One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 43

As Jessica walked up the steps to her school she felt a pang of nervousness in her stomach. It had been a long time since she had butterflies. She walked into the school to her locker which all that remained inside where books. She had cleaned out the essentials and taken them home already. She wanted a clean break from the school when finals were over. She glanced down the hallway and sighed seeing other signing yearbooks. She looked at the yearbook in her locker and took it out. Nobody had signed her book because no one really took the time to know her. She was like a shadow in the all 4 years no one had said anything unless it was a rude comment about her style of clothing.

“Hi” came a voice from behind her.

The voice behind her startled her almost causing her to drop her yearbook on the floor.

“You want to sign my yearbook?” the voice asked.

Jessica turned around and saw a girl she had never seen before. “Umm sure” Jessica said.

“Here let me sign yours,” she said grabbing Jessica’s yearbook.

She opened Jessica’s book and signed it handing it back.

“Thanks” the girl said and walked away.

Jessica stopped and leaned against the locker. She was baffled and didn't understand why this girl and suddenly seen Jessica or if they were just getting random people to sign their book.

She decided to not worry too much and made her way to her English class. She wanted to start getting these finals over with. As she sat down and opened her final she was relieved to not be reliving her bad dream. In fact the questions were a piece of cake after studying so much. She finished her final before anyone in the class. The teacher excused her early and told her to go to the library. As Jessica made her way to the library she stopped off at her locker and put her yearbook inside.

She didn't need memories of fake people signing her book. She was a loaner and she was okay with that.

There was only 20 minutes left in class so she just got on one of the computers and looked around on Facebook. She decided to browse the Internet for all things Jonathan Rice. She found the bachelor articles and nothing else other than business articles. It was just basic stuff since she couldn't even find a Facebook for him. He liked to stay off the grid. Course she was the same way but she had a Facebook and people she didn't know as friends but she never talked to anyone. She’d post a cute kitty photo now and then but nothing really about her life.

The bell run for the next class and she picked up her belongings and went to her next class and got ready for her next final. Her day followed this pattern for the rest of the day. By the end of the day she was mentally exhausted and ready to go home. She had a good feeling that she had past all her finals though.

As she drove home she thought about driving to Jonathans but drove home as her mother more than likely wanted to hear her day and how her finals went. She had already picked up her cap and gown a few days ago.

As she pulled in she thought about how now graduation was coming and her change was closer. She didn't want to think about it right because she always became stressed over all the changes. Jonathan was the only one who could calm her during those stressed out moments and he wasn't here. She walked up the stairs to her mom’s apartment and walked in.

“Mom I’m here” she called out. There was no reply so she walked to the back bedroom where she found her mom sleeping. She must have had a hard day at work. She walked out and went to put her bag in her own room. She sat down on her bed and lay back.

She lay there looking at the ceiling and thought of how graduation would go. They would have their class valedictorian speak and then get in line as they called names and parents clapped and pause for a photo. Her mom would take photos before and after. It was a magical day as her mom had told her but for Jessica it was just a milestone or a count down to her human life ending. Why was she being so dark about it though? This is what she wanted so why was she being this way.

She rolled on her side and pulled the pillow under her head and lay there looking at her room. She never had a problem with cleaning it because she kept it clean. She had tried to be the perfect daughter to her mom. So she had cleaned her room, helped with chores around the house and even gone on errands for her mom to save her time. Who was going to do all that now? Part of her was screaming your 19 your mom knew this day was coming its okay.

Jessica had to find peace in herself before her honeymoon or she would be filled with regret. She knew her biggest fear creator was her own mind because part of her or a lot was the fear of the unknown and changing into a vampire was a huge unknown. What if something went wrong and she could never venture out in public again. She would be forever locked in his castle looking house.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard someone in the house. She got up to venture out and see whom it was.

Cathy had just gotten home and was putting her backpack in her room. She was making no attempt to be quiet about it. She saw Jessica

“So where’s mom?” she asked.

“She is laying down,” Jessica answered.

“Oh” Cathy replied

“So how do you think you did on finals?” Jessica asked.

“Good enough to go to the next grade” Cathy said walking to the kitchen.

Jessica followed it had been a while since she had gotten to talk to her sister.

“What about you?” Cathy asked.

“Good enough to graduate” she answered.

“I’m surprised you're not off at Jonathans celebrating yet,” Cathy said moving around the kitchen making a sandwich.

“Yeah I just got home and haven’t called him yet,” Jessica answered.

Jessica watched her sister make a sandwich and put everything away and then moved out of the way as she went into her room and shut the door. Cathy wasn’t that talkative these days.

Jessica went back to her room and laid back down to relax.

Jonathan roamed his house calling one vendor after another getting quotes and ordering samplers to be brought out to the house. Jessica would have to sample the food and he would agree to whatever she liked. Planning a wedding wasn’t that hard but this was a special event for him and Jessica like any couple and he wanted her to remember it forever.

He was on the phone on hold with a cake vendor when he heard a car pull up. It was the semester he had called for his tuxedo for the wedding. It was time for his fitting. He hung up the phone and made his way to the door. He arrived in time to hear a knock.

“Hello and welcome I appreciate you coming out so early in the day.” Jonathan greeted him.

“No problem for you Mr. Rice you are a excellent customer.” the man said walking in with his assistant.

“You can set up in the ball room right over here.” Jonathan pointed. “I will join you after I make a call” Jonathan said heading for the phone he had hung up.

He called the cake vendor back. “Yes this is Jonathan Rice I was on hold for over 30 minutes and am lacking patience I want to set up a cake sampling for my home tomorrow for my wedding. Is that possible or do I need to find another cake vendor?” he asked.

The woman on the phone expressed her apologies for his treatment and told him they could set it up for 5pm if he would like. “Yes that would be fine and my bride will be with me so I would like discretion” he added. The woman agreed and Jonathan hung up and returned to his fitting.

“Sir can you change into your tuxedo and then we will begin” the older man asked.

Jonathan took the tuxedo and hurried with changing and returned. He knew how fittings went and stood still.

“Looks like it just needs a small hemming at the bottom.” the older man mentioned.

“Actually I think it looks great and the hem doesn't touch the floor so I think its perfect. Thank you” Jonathan said. He was not going to go through more changes and risk anything moving the wedding date.

As he saw the men to the door he noticed the younger one looking around. Must be new and has never seen a house so big he thought.

“As I told your boss full discretion please goes for both of you,” he said as he said his goodbyes and shut the door.

As for as setting up the wedding everything was set, he planned to have it here so the decorating was going to come out in a couple days to get an idea of the area that would need to be used. They wouldn't have a dinner since the wedding was going to be so small. He would make sure it was beautiful though and she had a cake.

He looked at the time and realized that Jessica had not called him or came by. Usually she had done one or both by now. He went to the phone and decided to call her and see if she was all right. He dialed her cells number and on the 5th ring he got a sleepy “hello” and that was his answer she had fallen asleep after school. “Hi beautiful you fell asleep I was starting to worry I hadn’t heard from you all day”

“Sorry I fell asleep when I got home” Jessica told rubbing her eyes. She looked at the clock it glowed 5:05pm. “I guess my finals took a lot out of me,” she laughed a little. “Give me 45 minutes and I will be there” she told him and hung up.

She dragged herself to a sitting position on the bed and then stood up but sat back down after getting dizzy. She rubbed her head and stood up again this time she wasn’t dizzy. She grabbed her keys off the bed and her wallet and went to see if her mom was awake yet.

She opened her door and checked the living room and found her mother watching TV. “Hi mom” she said “I wanted to say hello before I left” her mother looked up.

“I thought you had already left. How did your finals go?” her mother asked.

“I know I passed them all with good grades. I studied for them a lot and the questions were easy,” she told her mom.

“Well are you coming back home tonight?” her mom asked

“I will call and let you know in a bit,” Jessica told her.

“Okay love you Hun, come give your mom a hug,” her mom said opening her arms for a hug.

Jessica hugged her mom and kissed her on the forehead. “I love you mom”

“I love you to sweetie”

Jessica wished she could tell her mom what was going on but she would never understand but she could tell her how much she loved her.

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