One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 39

It was long after her mom and sister left that Jessica sat in the library and realized she hadn’t packed a thing to bring over to Jonathans. “Um Jonathan I don’t have anything to wear for bed over here.” she said looking at him.

“Not to worry I bought an assortment in your size from different stores. I had no idea what you would like so I bought different ones,” he said.

“Well that’s good to know but I bet you don't have the basics of underwear and bras” she said poking fun at him.

“No my dear that is your area.” he said with a grin

“Unless you want to show me,” he said teasing rubbing her leg.

“Not until we are married remember what mom said,” she told him laughing.

“Since when do you listen to your mom?” he asked

“Are you asking me to disobey?” Jessica asked him

“No I would never do that but I would like to see how far we can go before we have to stop” he said moving towards her.

“I would love to help you get this dress off” she pushed him back

“I wouldn't be able to control myself Jonathan and you know that but I would like to cuddle if that’s safe” her eyes looking into his.

“It will cost you a kiss and not a quick peck either,” he told her.

“You’re bad Jonathan” she said as he came over the couch and put his arm around her and kissed her with such a hot fever then she melted into him. She found herself swimming with him in passion untapped not noticing he was unzipping her dress he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her again.

“I thought it was just one kiss,” Jessica told him

“Yeah well you are so beautiful I need more” he kissed her again and then down her neck and that’s when she melted against him like the world had floated away.

Then she heard the words

“I love you but I don’t want to hurt you Jessica I think we had better stop” Jessica snapped back to reality. Huh she hadn’t realized he had unzipped her dress and it lay in a heap on the floor. Why had he stopped this was what she had wanted and this was the right time apparently.

“I don’t think I can stop my inner beast from coming out if we went any further I would want to change you and make you mine forever” Jessica was starting to understand through the haze of passion he was trying to honor their agreement. She quickly got off of his lap and put her dress back on.

“I’m sorry I lost myself I don't know what came over me.” Jessica told him

“I do the same thing that came over me and its love flooded with passion. We were meant for each other we came together for a reason but we have to be wiser about how we act. I don’t want to go against your wishes and ruin your life or our wedding.” Jonathan told her.

“So where are the pajamas in my room of clothing?” she asked with a smile. She understood he respected her even when she wasn't respecting herself or her own wishes. It was good to have a levelheaded person in a relationship when you felt you were losing it.

“Yeah they are in the closet in your room.

Jessica left the library and went to her room.

She found a door and opened it and saw a massive walk-in closet. She felt a tear slide down her face because no one had ever given her so much in her life. She walked around till she found the pajamas and found a nice purple zebra pair with matching slippers and socks. She put them on and was closing the closet when she felt a presence. She turned around to find Jonathan watching her from the doorway of the room.

“You were taking so long I thought you got lost” but his tone change when he saw the tear on her face.

“Are you okay?” he said rushing faster than she could see to be by her side.

“No I am okay I was just crying because I am so grateful for all you have given me” she said hugging him tightly.

“Jessica” he said lifting her chin to look at him “I would give you the world and the stars if you asked” he wrapped his arms around her and held her.

“Why don’t we just do it then, waiting is making it harder on me” Jessica said looking up at him.

“The wedding or changing you?” Jonathan asked pulling back to look her in the eyes.

“Both I don't care I want to be with you and waiting is so hard for me because…” Jonathan cut her off

“No Jessica please don't say things like that lets just enjoy this night and do things right.” he told her. He took her hand and led her back out of her room.

“Lets go watch a movie and enjoy the time you have being human”

“Jonathan I’m serious I don't want to wait. It took me months to make this decision and I fell for you and went against everything I believed. Waiting really isn’t in my vocabulary at the moment” Jessica told him with a frown.

“Look if we did this you would be making everyone angry and I doubt your mother would agree to you staying at my house for the rest of the school year while you adjust. You won't even be able to go out into the daylight so tell me how this is a good idea Jess?” Jonathan told her

“Its not a simple change I get that but damn it Jonathan you begged and begged me to make a choice and now…” Jonathan cut her off.

“Enough the decision has been made and you will not pursue this further for your safety and everyone else’s. Newborns have to be watched and taught we have set that time apart already so please lets drop it and enjoy this night,” he said grabbing her hand. “Lets watch a movie please”

“Fine I’m sorry I just want to be with you and I am getting antsy is all” she said looking into his eyes. “Lets go watch a movie,” she said. “You do have cable and a TV right? She said teasing him.

“No I figured I’d buy one someday,” he said laughing. “Of course I have one it’s in my living room follow me”

They walked into a room fitted with a huge TV on the wall with beautiful sofas. “I just got the cable turned on last week so we can watch we want I got the full package” Jonathan said.

“Wow you said TV no big beyond words, living with you will take getting used to” Jessica said in awe.

“It has surround sound also,” he pointed out.

“Hmm well as long as I get to cuddle with you I’m happy” Jessica said sitting down and leaning against him. Jonathan remote in hand leaned back and put his arm around her and flicked to the menu to find a good movie.

“How about something funny like daddy's daycare? Or a stand up comedy?” Jonathan offered.

“What about a funny romance?” Jessica asked.

“Better yet lets just flick channels and see what we like?” Jonathan asked

“Okay fine” Jessica agreed.

They flicked through the channels watching bits and pieces of movies before settling on Ole Yeller. Even though Jonathan was bored he stayed because he loved to make Jessica happy and if it was a movie he'd have to tolerate so be it.

Jessica started to nod off before the movie was half way through and was asleep by the end. Jonathan careful picked her up and took her up to her room and tucked her into her bed. He couldn't help but think she looked beautiful in her bed sleeping like a princess. He sat down for a while and watched her sleep. Around 7am he left the room to go make breakfast for her.
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