One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 4

Suddenly Jessica told the driver to turn around and go back. The driver did as he was told. They pulled up and Jessica paid the driver and ran up the stairs and opened the door and walked inside. Jonathan was sitting in the library looking at a picture. She walked in shutting the door.

“Jonathan” he turned around and faced her

“Angelique” Jonathan said

“Who?” Jessica asked

“Oh” Jonathan muttered turned around

“Whose Angelique?” Jessica asked

“Someone I used to know” Jonathan told her.

Jessica looked at the picture he was holding and the woman in the picture looked exactly like her just from a different time.

“She looks just like me!” Jessica told him surprised. “Is that why you spared my life?” Jessica asked

“Yes” Jonathan replied.

“What happened to her?” Jessica asked,

“She’s dead,” Jonathan, told her showing no emotion.

“How’d she die?” Jessica asked him.

“The village we were in the people found out my secret and she was my…. Girlfriend. They assumed she was also like me. So they came after her while she was sleeping and drove a stake through her heart. The stabbing pain… I felt it in my heart, it awakened me in my slumber…I felt her death” Jonathan spoke with such sorrow in his voice.

“That’s awful I am so sorry” Jessica felt such sympathy at that moment for Jonathan but why she didn’t know. This man, this creature was dangerous but she felt a need to know more.

“I don’t need your sympathy,” Jonathan told Jessica

“I can see that you’re supplying yourself enough” Jessica snapped with twinge of sarcasm as Jessica was taken aback by Jonathan's tone.

How could Jonathan be so cruel when someone cared enough to ask and offer their feelings of kindness when Jonathan obviously had no one?

“I didn’t ask you to come back and I remember telling you to leave!” Jonathan's voice was rising angrily.

“I’m not leaving I want to know more about you I’ve never met a….” Jessica stopped shouting.

“Go ahead and say it a Vampire!” Jonathan said shouting at Jessica

“I don’t have to put up with anyone if I don’t want to. I have ways of taking care of them!” Jonathan said making a point of showing his fangs causing Jessica backed up a few steps from him.

A glance out of the window told her it was going to be getting dark outside. I’d better get out of here she thought. She went to the library door and went into the hall and headed for the front door. She felt such an urge to stay with him as though there was some force connecting them. She shook it off and went outside and started walking.

As Jessica was walking she kept getting the feeling that someone was following her. Jessica saw the road ahead of her, she started to run when her foot hit a tree root and she fell to the ground. Next thing she knew a massive black wolf was on her pinning her body to the ground with its weight. Jessica screamed with everything she had. Jessica began struggling and trying to keep the wolf's mouth from biting her as it snarled and snapped at her. Jessica screamed for help, praying Jonathan heard her.

Jonathan heard Jessica scream and he knew the urgency in her scream meant that wolf had caught up with her. Jonathan opened the front door and ran as fast as he could to find Jessica.

“Help!” Jessica screamed again, it seemed to startle the wolf this time and Jessica was able to move finally allowing her to crawl away. The wolf started toward Jessica again with its piercing red eyes glowing as though it was not any ordinary wolf at all.

Jessica closed her eyes and waited for death. Instead of death Jessica heard a yelp and next thing she knew Jonathan was pulling her to her feet. As soon as Jessica was on her feet she noticed the wolf was gone. Jessica threw her arms around Jonathan and gave him a kiss. Jonathan pushed her away roughly. Jessica stumbled backwards.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that,” Jessica told him blushing.

She had been so scared Jessica didn’t know why she kissed Jonathan other than he had just saved her life.

Jonathan had fought a wolf to save her even though he had not wanted her around Jonathan could have easily just let her die.

“Why did you save me again?” Jessica asked,

“I have no idea but you can leave now the wolf will not bother you.” He said.

She was shocked at him, he had just saved her life and now he was telling her to leave again.

“Can I call a cab?” she asked

“No cabs will come up here at night they fear the wolf among other things” he told her

So it was either walk to the road or try to get him to let her stay the night.

“Wait” Jessica said he turned back around

“What?” he asked

“Thank you for saving me” she said. She saw his face soften for a moment

“You’re welcome and good luck” and with that he was gone as though he ran like the wind there was no trace of him.

Jessica started down the hill in the direction of the road. Had he really been so angry he would allow her out at night by herself when the first night he wouldn’t even allow her outside? Had he not forced her back into his castle? This whole situation was crazy, how many people could say vampires were real and they could walk in daylight?

“I thought they would fry like toast,” she mumbled to herself kicking a rock.

After what seemed like hours she reached a dirt road.

Jessica followed the dirt road to the main road and flagged down a car and got a ride back into town where she found a payphone. She dialed the number for home first but got no answer and then tried Jason and he picked up on the second ring.

“Hey Jason?” she asked when she heard a male voice answer

“Yes who's this?” she sighed with relief.

“Its Jessica.”

“Oh my god are you okay? We have been looking for you everywhere!” Jason said rather worriedly

“So do you think you can come pick me up I’m at a Texaco by a Burger King, it’s by a high school.” Jessica asked

“I know the area just hang tight I’ll be there shortly,” Jason told her.

Hang tight after everything that had happened those words seemed to bring her to tears. Jessica had been abducted, beaten and held prisoner for a day. She discovered vampires were real and now she just wanted to go home take a hot shower and rest in her own bed. Was this Jonathan a figment of her imagination or had he been real. Now that she was back in town he didn’t seem to fit in with his castle in this town.

Then something struck her, her mom was in the hospital last she had known. She began to wonder if she was all right and where Cathy was and if her little sister had come back from being at their dads. Cathy must be in shock having to deal with all this being only 16 years old and then her big sister disappearing on top of things.

“How am I going to explain things? I can’t tell anyone of Jonathan and his secret.” She mumbled as she heard a rumble of a truck behind her and sure enough it was Jason who jumped out of the truck to come hug her.

“I had no idea if you were even alive, where have you been?” he asked her as though he had truly worried

“It’s a long story but I am glad I am alive” was all Jessica could say. They walked to the truck and got in. They were headed for the house when Jason remembered what the Detective had told him.

“Tomorrow you may want to go down to the police station and clear up a few things they found the police car and a dead body but you had disappeared,” he mentioned.

Jessica couldn’t help it she began to cry

“No no don’t cry I’m sorry,” he said handing her a napkin from the glove compartment

“No its ok that guy he beat me and handcuffed me I think he was going to kill me…” Jessica took a moment to breath

“He knocked me unconscious and I woke and the doors were ripped off and he was dead. I ran as fast as I could and a man up the hill found me and took me in for the night.” She told him know she had lied about a few things not that the truth was believable.

“Well you should tell me his name and where he lives, so I can thank him as well as you’re family. You’re mom came home early this morning and has been worried sick when she found out what happened.” Jason told her

“It will be so good to see her after all that’s happened” Jessica said.

They pulled into the parking lot and she walked up her stairs slowly and opened the door but no one was there to greet her.

“Where is everyone?” Jason asked right behind her.

“They were here earlier” that’s when Jessica saw the note on the table.

Jess,We had to go to the hospital, Mom is having chest pains, and we love you, Cathy

Jessica looked at Jason and asked “can you take me to the hospital please?” she pleaded

“Of course no problem” Jason replied and Jason ran downstairs to let his dad know and then was back outside and they got in his truck and headed towards the hospital.

Jessica entered the emergency room looking for Cathy and saw her sobbing in a chair. She walked up to her and Cathy saw her and gave her a big hug.

“Oh Jess they said mom had a heart attack they aren’t sure if she is going to be ok, I was waiting to hear anything right now” Cathy said rambling

Jonathan kicked a coffee table and punched a wall, how could he push her away. Jessica wasn’t Angelique that’s why she was a reminder of the pain he felt that night when she died but he felt a connection and wanted her to come back. Jessica had tried to talk to him to understand what he was and why he had killed the man who had beaten and abducted her. However she was blunt and her sarcasm only made him angry. Jessica had no idea he had followed her watching to make sure she had reached the dirt road. Jessica was the first person in centuries that he had actually somewhat felt a need to be around and have close.

Jonathan was saddened when he saw the bruised cheek and blood on her lip and how the cuffs had left her wrists looking bruised. Jessica would not come back willingly now that he had made known he didn’t want her. However she had kissed him and it had been such a shock he had pushed her away. He touched his lips and remembered how soft her lips were. He had to have her that was all there was.

He quickly went to his garage and pulled out in his car, driving down the hill to the dirt road and into town. He need to appear human and as much as he hated driving it was fun to gun it once in awhile.

It wasn’t long before he had reached her house he sensed no one was inside so with a sharp jerk of the handle he was in her apartment, it was clean now no broken glass. That woman, her mother had screamed so loud when she had seen him enter. He had to shut her up but he had gotten carried away. He looked around until he found a note signed by a Cathy. So she is at the hospital and her mom is having chest pains. He knew he was responsible for this woman’s trouble and felt a small pang of remorse. He dropped the note and exited the apartment shutting the door.

He headed towards the hospital to find Jessica
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