One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 36

The next morning Jessica woke up with a smile on her face her birthday was only 2 days away and her wedding was not far behind. She hadn’t forgotten the promise of continued education she had made to her mother though. However she hadn't forgotten the choice of eternal life that was set before her to be with Jonathan either. This choice was on her mind everyday and she want to answer him but it wasn't an easy answer.

She looked over to her nightstand and saw her car keys to her new Durango. He never did make choices easy on her though and buying cars for her family had been a very kind and gracious thing to do. She was surprised her mom had actually given in and said yes to it.

Cathy had been a total spoiled brat about it and refused his kind gestured but he had put her car in his garage should she change her mind. She got out of bed and for the first time she heard her mom not rushing she was taking her time getting ready for work. Of course taking Cathy to school would fall on Jessica sense Cathy wouldn't take a car, honestly Jessica thought she could take the bus for her attitude in her opinion for being so rude.

Seemed when it came to her or Jonathan that Cathy hated everything. Jessica felt so bad for Jonathan because he was trying so hard to get everyone to like him but Cathy just slapped him in the face. Thinking of that Jessica peeked her head into Cathy’s room and said “Better be up and ready in 35 minutes or you are walking to school” she hinted with sarcasm.

“I honestly don't even want to go I want homeschool I am tired of going to that place,” Cathy yelled.

“Well until someone cares get dressed your majesty” Jessica yelled.

As she walked past her sisters room to get to the bathroom. Jessica brushed her hair and put it in a ponytail. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bagel to toast with cream cheese.

While waiting she pulled out her phone and dialed Jonathan. He answered with a cheerful “Hello” Jessica smiled.

“Well hello to my happy guy” Jessica said with a grin.

“I can just hear you smiling through the phone. Why are you so happy” Jessica asked.

“Well let me think, I have an amazing girlfriend who agreed to marry me and she never misses a beat to call me every morning. So I always have something to look forward to. So how about I meet you at lunch and we go somewhere?” Jonathan asked her.

“Every time you say that I never get back before the bell and I have to explain why I am late and I have no more excuses so you will have to wait until I am out of school today” Jessica told him.

“Okay fine I can wait to see the most beautiful woman in the world until 3:30pm” Jonathan said with a moan.

“It won’t kill you to wait” Jessica laughed

“Call me at lunch at least?” Jonathan asked

“That I can do. I love you” Jessica said smiling

“I love you too,” Jonathan told her

Jason had just finished putting gel on his hair and grabbing his backpack when he turned around because he forgot his keys. As he made his way out of the house he saw The Kimbell girls getting into a 2014 Dodge Durango. No Doubt a gift from Jonathan. Jason slammed his door to the apartment and made his way to his truck.

As he walked up the cars he saw a ring on Jessica’s finger on her left hand, on the friggin wedding finger!! He almost lost it now she was going to marry the freak of Mother Nature? He walked to his truck unlocked it and got inside. He threw his backpack next to him. Of all the things he would never have thought she would be that stupid.

He was so sick of liking her and having one disappointment after another happen with her. His dad told him to find another girl if Jessica wasn't interested. How can you love someone and be told to move on it just wasn’t that easy inside. How can a girl have this affect on him and he barely knew her. He fired up the truck and backed up to head to school. He hoped to have a good parking spot he hated parking by the street. One thing was certain he had to talk to Jessica because she was far from being smart or just didn’t care. Talking to her mother would be pointless he had seen her new car also. Seemed Jonathan was fooling every one of them except him.

Jessica got to school with her sister and found a great spot to park. Cathy hadn't said a word to her since her snide remarks at the house. “I will meet you back here at 3:15pm” Jessica told her sister.

“Yeah wouldn't want you to miss a hot date with your boy--fiancé would I?” Cathy said giving Jessica a nasty look as she got out of the car.

Why can't she just be nice to people Jessica thought.

As the day went on Jessica felt it drag, she couldn't wait to see Jonathan. She had no idea why she was drawn so deeply to him. Just this connection made her want to yell yes change me from the top of the highest building but her own mortality was begging her to not change and stay human. Love was fickle and sometimes we made a rash decision, that’s why we had a head.

Was her current state unfair to Jonathan or unfair to her? Honestly the whole situation was unfair. Why couldn’t two lovers be able to be together as whom they were without changing to suit a race issue? She would have to talk to him about what was involved and if there was pain or if it was messy and most of all what happens to her humanity.

School trolled on and she suffered through English, math and Spanish. She was barely getting back in Spanish but the school made them take a foreign language and she remembered the kid who said English is foreign. He got suspended for a whole week and labeled a troublemaker. Personally he just said what was on all their minds.

Finally the clock struck 3:00pm and the bell rang. She went to her locker and put the books she wouldn't need in it and gathered her homework. Then she made her way out to her car where she waited for her sister who showed up at 3:25pm.

“What part of 3:15pm don't you understand?” Jessica asked.

“Look it takes time and unlike you I have friends who want to say hello so you can wait” Cathy told her.

“Well next time one of them can give you a ride home” Jessica snapped back.

“Fine ask me if I care?” Cathy said sitting down in the car.

“Why don’t you just take Jonathans car he offered you so I don't have to deal with you” Jessica told her.

“Because I don’t like people buying my friendship that’s why!” Cathy told her.

“He wasn’t trying to do that. He was trying to help us out and put less strain on mom. However you made it all about you as usual” Jessica snapped back.

“Fine tell him I will take the stupid car.” Cathy told her.

“No your gonna tell him yourself, because that’s where we are headed. He had them deliver it to his house in case you changed your mind. I think that’s rather sweet.” Jessica told her.

Jessica took the road out to Jonathans while Cathy played with the radio. When she arrived Jonathan greeted them out front.

“Greetings ladies and to what do I have this honor?” he asked.

“Someone has something to say to you.” Jessica said.

“Ok um Jon I wanted to apologize for being rude at the car lot about you buying the cars. I thought you were just trying to buy our affection. I would like the car you purchased for me if that’s ok,” Cathy told him.

“Cathy thank you for coming up and apologizing and yes I do have the car here and I would love for you to have it. Do me a favor and keep it under a 100 on the roads.” he said smiling at her.

Cathy cracked a smile and took the keys. “My staff will show you where it is unless you wish to stay longer but I am guessing you want to drive it.” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah that would be cool if you don't mind” Cathy said.

Cathy walked off with one of the staff to get her car. Jonathan turned his attention on Jessica.

“Hello beautiful” he said with a grin.

“Hello handsome, I have homework so we have to make sure that gets done first. It’s just a small essay on a time in history I can choose and I have all weekend on it,” she told him grinning.

“I wonder if I could cheat and pick a time you're from and have a cheat sheet,” she asked.

“What happens if you have to cite your work, I think a really old vampire from the 1800’s won't cite well.” Jonathan laughed. “Worth a shot in the dark, maybe you can help me pick a interesting time where I can cite my work that my boyfriend knows and I can cite” she said grinning.

“So how long of an essay does it have to be?” Jonathan asked.

“Only 2 pages double spaced. So less can be more in this situation. I have to cite the books in MLA format.” Jessica told him.

“Come to the library and get to work then,” Jonathan told her.

“Okay I will talk about how far colonization had gotten in the 1800-1900 century” Jessica told Jonathan. Seems like a lot going on in that time.

“I will leave you to it then” Jonathan told her walking out of the room.

“Can I at least get a kiss first?” Jessica said playfully.

“Of course” Jonathan told her stopping beside her to give her a long romantic kiss. “Now do your homework,” he said walking away.

After what seemed like an hour Jonathan went back to check on Jessica.

“How comes it?” he asked

“I completed my rough draft that is due Monday so I am free now all weekend” she told him.

“I’m surprised it took you so short a time,” he told her.

“English isn’t that bad a subject I tend to excel in It.,” she told him closing her book and putting it back in her bag.

“So what does my fiancé want to do today?” Jessica asked coyly.

“Well I know we are throwing a party in 2 days and your mother agrees with me it should be thrown here” Jonathan told her.

“Are you crazy with that wolf in the forest?” Jessica told him. “The wolf is locked up I had it taken care of” he assured her.

“Well in that case party on!” Jessica told him. Jessica pulled Jonathan down for a long kiss and he held her close, as those he wanted everyone to know she was his.

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