One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 42

The thoughts of someone leaking about her wedding and the media finding out bugged Jessica to the point she had to talk to Jonathan about it. She gave her mom a hug and kisses and told her she was going to Jonathans to discuss wedding plans. She had called ahead for a car since hers was still at Jonathans. As she walked down the stairs she felt guilty again for what was going to happen after the wedding. When you love someone than you do what you have to be together even if together really did mean forever.

As she pulled into Jonathans drive way she waited a few minutes before getting out. Strange usually he meets her at her car. The weather was cloudy so that wasn’t an issue. Maybe he was on the phone making arrangements. She got out of the car and shut of the door and walked up to the door and knocked.

Jonathan opened the door he had a phone in his ear.

“Yes I want white roses and a bridal bouquet also,” he told the person on the phone.

Jessica relaxed he was as stressed as she was about all this.

“This is a private ceremony so please your discretion is needed.” he added.

“Ok thank you, yes ok goodbye” he ended the call and looked at Jessica.

“Hello beautiful” he said taking her into his arms and kissing her.

Jessica could stay all day in his embrace but it seems her worries were none to actually be worried about. He was taking things into his own hands.

“Hello to you too” she finally said.

“I see you are arranging everything yourself and avoiding a wedding planner” Jessica told him.

“Yes it would have been more chaos with a wedding planner honestly because we don't need one. We will have the wedding right here in my home.” he said

“So don’t worry about any of it, just do your dress fitting and I will handle the rest ok.,” he told her

She couldn't believe she had the best man who would take on so much to make her worry so little.

“Just so you know the bridesmaids dresses are a light purple.” Jessica told him.

“Well why don't you worry about your finals and I will worry about the arrangements. I have everything under control” he told her hugging her.

She went outside and grabbed her books out of the back seat and walked back into the house. She went to the dining hall and sat at the table and began to study while Jonathan made call after call.

It seemed like hours had passed since she had begun studying for her finals so she had got up to grab something to drink. She wandered to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She saw some food and then she saw on the bottom blood bank packages of blood. Was he saving up for her transformation she wondered? She grabbed the orange juice and poured a glass and made herself a sandwich and wandered back to her books. After a few hours she decided she had studied enough and closed her books and put them back in her bag. She noticed that the day and turned into night. It was near time to get back home.

She walked around trying to find Jonathan and finally found him in the library having a drink of lord knows what alcohol. She walked up behind him but he turned with a smile. There was just no sneaking up on him with his keen hearing.

“Did you get your studying done?” he asked.

“Yes I hope it was enough for my English and history finals tomorrow,” she answered.

“Well I know you are going to do great” he told her giving her a hug.

Jessica loved being with Jonathan more than she loved studying course she loved being with him more than anything. She wished she could fast forward through her finals and get to the wedding and get to their honeymoon. She was anticipating the change so much it was crazy. She wanted to be with him on so many levels and this was the ultimate level of showing her love to him. She was changing herself, which she had said she would never do. But how could you love someone and not want to change yourself to have the purest love? He was perfect and she wanted to spend forever yes forever with him and that came at a cost.

She was worried that she would never be able to be around her family anymore after a while because they would notice she hadn't aged and they would catch on so she would have to let go at some point. She tried to clear those thoughts from her head because they were bad thoughts and they made her sad because she loved her family so much and losing them someday was going to be hard. Drinking blood was going to be a change but Jonathan ate some foods so could see learn to do that or was he just different?

Her thoughts were just running wild again and she closed her eyes to push them away. She wanted good thoughts because she was glad she had found someone to be happy with and how many could say they actually found their soul mate? And that they got to live forever with them? And with no fear of death?

This whole thing seemed like it was out of book or a movie. Well vampires were known only as books, movies or myths. The stories were all different and she was graced with knowing the truth. Jonathan looked at her

“Stop thinking your going to drive yourself nuts before the wedding ok” he told her.

“Its just so hard with everything involved and what’s about to happen” she told him.

“Yes I know but when it happens you don't want to be stressed. You want to welcome it calmly because than it will be a calm transition” he explained to her.

“I just don’t want you stressed and then you freak out during it.”

“You are always looking out for me and trying to ease my frustrations and fears. Thank you for being so good to me when I am a mess.” Jessica thanked him.

“My dear I love you and I want you to be happy nothing more besides for our love to whole and be together forever.” he said kissing her forehead.

“If that’s the case I am going to head home it’s getting late. Mom had this kick about me not staying over too much during finals. She wants me to graduate then worry about the wedding,” Jessica laughed.

“Well your mom is a smart woman you should listen so go home get some rest and pass your finals and we will have our day soon” he said grabbing her in a hug and kissing her.

He walked Jessica out to her car and opened the door for her.

“I shall see you tomorrow and good luck on your finals.” he said kissing her one more time.

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” she said getting into the car and shutting the door. She started the car and headed home. She couldn't wait for the day that she could call this her home.

Jessica was surprised how short the drive home was but she was lost in her own thoughts about the wedding, her finals and her honeymoon. She was hoping to do well on the finals so her mom would be happy to see her walk the stage and receive her diploma. Than everything would be different the countdown to her new life would be begin. The wedding was scheduled for just after graduation, as she didn't want to wait too long. Her mom had wanted her to wait longer but Jessica wouldn't have it. She wanted it all to happen the waiting was literally killing her.

She walked into the apartment and noticed her mom had already gone to bed so she hurried herself to get ready for bed. She checked the microwave for dinner and quickly ate then went to bed after all tomorrow was finals.

As she slept she dreamed about being in a classroom with other students. She had her final in front of her. She grabbed her pencil and opened her final. Okay

Question 1 what is your name? Jessica Kimbell.

Question 2 do you believe in vampires? Yes

Question 3 do you want to be a vampire? Of course

After answering the 3rd question the room lights went out then came back on and now Jonathan was standing before her. This was not a final she thought but Jonathan came to her but his face was not his. It was shaped again like the monster she has seen on the day she had been kidnapped.

“You don't get eternal life and good grades” he spat at her.

He went to lunge at her and a bell rung.

She woke up with a start in a haze and it was her alarm clock buzzing endlessly. She heard a knock on her door

“Jess its time to get up your alarm has been going off for 5 minutes already shut that thing off,” her mother shouted.

“Okay I got it mom” Jessica shouted

She sat up and turned the alarm off and rubbed her eyes. Then it struck her it was finals day. She looked over to where she had set her clothes out. She grabbed a towel and her clothes and headed for the shower.

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