One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 45

As Jessica waited while her mother and Cathy got in the limo she fiddled with her phone. She still didn't know half of what this phone did but as long as it made phone calls that’s what mattered. She found the calendar handy though she thought as she put it back in pants. Once everyone was in Jessica told the driver to go to the bridal shop.

They walked in and were greeted with care. They were led to a room with mirrors were a changing room was. They each changed into their gowns and checked for any needed changes but found to be just right. On her tran they had exceeded her expectations. It was beautiful and she couldn't wait to wear it at her wedding. They boxed the gowns and they walked out of the store.

Instead of going right home she took them shopping. Jonathan had told her to pick out a few outfits for their honeymoon and show her mom and sister a good time. She enjoyed picking out dresses and shopping with her mom and sister because if left alone she would just pick jeans and t-shirts for the honeymoon so they kept her on the right track. By the time they were done she had several outfits, her mother had pick out some outfits and her sister had picked a few outfits but had to put a few back due to mom saying no. She didn't like anything that went too far up the thigh she found it inappropriate.

She laughed a little as they loaded back into the limo as the driver loaded their bags into the trunk. It was a shopping trip that meant more to Jessica than her sister or mom knew. She wanted to tell them how much they meant to her but how would they take it? Would they see something was wrong or just take it as another day with Jessica being sentimental?

As they drove Jessica told the driver to stop at a restaurant. They piled out and went in to have lunch. As they sat there together ordering their lunches. Jessica’s mom finally broke the silence.

“This is nice I have my girls actually out for lunch,” her mom said smiling

“Yes it is nice mom,” Jessica agreed

“Yeah it’s great and the food here I was told was good” Cathy chimed in.

Leave it to Cathy to say something to change the topic. It wasn’t a bad thing though she was conversing. Maybe she just felt uncomfortable with discussing her feelings.

“So you're graduating tomorrow. Are you nervous to walk that big stage and be out of school?” her mother asked her.

“Yeah it marks the end of being a young adult and then I walk right into being a married woman so yeah nervous doesn't describe it” Jessica laughed.

“Well I am sure you will make an excellent wife to Jonathan” her mother told her.

Cathy was eating not saying much.

“So Cathy would you like to be my maid of honor at my wedding?” Jessica asked.

Cathy looked up and smiled then said “of course” and then she went back to eating.

Cathy never really did speak much since Jonathan had put her in her place. It was like something had changed within her. Before she would pop her opinion and now she was quiet. They finished up their lunch and Jessica had the driver drop them back off at the apartments.

“Well we see you for dinner tonight” her mother asked

“Depends but I will let you know” Jessica told her.

The driver took her back to Jonathans house. The driver took her bags out of the back and she insisted on carrying them in herself. She didn't want to be one of those people who had to have others do everything for her just because she had money even though it was Jonathans money not hers. As she wandered to her room to put the items away in a suitcase for her honeymoon, she looked and thought this was the suitcase that would hold the last clothes she would wear as a human. She shook her head and went to find Jonathan.

She found him in the dining area talking to a decorator about the wedding.

“Hi” she said as she walked up beside him.

“We are just going over the decorations for the wedding. Did you still want white roses and ribbons?” he asked her.

“Yes I am hoping it will turn out nice,” Jessica answered

“Don't you worry our service will make it beautiful for your wedding even on a short notice” the woman answered.

“Oh Jonathan I hope you don’t mind but I took my mom and sister out to lunch after shopping” Jessica told him.

“No I don't mind I am glad you are keeping your family happy” he told her.

The decorator pulled out some sample books and continued to discuss with Jonathan where the decor would be. She closed the book and shook hands.

“Okay we will be out tomorrow to set up, since you wanted a day early and on the wedding day we will come out to check the decorations and add the final touches”

Jonathan thanked her and walked her to the door. It took him several minutes before he came back.

“So we are good on all ends I picked up the bridal gown today and the bridesmaid gowns,” Jessica told him.

“You should only be worried right now about your graduation gown, speaking of did you get a dress for graduation?” he asked.

“No I don’t need one unless we are going out?” she asked him.

“Well I had discussed with your mom about a graduation dinner at a restaurant nearby. Your family is my family now my love” he answered.

“All these lunches and dinners and I am going to be a fat vampire” she said laughing.

“Big or small you will be my vampire,” he said smiling.

“Hey when you become a vampire do you get skinnier?” she asked.

“I knew that question was coming and no you stay at your current size and you're just more lethal because you are stronger and hungry” he told her.

“I guess it’s to late to hit the gym than I guess,” she said smiling. Jonathan smiled

“You are perfect,” he said drawing her closer for a kiss.

“Not to ruin the romance but mom wanted to know if I would be home for dinner tonight” she told him.

“I suppose I do have to share you for now at least I just hate not being able to watch you sleep or hold you,” he said with a grin.

“Well I am guessing I should make an appearance or they will think I am having hot sex or something,” she said grinning back at him.

“Now you’re not playing fair my dear” Jonathan told her pulling her closer.

“If you pull me any closer I don't think I will be able to go home,” she said kissing him.

“Can’t have that can we?” he said letting her go.

She stepped away and gathered her purse she had bought at the shop that day and her keys. “I’ll see you tomorrow” she said kissing him.

As she slid behind the wheel she looked back at the door to Jonathans house wanting to run back in. She hated being away from him but she had family that needed her to be present. She would have eternity to spend with him. Her family would be gone in the blink of an eye. She drove home in silence wondering about things and unanswered questions. She always had more questions for Jonathan. This new life was theirs to share but she didn't want to look stupid. Even though Jonathan laugh at her questions and gave his best answer she still wondered about her questions.

She arrived at her mom’s apartment and parked. She got out and walked the stairs and let herself in even though she felt like knocking because she felt like a stranger sometimes with all the time she spent with Jonathan she forgot she lived at home with her mother. She walked in and set her purse down and found her mom in the kitchen. “Hi mom I’m home,” she said,

“Well you do remember where home is” her mother joked.

“Yeah I know where home is I just been busy with so many things going on” she hugged her mom and went to find Cathy.

She found her in her room on her computer.

“Hey Cathy what you up to?” Jessica asked

“Nothing really just checking Facebook and watching dumb videos on YouTube. Trying to kill my boredom since I got nothing to do.” Cathy answered.

“Why don't you write your short stories you used to they were pretty good.” Jessica offered.

“Don’t have the mindset for it honestly boredom trumps writing” Cathy told her

“Well why don't we go to a movie later?” Jessica offered.

“Nah don’t feel like going out tonight besides nothing good is in the theatre anyways,” Cathy said sitting on her bed grabbing her phone.

“I will just play angry birds and wait for dinner”

“Okay well I am going to see if mom needs any help” Jessica made her way to the kitchen to help her mother if it was needed.

“Before you ask all I need is for you to set the table,” her mother told her.

“I guess you heard me than” Jessica laughed.

“My dear your voice carries in a small apartment” her mother told her

As her mother finished making dinner Jessica set the table and before long they were eating. Jessica was going to miss these dinners. As a vamp she would only be on blood and all these foods would be gone from her diet. She savored every bite and smiled.

As Jessica helped her mom clean up from dinner she felt very tired and excused herself to take a shower and get ready for bed. Tomorrow was a big day she was graduating high school.

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