One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 41

As Jessica walked into the spa she felt overwhelmed because she had no idea what to expect. She gave her name at the counter and next thing she knew she was being whisked off to a room and being given a white robe. She was ushered into a room filled with lit candles where she disrobed and was told to lay on the table and they covered her butt. They told her it was a hot stone massage. As they laid the hot stones on her back she felt a soothing hot feeling. The woman began to massage her legs and she began to drift off into a light slumber.

Her dreams were filled with her walking down the aisle to Jonathan and she was in her beautiful dress but the aisle kept getting longer and longer. She started to panic and woke up in the room alone. Just as she was about to sit up the woman walked in and began removing the stones.

“You okay?” the woman asked.

“Yeah I am ok” Jessica answered. The woman brought her robe over and Jessica slipped into it when she got up and put her slippers on.

Jessica spent the rest of the day doing a facial, getting her hair & nails done. When it came to the waxing she was nervous. She got it done though for the first time. When she came out of the spa she felt relaxed. However she felt a longing to be with Jonathan.

She noticed, as the big day got closer she felt more and more restless. As though she was anticipating it too much. Her mother would tell her to just calm down and relax. She sat back in the car and told the driver to take her to mother’s apartment. She had better make an appearance or her mother would get mad. Doesn’t matter how old she was she still lived under her roof for now. She wanted to be with Jonathan but she had school tomorrow and finals were this week.

Jessica had just sat down when she heard the front door unlocking. Her mother walked in carrying grocery bags.

“Oh hi Hun glad you're here the bridal gown shop called and wants us to come in next week for a fitting.” her mother told her.

“Thanks mom, I am so nervous about getting married” Jessica told her. “Do you want to back out?” her mother asked. “No I just want it to be the big day already so I can marry him and start our life together” she told her.

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry Hun,” her mother told her.

“I just want to be with him mom and we haven't even done anything he respects me” Jessica told her.

“That’s good most men can't be trusted,” her mother said as she put away the groceries.

“So I wanted to let you know I may be spending a lot of time with him getting things in order and…” Her mother cut her off

“And you’ll be bringing your butt home as long as you're in school. I don’t want you messing up and not graduating. You can spend time with him but you need to get your diploma. I know you two are getting married but that doesn't mean you're going to start messing up your schooling” her mother told her.

“That’s not what I was going to say. I plan on taking on finals and graduating mom. I just was saying I might be absent during the day because we are planning the wedding is all”

“Good keep a good head on your shoulders and make your mother proud” she said as she finished putting the groceries away.

“Whens the last time you and I actually went out to lunch?” her mother asked.

“Longer than I can count why?”

“Lets go to lunch just the two of us, have a mother/daughter day How’s that?,” her mother said grabbing her keys.

“Sounds good to me its been forever. Where would we go through?” Jessica asked her mother.

“We’ll figure it out in the car come on kiddo, this may be my last chance with you getting married and starting your new life and all.” Her mom said with a sad look

Jessica knew her mom was feeling left out and even though she wasn't that hungry she wanted to make her mother happy because in her heart she knew it would be a long time before they could spend time together again if at all. As they walked out the door she felt a pang of sorrow like she was losing her family when in fact she felt more selfish in what she was getting.

She stopped and hugged her mom for a minute. “What was that for?”

“Because I love you”

As they drove around looking for a place to eat Jessica thought about the Organ Grinder a place in Portland Oregon her mom took her to once that was long gone. It was a place where you got Pizza and they showed silent movies and shot bubbles from the ceiling. It was a good memory of her childhood. So many places her mother took her and her sister when they were younger that had been fun but where no longer around. Much like how she was no longer going to be around for her family. She wiped away a tear before it fell down her cheek. Her emotions were on high today. She was starting to understand all she was giving up for love.

New memories were going to be made though and hopefully her mom would be a part of them. She knew in her heart that after mom died that Cathy would drift away and they wouldn't talk because Cathy never really cared for her. She had been that way since they were kids. Cathy however loved money so she might stick around if there was money involved. Jessica didn't want that but she didn't want her sister to be cut out of the picture either.

Jessica closed her eyes and tried to think of the moment she was in. she was going out to lunch with her mother and that’s all that mattered right now. They pulled into a small cafe that made sandwiches and homemade soups. Jessica smiled because this was the place her mother had taken her when she had gotten on honor roll in middle school. The food was always amazing.

“How about soup and sandwiches Hun,” her mother asked.

“Sounds great to me mom I remember this place”

“I thought you might its been a very long time” her mother said smiling

They both got out of the car and went inside and order sandwiches and a bowl of soup and started eating.

“I’m going to miss this mom”

“Why we can get together whenever you like as long as I am not working,” her mother replied.

“I’m going to hold you to that” Jessica said smiling

As they ate their lunch Jessica noticed for the first time how old her mother was. She saw the crows’ feet by her eyes, the baggy eyes, and the thinning skin. Her mother was a trooper and she worked for everything she had. She loved her mom more than anything and she would make sure her mother knew it before she changed.

As they finished up their lunch Jessica’s phone rang. It was Jonathan calling her. “Hello Jonathan, I can come over a little bit later I am having lunch with my mom, okay love you to, bye”

Her mother looked at her “He just wants to go over some colors and some cake ideas for the wedding. Thank god our wedding is going to be small.”

“With him being so rich are you sure?” her mother asked.

“Well we just won't announce it so the media won't know, we don't plan on registering.”

“Oh I’m sure one of the vendors you use will have loose lips,” her mother added.

“I hope not because I want this to be private” they finished up their lunch and headed back to the house.

“Thank you for lunch mom” Jessica said hugging her mom

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