. “Hi, so I was wondering if you would kindly wear this dress and have lunch with me?” Jonathan asked.

“How is it you can never stop surprising me?” Jessica asked.

“Who's at the door Hun?” he heard Mrs. Kimbell asking.

“Its Jonathan mom” Jessica answered.

“Well let him come in” Mrs. Kimbell told her.

“Is it ok if I go out to lunch seems he brought the limo today” Jessica's eyes danced with humor.

“The what?” Mrs. Kimbell asked coming to the door.

“Now Jon are you playing romantic’s today with my daughter?” Mrs. Kimbell teased.

“I am always but a gentlemen Mrs. Kimbell or should I say Heidi” he said raising her hand to his lips.

“Now stop that my daughter will think your flirting” Mrs. Kimbell blushed.

“No mom I only think you flirt, he is just being a gentlemen.” Jessica laughed.

Jonathan sat patiently waiting as Jessica went to put the dress and shoes on but when she returned he was in awe of her beauty.

“My god you look beautiful” Jonathan said staring at Jessica.

“You look way over 18 in that dress young lady, keep it under pg-13 ok kids.” Mrs. Kimbell said looking at Jonathan.

“I will always keep her safe” he replied. As they made their way down the stairs to the limo Jonathan stopped to kiss Jessica.

“What was that for?” she asked.

“Because you are the most beautiful woman I could have the grace of god to be with. I love you Jessica,” he said kissing her again.

“I love you to Jonathan” Jessica said and he noticed she seemed shocked at her own words.

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