One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 34

As they drove back to town Jessica was overwhelmed with happiness. She snuggled next to Jonathan who had not said a word. “So when will we get married?” Jessica asked

“After you graduate of course,” he answered. “We have plenty of time to work all that out though Jessica.” Jonathan pulled her closer towards him as they headed back to town.

“Can I tell anyone?” Jessica asked,

“Well I would like to tell your mother together after that you can tell your friends.” he said smiling.

She was his and soon she would be his completely. This was one step towards having her heart, soul and body.

She had shown today that she wanted to be with him and he could not wait to see the photos. She had looked so beautiful as she had said yes and he had told her what was his in heart. He hoped in his heart her mother would feel the same that the two of them belonged together. He could feel Jessica’s nervousness no doubt about telling her mom. The road back into town seemed to go faster than it did coming out here. He put his arm around Jessica pulling her close. He heard a small sigh and felt her relax into him.

As they neared the city Jessica sat up and looked out the window.

“Should we tell my mother today?” she asked Jonathan.

“I don't see why not,” he answered.

“I feel so nervous I just hope she will be okay with it, after all I am almost 19 and this is what I want” Jessica continued staring out the window.

“But your nervous that’s ok my love” Jonathan told pulling her back to him.

“She will not be upset she will be happy trust me” he said stroking Jessica’s hair as she laid her head on his chest.

It seemed like hours until they pulled up to her apartment. She stepped out of the limo and her and Jonathan walked up to the apartment.

“Here goes nothing,” she said to Jonathan. He smiled and they opened the door.

Jessica saw her mother sitting on the couch with her sister Cathy.

“When did you get out Cathy?” Jessica asked.

“Today I am feeling a lot better thanks for asking,” she said as she headed towards her room.

“Same great attitude I see” Jessica said sarcastically.

“Now Jessica she has been through a lot it will take time to adjust” her mother today her.

“So how was your…” then she knew her mother saw the ring on her hand.

“Jessica do you have something to tell me?” her mother asked.

“Yes we were coming here to tell you actually.” Jessica told her. “Me and Jonathan are engaged to be married after I graduate high school.” her mother seemed to be doing the math in her head.

“Are you sure this isn't too fast, you two have your whole life before you? You aren’t even 19 years old yet I know its in a matter of days but Hun I didn’t want you rushing things.” her mother told them both.

“Mom we are certain we want to spend our lives together and I am focused on school and even college. I promise this wont slow me down from my plan. This just means I have someone I love to spend my life with.” Jessica told her.

“What do you have to say young man?” her mother asked Jonathan.

“I want what Jessica wants and I will be her support to help her achieve what she needs,” Jonathan answered.

“Well than I guess you have my blessing” Jessica’s mother said

“Now come give your mother in law a hug. Jonathan walked over and gave her a hug and smiled.

“Show me the ring Hun” Jessica showed her mother the ring.

“My that is a beautiful ring! Two hearts I can only guess the meaning behind that” she said smiling at Jonathan.

“Welcome to the family Jonathan” her mother, said giving him a big hug again. If only she knew what or who she was allowing into the family.

“So what type of wedding are you planning?” her mother asked.

“I just want something small and simple.” Jessica replied.

“I want a wedding that will be as beautiful as you are” Jonathan said.

Jessica blushed and her mother smiled from ear to ear.

“You really do love my daughter don't you Jon?” her mother asked.

“As long as I get to spend my life with you Jonathan that’s all that matters” Jessica said shyly.

“Okay kids I can tell you're in love but she has school in the morning so you two say your good nights” her mother told them both. Her mother walked to the kitchen to finish the dishes.

“Well I guess this is good night, Will I see you tomorrow?” Jessica asked.

“It’s supposed to be sunshine no clouds so probably not unless you come see me” he told her.

“Okay I will see if I can get out to see you then” she told him. They gave a quick hug and kiss at the door and he left for home.

“Good night mom”

“Night Hun sweet dreams” her mom told her.

As Jessica got into bed that night her mind was still wrapping around her being engaged. She was going to be married after she graduated. She tried to calm her mind down to rest to go to sleep but even her dreams were filled with Jonathan and their upcoming wedding.

She was walking down the aisle one side was her family smiling and the other side was vampire friends of Jonathans. Everyone was smiling and then it all turned to red. She could see vampires lips with fresh blood smiling and when she looked on her family side again they had blood on their necks were they had been bitten and some were slumped over not breathing. She looked up to Jonathan who was holding her and he whispered,

“It’s this or you become like me” She woke up with a start. The clocked shown 6:12am so she got up to get a drink of water.

She sat at the kitchen table sipping the water trying to shake the awful dream. She knew she was a fool to think that marrying Jonathan was going to end the choice of having to turn into a vampire like him. It was one step of showing how much they loved each other though. It was just honestly avoiding the inevitable. It would happen eventually if she wanted to be with him forever. She had to figure it out soon.

She finished her water and walked back to her room to get things ready for school. Today her mom was driving her to school so she took her time getting ready because her mom was always running behind. As Jessica dressed and combed her hair she heard her mom running around throwing her clothing on mumbling “no time for a shower” Jessica almost had to laugh because her mom always did this on days she had to take Jessica to school. These were the days that Jessica wished she had her own car. After Jessica was done getting ready she picked up her cellphone and called Jonathan.

“Hello” she said when she heard Jonathan pickup.

“Hello my darling how are you this morning, shouldn't you be heading for school?” he asked.

“I am just waiting for mom to finish getting ready she takes forever” she laughed.

“Sometimes I wish I had my own car but all good things come when you get a job” she laugh “or at least that’s what mom says”

“Why don't I let you borrow one of my cars?” he asked her.

“No I cant do that mom would have a fit” she told him.

“Well what if I asked her if it was ok so she would run around crazy like I hear her doing right now?” he said.

“Trust me she would turn you down because it would not be fair to Cathy” Jessica told him.

“Well I will talk to your mom put her on the phone please”

“Trust me now’s not the time Jonathan” Jessica pleaded.

“Jessica put her on the phone please” Jonathan instructed.

Jessica walked back to her mom

“Mom someone wants to talk to you on the phone about our car.” she told her mom.

“Oh god what now, hello, Jonathan how can help you? You want to what? We can take that type of charity. Wow you are not one to give up. Okay we will meet you at the car lot after school then with the girls” She handed the phone back to me and went about her business getting ready.

“What did you say Jonathan I never seen my mom give in like that?” Jessica asked.

“Don’t worry we just came to an understanding is all. Its supposed to be cloudy after school so I shall see you then ok have fun at school.” with that they both hung up.

Jessica was left a little dazed because he said it was going to sunny with no clouds. Well I guess the weather can change if it feels like it. Why was he always trying to do things to be over nice to her family as though he wanted them to like him when they already did? I know he wanted to make their lives easier but time does that. Maybe it was because he was trying to make her decide to change by showing her you could still be human. Enough Jessica it was time for school and enough of this thinking.

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