One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 44

Jessica spent the day watching TV with Jonathan who occasionally had to get up and answer or make calls about the wedding. For a small wedding it seemed to be a lot of work. During those calls she would flip through the channels and would watch whatever she found interesting.

“Sorry had to take that call tomorrow the bakery is bring samples of the cake over for us to sample, well mainly you to sample.” he told her after a phone call.

“I think a normal white cake is fine but I never had a fancy cake before,” she told him.

“That is why you are getting a fancy cake so you can say you had one and have a good memory” he told her.

“Lets just not get a big one so we don't waste all the cake because I wont be able to enjoy it when I get back from our honeymoon” she said flipping through the channels again. Jonathan understood her reasoning but he wanted the best for her.

They spent the rest of the night cuddling after she called home and told her mom she was staying the night because they had cake tasting tomorrow. Her mom was okay with it and told her to enjoy it. Seemed her mom was less concerned now that finals were over and it was the weekend.

“Also your fitting is Sunday right?” he asked.

“Yes they moved it up when they heard of the tight schedule and whom I was marrying” she answered.

“Don't worry we got this” he told her when she started to count days between graduation and the wedding.

“I know I just can't believe how fast time has gone by,” she told him. “I mean I graduate Tuesday and then I get married Friday. Who does that right out of high school? People will think I am pregnant or something.” she sighed.

“No one will think anything because its not being published anywhere,” he told her trying to comfort her restlessness.

“There is nothing wrong with marrying the one you love right out of high school if you love them Jess. You are just eager and it makes you think too much. You need to relax and just enjoy your time with your family. After graduation try to spend a little time with your mom and sister okay. I will be here waiting for you and its okay to miss me it just means you love me,” he said wrapping her in his arms hugging her.

She always felt safe in his arms. Soon she would never have to leave those arms. She understood what he meant by spending her mortal time with her family because it would be a time before she could again if ever. He had told her how the change would go and there was no time limit on how long it would take for her to learn to control herself around humans and how she could stand in daylight without going up in flames. She still had a million questions for him but she couldn't find the words to ask them. She only knew that this was her path in life.

She leaned her head into his chest and tried to relax. It was getting late and she would rather fall asleep here on the couch then in the bed alone without him. That was something she was curious about to. Did vampires have sex? She was too embarrassed to ask him. She tried to quiet her mind and watch the TV with him but she had so many questions and it felt like so little time before her new life was here.

“Jonathan I have an embarrassing question to asked you,” she said not lifting her head off his chest.

“I am an open book my love” he replied.

“Do vampires have sex? And is it enjoyable like mortal sex?” she asked. Jonathan chuckled a little then answered,

“Yes we have sex and get turned on and our sex is amazing. Why do you ask?” he rubbed her shoulder.

“Well I am and does that mean if changed I will be one forever?” she said not moving her head.

“My dear sweet Jess you and I will have sex together on our wedding night before you change I promise you. I honestly do not know the answer to that, as I have never met a vampire who was a virgin in life and in death. Trust me I will be gentle with you as I wouldn't want to break you.” he said putting a finger under her chin moving her face up so their eyes were looking into one another’s.

“Don’t be shy my love your questions are just your way of getting your footing on a new life with me and I will answer.

He pulled away after a bit

“However I am the one who has to control himself because I have wanted you since I first saw you” he said hugging her again. Jessica laid her head back on his chest.

They watched TV for hours before Jonathan lifted her sleepy body and carried her to her room to rest. She woke as he lay her down.

“Can you stay with me for a few minutes till I fall back asleep?” she asked.

“Of course my love” he said lying down beside her.

She rolled over snuggling beside him. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep. He lay there next to her watching her sleep. She looked like an angel lying there yet so vulnerable. He wanted to protect her from all harm forever.

He had waited so long to have a mate to be with and spend his eternal life with. Now his mate was lying on this bed with a fragile mortal life and all he wanted to do was make her his and devour her mortal life and give her eternity to spend with him. She didn't know how hard it was to fight that feeling everyday and how much harder it would be to control himself when the day came.

He ran his fingers down her arm and she shivered. He pulled back because he did not want to wake her from her slumber but he always wanted to touch her, caress her and just have her. This feeling he had for her was stronger than what he had for any living or dead person in his life. He loved when she slept over because he got to watch her sleep.

He thought of her question earlier about if vampires were virgins. He had never met one and it had left him curious. Course that was not a question you just asked another vampire though. He thought about asking someone sometime though to see if he was correct and there were none. However he couldn't wait to make love to her after they were married. While he would make love to her on their honeymoon it would be nothing like when he could finally make love as a vampire to vampire.

He wrapped her in his arms and closed his eyes.

Jessica woke up the next morning to Jonathan lying next to her and cuddled closer to him. His eyes opened and he smiled and hugged her.

“Good morning my beautiful wife, well soon to be” he said grinning.

“I thought you didn't sleep,” she told him.

“No it’s a choice but we don’t dream. We don’t need to sleep though. I just wanted to fall asleep with you in my arms last night and wake to your beautiful face this morning” he said kissing her forehead and rolling over to get up.

She flipped the covers back and sat up in the bed. She realized she was still in her clothes.

“Do you think we could go shopping for a few things if I am going to spend the night here?” she asked.

“Of course you get dressed and we will go where ever you like my love” he added heading for her door.

“I will be in the library making a few phone calls but remember we have the cake tasting today ok” he reminded her as he left her room.

She got out of bed and shuffled to the closet grabbing a pair of jeans but thinking about a dress but she didn't have clean underwear and she was not going to wear a dress with no underwear or dirty underwear for that matter. She picked the jeans back up and grabbed a nice blouse and went to the bathroom to get dressed. She went to brush her hair and looked in the mirror. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and decided that looked good with her outfit. She finished up and left the bathroom.

She then wandered the house to the library where Jonathan was finishing up a phone call. He turned and smiled when he saw her.

“You look beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you, I figured I would try on one of the blouses you bought me,” she said blushing.

“It looks great on you. Shall we go shopping?” he asked.

“You're really going to take me under garment shopping?” she asked.

“Yes if you need it then we will buy it,” he said.

“Well we can just go to Wal-Mart its not a big thing” she told him.

“I don’t think I have ever been in that store before” he added.

“Its for the people who aren't rich but wish they were” she laughed.

“What about Victoria Secrets?” he asked

“They are a bit pricey I’ve heard but either store is ok with me. Wal-Mart is more a buy in quantity for a low price and well as I said Victoria is pricy.” Jessica said.

She couldn't believe she was having this conversation with a man about underwear. However she could believe it was being had with Jonathan a man that cared so deeply for her every want and need. Sometimes she wondered if he was like that because her needs and wants were only what she truly needed. She never tried to take advantage of his money or him. Her reward was she got to spend eternity with such an amazing man.

She grabbed her wallet but decided to leave her keys they could take his car since they were coming right back afterwards. As they drove she realized he was heading for Victoria Secrets so she sat back and relaxed it was his money to do with as he pleased.

She leaned forward and switched on the radio. She searched the radio for a song she could relax to thinking of how eventful this shopping trip was going to be with a man beside her. She turned it to country radio and caught ‘hey pretty girl’ by Kip Moore just beginning. She sat back and relaxed and smiled at the words. Country had a way of warming you and making you smile. It was followed by ‘Mine Would is you’ by Blake Shelton, which made her put her hand on lap and smile even more. She loved spending time with Jonathan in the car listening to music. Seemed like the radio played music just for them like they were the only ones listening.

Seemed like they got to Victoria Secrets to soon. They got out of the car and locked it and went inside. A woman came up to them and asked if they needed help and Jessica accepted. She had no idea what to do in here. The woman measured Jessica’s chest size and started showing her some bras. Jonathan didn’t seem embarrassed he actually was picking out bras and showing them to her. She noticed the other girls actually checking him out. She smiled and when it was time to select underwear she got shy again and this time Jonathan backed off a little and told her to pick as many as she needed. The last thing he wanted to do was make her uncomfortable. She had to laugh when he picked up a pair of thong underwear that was skimpy with a devilish grin. She tucked away a special pair for their honeymoon when he wasn’t looking.

After the store she couldn’t believe how many bags they had. As they drove back to his house they arrived and he helped her carry the bags inside.

“Well that was a first I never had a man help me pick out my underwear,” she said out loud laughing.

“Yes I found out how many shades you could blush,” he said smiling.

She walked to her room and set the bags on the bed. She sat on the bed and sighed it had been an interesting shopping trip and one she had never done with a man but she had to say it had been amusing as well.

She sorted through her purchased taking tags off her items and folding them. She then put them away. She went looking for Jonathan to find out when the cake tasting would be. She found him in the hall on the phone. She had to get him a cell phone. His argument was when he was out he didn't want to be disturbed. “Its called a home phone for reason” was always his excuse. She waited for him to get off the phone. In the mean time she went to the living room and turned on the TV and flipped through the channels.

It seemed like an hour later before Jonathan finally was off the phone and made his way into the living room.

“So whens the cake tasting you set up?” she asked.

“Should be here any minute.” he replied.

They heard a doorbell shortly after that and they both walked to the door to find a perky blond woman with a van that men were unloading cake from.

“Where can I set up?” she asked Jonathan.

“Down the hall to the right in the dining hall” Jonathan told her.

She took charge of her helpers directing them to set up down in the dining hall. It didn’t take long before Jessica was seated at the table with Jonathan.

“I will let my bride pick I am just here to observe” he announced to the cake lady.

“No problem” the cake lady told him

“Okay we have several samples to choose from since you said you were unsure what you would like I brought some of our finest to choose from” the cake lady told them.

She opened a box and set some samples out. “Now this is a Marble cake with coconut cream filling.” She let Jessica try it and Jessica wiped her mouth.

“The marble is fine but not fond of the coconut filling.” Jessica told her.

“That’s ok we have a Chocolate Cake with a Dulce de Leche filling.” She sit it in front of Jessica. She took a bite and smiled.

“It’s nice but do you have a white cake maybe with a banana filling with a fondant covering decorated maybe with pearls?” Jessica asked.

Jonathan was surprised at Jessica’s knowledge.

“I have been to a few weddings and my aunt had a great cake and it was delicious,” she asked.

“Why you're in luck we do, I don't have the sample with me but we can create that for you if you like.” the cake lady answered her.

“Than we are set” Jonathan sat clapping his hands together.

He took the cake lady aside and stressed how important the rush on this cake was.

“I am willing to pay extra” Jessica heard him tell her.

Jessica left the room and wandered off to make a phone call when she noticed she had a message. She listened and it was the bridal shop telling her they had the dresses back and they could schedule the fitting.

She called her mom and told her to see when they could all go down. She agreed on later that afternoon and hung up. She went out to tell Jonathan. He had just shut the front door.

“The bridal shop called so me, mom and Cathy are going to go down and do our fitting to make sure everything fits right,” she told him.

“Okay I have a few calls to make so I will see you a bit later. Feel free to take the limo,” he told her.

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