One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 33

Had she really said I love you to Jonathan? Something was up with him, today was different I mean the limo, the dress and shoes. What was he up to and was it bad or good. She loved the pampering she was receiving but then something broke her train of thought, the car had stopped. The car door opened and Jonathan stepped out and held his hand out to her. She stepped out of the car in front of a very fancy and beautiful restaurant. She wondered if they sold hamburgers. As they walked inside she began to feel oddly out of place. This was more his world than hers but they took them to an area that was curtained off from the rest and then they were alone.

“Privacy?” Jessica asked.

“Yes I do remember how you felt out of place with everyone looking at you before so I asked for privacy while we dine. I hope you don't mind my dear.” Jonathan asked her.

“No its perfect thank you” she thanked him. She was surprised he had listened most men ignored their dates. She picked up the menu and searched for hamburger but the closest she could find was some hamburger crumbled something over something. She looked at Jonathan and he told the waiter they needed more time.

“You know you can't eat hamburgers all the time,” he told her.

“But I like them” she said sticking her lip out then laughing.

“Try something different for once you might like it,” he told her smiling.

She looked over the menu again and saw a salmon steak that looked ok with lemon juice. The waiter came back and she ordered. Jonathan ordered a rare steak, which surprised Jessica.

“Okay I may have lied about the eating thing I have to have blood but I can eat other things if I should desire to just don't tell anyone. I rarely do it but today I feel festive.” he told her.

“Are you serious I have been eating alone all this time and all you had to do was order a rare steak? You’re so going to be in trouble now.” Jessica said laughing. The food arrived and Jessica couldn't help but watch as Jonathan ate his first bite.

“Also after this we have to go somewhere, I have got a great photographer to take our photos.” Jonathan told her cutting into his bloody steak taking slow small bites. He did not touch the potato or vegetable and only ate a small portion of the steak.

“You what, really right after eating?” Jessica said sounding less than thrilled.

“Don’t worry my dear he is the best and they will be beautiful just like you” Jonathan said smiling.

Jessica did her best to not eat too fast or to not get anything on her dress. She didn't want anything to ruin the pictures. As she finished she excused herself to the bathroom to check her teeth and got up. She walked into the bathroom and stopped in front of the mirror. She couldn't help but wonder why he had done all this for her. Why did he always do such wonderful things and she knew in her heart it was because of love. It was the same reason she was even thinking of becoming immortal.

She looked herself over and checked her teeth and headed back out to the table where Jonathan was paying the check.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“With you always” she said smiling.

As they left the restaurant she noticed Jonathan was in his own world. He was quiet and as though he was deep in thought. Finally after she couldn’t take the silence she said “Penny for your thoughts?” he looked up and smiled

“In due time my princess” he said with a grin.

As they got in the limo he let her get in first and then himself. They headed out to an old building and when Jessica was about to be unsure he opened the door to a beautiful studio.

“The photographer prefers being away from the community. He is like me so he stays out of site unless his services are required for the right amount of money.” Jonathan explained to her.

Jessica could hardly believe it another vampire. Guess there were more of them than she thought.

“Jon hello, and who is this lovely creature you have with you and human?” the photographer asked looking at him.

“I can see what drew you to her she is beautiful” he continued.

“Yes Devon and we would love you to take our photo together today,” Jonathan told him.

“Well by all means lets get a good backdrop and something unearthly,” he said laughing.

Jessica laughed at the humor.

“Ah she has a sense of humor that is a plus. Here we go, let me place you here and Jonathan how about here” Devon said moving them around.

“Actually Devon can I have a few of her by herself so I have something for that empty spot by the fireplace” he asked.

“Of course” Devon agreed

He took several shots of her smiling for the camera

“And now both of you he said moving them into place” Devon said

He took a few shots of them. “Now how about some of you looking into each others eyes, yes that’s it beautiful” he said as Jonathan and Jessica moved into position.

Jessica’s feet began to hurt from standing so long. Before she was about to say something suddenly Jonathan got down on one knee.

“Before you say anything just listen to me. You came into my life on chance, you were an angel sent to bring love to my heart and I have fallen hard for you. I haven't loved anyone the way I do you. I spent hours go from store to store trying to find a ring to show you my love.” Jonathan opened the velvet box. “The two hearts have meaning, the bigger one is mine protecting, loving and watching over your heart. They are connected forever two metals from different worlds brought together as one. Jessica you are the one true love I have sought after through my mortal and immortal life. I would be honored and I pray that you will take me, as you’re soon to be husband. I will look over, guard you and love you for the rest of your life whether it is eternal or not. I love you and I am willing to take you anyway I can have you for the rest of our lives together. Will you marry me and make me the happiest man in the world?” he asked. Jessica stood there taking in the words he had spoken.

She had but one word on her lips “Yes! Of course. I love you Jonathan,” she said hugging him. She paused while he put the ring on her finger. They hugged again while the photographer kept taking photos. She hadn't noticed he had been snapping photos the whole time.

“Well you two will have some memories with these photos, should take a week maybe less and then I will get them to you Jon. Now get your lovely bride to be out of here its almost snack time” Devon laughed.

Jessica snapped back to reality and thanked the photographer and followed Jonathan to the door. Once they were outside Jessica asked, “How do you know each other?”

“We met a long, long time ago in a different time,” Jonathan answered.

Once they were outside Jessica finally felt it all sink in, she now was engaged to be married to a vampire! Not only that but now she knew two vampires and they were like anyone else working to earn money and survive. When they could easily glamour their way into getting what they want they choose to get it the old fashioned way.

She stopped to look at the beautiful ring on her finger. It meant so much to her because he had put thought into it. It symbolized their love and how they would be there for one another. Then a thought struck her, what would her mom think?

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