One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 35

Jessica found it hard to focus on school this day because of what was waiting afterwards. Jonathan had asked us all to meet him at the car lot. So was he going to buy my mom a new car? Maybe us girl’s cars? The ideas were endless and made it hard to focus at all.

“Jessica are you with us?” her math teacher asked.

This snapped her back to class.

“Yes of course “ she answered.

“Then you won’t mind answering the question on the board,” the teacher said extending the chalk.

Just as she rose from her seat and walked to the chalkboard the bell rang giving her an escape route she thought.

“Jessica might I have a word with you?” the teacher asked. Crap just what I need today.


“Your work lately seems to be lacking your normal standard. Is there anything going on at home? My sister just got home from the nut ward if that counts makes for some readjustments.” Jessica answered.

“Well get it under control and work on your grades. I want to see you graduate with your class this year. See you next week.”

As Jessica wandered out to where her mom was waiting in the car she saw Cathy in the backseat already. She felt a spring in her step, where they really getting their own cars? As she reached for the door handle she stopped was this all his plan? She shook her head and got in the car. Her mom drove to the car lot and pulled in. There seemed to be a fuss there already so they parked and before Jessica could open her door Jonathan was there opening it for her. He greeted her with a long kiss. She saw someone snap a photo and she stopped and blushed.

“Don’t be shy you had better get used to because they will be doing that a lot” Jonathan told her.

Jonathan let them to a quite area and laid out the plan. “Okay so you are a one car family that desperately needs one or two more cars to get things done and I would hate to see anyone late for work or school. So I was thinking possibly some in the sedan 4 door area for mom since your car is on its last leg and for Jessica my love this pretty 2 door and Cathy do you have your license yet?” Jonathan waited for her answer.

“Look I don't care if you have money or you are my sisters fiancé I can drive my moms old car and yes I have a license.” Cathy said rudely.

“Cathy!” Mrs. Kimbell chimed in

“You apologize right now, this is not free I intend on paying him back in some way.” she said looking at Jonathan.

“Not needed I know what it is like to struggle have no one cares or not get a break. Well I am offering that break,” he said with a smile.

He was always the salesman and charmer.

“Also we are trading in your moms car towards her new car to cut the price down.” he held up a pair of keys. “Heidi my dear please feel free to test drive your car and if you don’t like something let me know and you can pick another car or truck” with that he tossed her the keys which she caught but seemed in a daze for a moment.

He pointed her towards 2014 Avenger. “I’ll think you’ll like this it even has heated seats, and side airbags and front and passenger. Everything to keep your passengers safe.” he showed her. Jessica saw her mom smile for the first time as she got behind the wheel.

“Over here we have a Dodge Dart and a Dodge Durango. I figured I would let you ladies figure out who gets what,” Jonathan added.

Jessica’s eyes lite up upon looking at each vehicle but looked at her sister who seemed uninterested.

“Take what you want I don't want to take part in this game to win affection with the family.” Cathy said.

“Well if you're going to be a bitch Cathy I’m taking the Durango.” Jessica told her.

Jonathan tossed Jessica the keys. “All the cars are bought and paid for so when you decide to be nicer you have a car to drive” Jonathan told Cathy.

His attitude towards Cathy made her step back but at the same time made her laugh because Cathy deserved it.

Their mom was pulling back into the lot a huge smile on her face. After she parked and got out she ran over to thank Jonathan.

“This is more than I can ever repay Jonathan. You are a kind man,” she told him.

“We are family and I take care of family,” he said looking at Cathy.

“What about insurance these are brand new they will cost through the roof!” their mother exclaimed.

“I have that covered to for the time being don't worry,” he said putting an arm around Jessica leaning in for a kiss.

“That’s it I can't take this please take me back to the hospital. Watching a rich guy throw his money around to make my family like him is sad.” Cathy shouted.

Before Jessica could speak she felt Jonathans arm let go of her.

“How dare you talk to your family and me like that when all anyone has done is try to make you at home and pamper to your needs. Look we are sorry your dad took his life but get over it and show some respect to mom, your sister and me I will be your brother in law and I will not take your insolence anymore do you understand me child?” he stood in front of Cathy being firm having had enough of her attitude.

Everyone stood there in silence shocked that someone had finally said what needed to be said.

“Cathy get in the car she said tossing the keys to her” her mother said.

“I am truly sorry Jonathan” her mother started.

“No its ok someone had to say something because you are my family now to and I cannot tolerate her treating you like that. Until she changes I will house her car at my house. When she learns to treat you and everyone better then I will hand over the car.”

“That sounds like a good idea” her mom said smiling.

“So Mrs. Soon to Rice are you driving your car home? Or can you give a guy a life because my car is in the shop?” Jonathan asked.

I think I can do that,” she said leaning into kiss him. “Now let me tell my mom so she doesn't think some hot guy took off with me,” Jessica giggled.

She ran over to her mom’s car and told her and then ran back. “She said don’t stay out too late” with a grin Jessica stole another kiss.

“Come inside they want a photo of us with the keys to your brand new Dodge Durango fully paid off together no doubt will be in every paper by morning.” he joked.

“Lead the way my knight” Jessica said.

“So can I get the paint job customized? Because it looks boring,” Jessica asked.

“Drive it around make sure you like it before we do that ok” Jonathan told her.

“Okay” she said. Jessica had to laugh at how the sales people threw themselves at Jonathan’s feet and how the women were overly friendly. Jessica held on to and made sure her ring was showing and she got some nasty glares for it to. Jessica couldn't help but feel possessive over Jonathan after they were going to married and he showed no interest in the other females just her.

Jonathan made arrangements for the Dodge Dart to be delivered to his home.

After everything was done they got into her new Durango and headed out on the highway. She wanted to see how it did. Jonathan laughed but he looked like something was bothering him. “Jonathan is everything ok?”

“No I need to get back so I can feed actually do you mind cutting this short?” he asked.

“No that’s fine” she found the nearest exit and headed back to his place. Once they arrived she parked and started to get out but he stopped her

“Why don't you go on home, this wont be pretty?” he told her.

“Umm ok guess I will see you tomorrow” she said giving him a quick kiss.

She started the car and pulled out a little peeved that he was not willing to share this side of him to her. Probably because she wasn't willing to make a choice on whether she wanted to change. Still she felt left out not that she would want to see this right now and his gentlemen ness about it was actually nice but she was stubborn and felt hurt. Honestly she was being stupid about it and needed to just let it go. A vampire eating was very personal for Jonathan and not likely shared with humans. Who knows maybe he ate the staff. Although he had sipped blood at her lunches maybe this was different.

She couldn't tell him but day-by-day as she fell more in love the choice was becoming easier to make. Eventually she knew she would make it just not right now. She couldn't see life without him anymore. She woke up and wanted to hear his voice, before bed she wanted to hear his voice. She wished more for him to be there with him as she fell asleep. That was another thing do vampires sleep? There seemed to be a conflict with all the research she had done half said yes and half said no. She finally got home and parked. This new car will give something for Jason to look at she laughed. She locked it up with her keyless and went upstairs to get ready for bed it had been a long day and had not ended as well as she liked.

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