One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 37

Jessica woke thinking about the party she couldn't believe they were throwing a party in her honor of turning 19 years old. She was going to be an adult. She still had to finish school and now her marriage and choice loomed closer. She wanted to move in with Jonathan on her birthday and she knew he felt the same but her mom would freak out.

“So mom we are having a party at Jonathans?” Jessica asked.

“Yes he offered since our place is small. You can invite whom you want,” her mother said with a smile.

“I don’t really have a lot of friends so this is going to suck unless we make it a school bash where anyone can come?” Jessica said.

“Its not our house to be making a mess in young lady you need to talk to Jonathan about that” her mother told her giving her the look that said not happening.

Jessica hadn't realized just how little she was in the friend pool. Honestly she didn't know anyone. Her sister was the one who hung out with the entire cool kids not her.

“You can’t tell me you have no friends at all,” her mother told her. Invite at least 10 people and we can go from there,” her mother told her.

“Make sure and let me know so me and Jonathan can figure out how many will be eating the dinner we are having” her mother continued.

“Mom this party sounds lame lets just have dinner as a family and that’s it.” Jessica told her.

She really didn't want her mom embarrassing her in front of kids that went to her school.

“I thought you wanted a party, yeah but not with my mom there” Jessica said honestly.

“Okay fine we'll just have a dinner at his place then.” her mother agreed.

“I will call him and arrange things,” her mother announced like it was a big deal. That was her mom though if something had to be changed it was a big deal.

Jessica wandered to her room and looked at her one side of the closet that housed the clothing Jonathan had given her. They were all expensive and she loved wearing them. Jonathan had been spoiling her and she didn't want to be that girl that had to have new things for everything but she had no idea what she was going to wear to her birthday dinner. She had one more day to think not counting tonight. She found herself picking up her car keys and cell phone and dialing Jonathan’s number. If she were going to buy something it wouldn't be break the buck to get it. Most stores would be closed by now but she could talk it over with him. She dialed his number

“Hello Jonathan listen before you say no and I understand if you do can we go shopping for a birthday outfit I know its just going to be family but I wanted to look nice.” she waited for his reply.

“Jessica it is no problem you can always ask me for anything you need or want” he replied.

“In fact I want you to take your mom and sister shopping also for a nice dinner attire. I know just the shop and I will tell them you are coming.” Jessica wrote down the shops address and hung up.

“Mom, Cathy come here please,” Jessica shouted.

Her mother and Cathy came slowly into the living room and answered “yes”

“Okay so Jonathan has called ahead to this nice bouquet and wants us to get a nice outfit for my birthday dinner his treat. So lets get going because they are holding the store open for us.” Jessica told them.

“He doesn't need to do that,” her mother said,

“Yeah that’s a bit much” Cathy said.

“Its my 19th birthday I only have one please.” Jessica begged.

After a lot of begging they all piled into Jessica's car and headed for the bouquet. Once there, they were in love with everything. Her mother went off in one direction and Cathy stuck close to Jessica as though she was scared she would be eaten alive by the prices.

It took over 2 hours for them to find outfits for the party, shoes and accessories. The bill itself was over $25,000 dollars but Jessica ignored the amount as Jonathan had told her good things come at a price. As they got back into the car they all sighed.

“Did that really just happen,” Cathy said with shock.

“I think I still have sticker shock,” her mother said.

“These outfits cost so much I am definitely wearing them over and over if I can” Jessica said laughing.

“You’re marrying into money girl no doubt about that,” Cathy said with a sigh.

“Yeah but I would be happy buying loads of jeans and t-shirts.” Jessica told her.

“Jonathan likes the fancy stuff and he has taken me to the places that require the fancy stuff to be worn but I feel out of place its weird.” Jessica said.

“Um that’s because you don't come from that world.” Cathy told her.

That night she went to sleep excited.

She woke up feeling a tingly sensation in her stomach She was 19 finally! She was nervous about eating at Jonathans with her family. She was hoping everyone would be on his or her best behavior.

She glanced at the dress still in its plastic they had bought only a night ago with its matching shoes and earrings. Things were looking up for her family, they were meshing with Jonathan even Cathy had changed her attitude and was being nicer. It was making what she had to do easier but harder all at the same time.

Jonathan had asked to spend the day with her so she had taken the day off from school with her mom’s permission. She tossed on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and brushed her hair. She got ready to head out to Jonathans when she heard a gentle knock on her door.

“Sweetie you up?” her mother asked.

“Yes mom what's up?” Jessica asked her mother opened the door and walked across the room and gave her a hug.

“Happy 19th Birthday Hun you’re an adult now!” she said happily.

“So are you and Jonathan spending the day together and then we will meet up for dinner?” she asked.

“Yep that’s the plan,” Jessica told her.

“You can't wait to wear that outfit huh?” Jessica asked her.

“Its not everyday a mother gets such a beautiful outfit as a gift” her mother told her.

“Okay well I had better get going mom I don't want to be late we are meeting for breakfast then we have a whole day planned” Jessica said excitedly.

Jessica hurried herself and was heading for the door when she heard a honk. She looked outside to find a limo waiting. As Jonathon emerged from the back Jessica smiled at his lean figures and how handsome he looked in his jeans and t-shirt. She grabbed her purse and strolled down the stairs to him. She walked right up to him and put her arms around him and he did the same to her. She looked up into his endless eyes of black with a hint of amber and kissed him. This was the perfect way to start her birthday.

They both got into the limo and she figured now would be perfect. She pushed the divider button up and turned to Jonathan. “How does it work? She asked

“How does what work?” he asked back.

“When you change a human, I have read all the fables I want the truth before I decide.” she asked him.

“You want to know now, I mean right now on your birthday?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes because its the last corner piece of my decision making process.”

“Well first I drink from you until your heartbeat slows to near death, then I have you drink from me and you are placed comfortably somewhere where daylight doesn’t stray in above or below ground. Now a days we just use basements or draped rooms. I won't say there won't be some pain because your body will be changing. Everyone’s process is different. Some experience no pain, while others deal with more. You technically die as in you become a vampire from the change,” he told her watching for any sign of fear.

“The whole process can take up to hours or days and you will have to be fed blood since you won't be allowed to feed of real humans. So we would have to tell your family we are out of town on vacation should you decide.” he continued.

“Can your blood heal living humans in small amounts like they say on TV and movies?” Jessica asked.

“I am guessing you watch Vampire movies and those popular TV shows and no it is meant for only vampires but it can give a human a high and as long as a vampire doesn't bite the human no side effects will happen like unwanted turnings, let me add it takes more then a bite to turn a human” he laughed.

“Why are you interested in tasting it?” he asked. “No I am just trying to understand it all, media has you kind all messed up on the rules,” She answered.

“Well unlike Vampire movies, our prey doesn’t experience a burning from our bite. We can feed peacefully and we try to do it neatly as to avoid anyone looking twice. If we do it right looks like two bug like bites” Jonathan told her.

“I want to say yes to you and I will on our wedding night after we consummate our marriage. I will become like you and I will stay with you forever. This is hard for me so bare with me and go slow” Jessica told him.

There were the words he had waited to hear since he had first seen her. She was to be his and willingly. Jessica Rice, wife and vampire and no one would take her from him.

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