One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 46

As the sunlight came through the window and danced across Jessica’s face she opened her eyes and knew what day it was. This was the day she graduated from high school and became an adult according to societies rules. She rolled from her side to her back and stared at the ceiling. In a matter of hours she was going to be free from the shackles of high school. She groaned when she flipped the covers off and sat up. She smiled for a minute because it meant one more day till she said her vows to the man she loved. She made her way to the bathroom and closed the door.

After she had gotten dressed she decided that she would stop by Jonathans and grab a dress to wear under her graduation robe. She went to the kitchen and found her mother making breakfast. “Hi mom” her mother turned around and smiled.

“Hi sweetie do you want some pancakes and eggs?” her mother said offering her plate.

“Sure, hey I am going to stop by Jonathans to grab a dress and be back” Jessica told her.

She ate her pancakes and eggs and put her plate in the sink. She hurried herself to get her clothes on and grabbed her keys and purse. “I’ll be back mom,” she shouted as she was going out the door.

As she pulled up in the driveway of Jonathans house her heart beating fast. She didn't know why at that moment or maybe it was because changes were coming and her body could feel it. She parked and went to the door and let herself in wondering where Jonathan was. She wandered to her room and went to her closet looking for a dress to wear under her graduation gown. She found a cute one and pulled it off the hanger. She was curiously walked through the dining hall by the stairs and saw the decorators were working on putting the decor up for the wedding. She felt a pit in her stomach watching them put the decor up. She went to leave when Jonathan came through the front door.

“Jessica I wasn’t expecting to see you until your graduation” he said looking surprised.

“I was just coming over for a dress for under my graduation gown. Where were you?” Jessica asked.

“I was running an errand just got back” he said setting down the bag he was carrying to hug her.

As he wrapped her in his arms she felt better. It was as if not finding him had made her feel sick. She held onto him as though she would lose him if she let go of him. Jonathan noticed something was off about Jessica.

“Is there something wrong?” he asked her.

“No I just came in and couldn't find you and got this horrible feeling but now it’s gone you're here with me now” Jessica said rather quickly.

“My love I would never leave you. You have no reason to think I would,” he said hugging her closely again.

He held her tightly and kissed her lips passionately. As he pulled away she smiled.

“I’m sorry I don't know what came over me I just can’t imagine my life without you anymore” she said looking into his eyes.

“I could not live another day without you either my dear. So why don't you go home and get dressed and I will see you at your graduation ok” he said

She kissed him one more time and headed for the door. On the drive home she couldn't help but smile, she realized how much she did need him. It was strange how much they had grown since the day she had tried to brush him and his ways off but he had kept trying. I guess sometimes one soul mate can know before the other. She had tried so hard to push him away and now she needed him or she felt a sick feeling like she was starting to have a panic attack. Hopefully vampires didn't have panic attacks or she would be a horrible vampire. She turned up the radio and relaxed. It was time to get ready to graduate and start stepping towards her new life.

When she got to the apartment she ran up the stairs and opened the door to find her mom and sister getting ready.

“I’m back sorry I took so long they were decorating for the wedding and I had to peek” Jessica quickly headed for the bedroom.

“Well just hurry up and get ready we only got an hour and it takes 15 to get there and parking is going to crazy” her mother yelled after her.

Jessica quickly got undressed and pulled the dress on. It was a cute summer dress with flowers in pastel colors. She tried zipping it up on her own but finally defeated she yelled for her mom to help her. As her mom came in her eyes light up

“Your wearing a pretty dress that’s good we have time for photos,” her mother said as she zipped her up.

Jessica groaned at the thought that means less time to get to the graduation. Jessica ran to the bathroom to do her makeup. Finally she was ready she grabbed her graduation gown and hat and headed to the living room where her mom was waiting.

“Okay so just a few pictures of my girls together” her mother announced.

Cathy and Jessica took side by side and smiled for the camera. “You know this will be you next year right,” she said to Cathy.

“Yeah well I plan on wearing jeans so she won’t take photos” Cathy said laughing.

“Girls come on a few more photos, Jessica put your gown and cap on please” her mother directed.

After what appeared to be forever they were finally out the door. As they sat in the car Jessica felt happy that school was finally over.

After another eternity of circling the parking lot their mother gave into valet and they parked the car, which cost her $25, which she wasn't happy about. They walked in and her mother gave her a kiss on the cheek and her and Cathy went to sit in the stands while Jessica looked for Jonathan but couldn't find him. Maybe he was running late she thought. So She joined her class and sat down for the long and boring blah blah of the graduation where people talked about how they were going ahead in life and forging new paths and then there valedictorian got up to say their long speech which Jessica wasn’t paying attention to. Finally she saw Jonathan sitting next to her mom. He had made it finally so she relaxed and tried to pay attention. It seemed like forever till they had gotten to her row to go behind the stage and pick up their diploma. You got to stop and take a photo with the principal and they turn your tassel to the opposite side cause you were now free of school. She noticed when they had called her name her family including Jonathan and clapped and her mom had screamed “YAY”

She smiled and exited the stage and returned to her seat. It was over finally all those boring classes but she had gained knowledge. She was just glad that in her new life this wasn't apart of it. So really she was a smart woman now but she didn't need to continue her education to be a vampire.

As the graduation came to an end everyone threw their caps in the air well except Jessica because she wanted to put hers away as a memento of her human life. She never wanted to forget the moments she lived. As she made her way to her family Jonathan found her first.

“I wanted to get you a graduation gift that’s why I was late sorry,” he said opening a box to reveal a diamond tennis bracelet.

“Oh Jonathan thank you that’s beautiful” she hugged him and gave him a long kiss.

She didn’t even notice her mother and sister standing behind her.

“Now that is way to much PDA” Cathy said.

Jessica turned around and swatted playfully at Cathy.

“Don’t be a pain in the butt Cathy” she said with a smile.

“Besides he deserved that kiss after what he gave me” she said showing them the bracelet.

Her mom smiled and hugged Jonathan

“I am glad my daughter has found such a good man, welcome to the family Jonathan,” her mother said.

“Yea I guess he is ok, welcome Jonathan” Cathy said giving him a short hug.

After her mom was finished with photos and I mean photos. They all left for a late lunch. Jonathan treated them to a nice cafe where he said he had already eaten and ordered a drink. They talked and ate chattering about how Jessica’s life was now beginning and what colleges she would now be applying for. Jessica kept trying to change the subject but her mom wouldn’t have it.

“I will look into it when I get back from my honeymoon mom I just got out of school I want a small break” Jessica protested.

“I know I just want the best for you Hun and you promised you would attend college no matter what remember” her mother pushed.

“Okay I will but right now I am enjoying my freedom” she said digging into her chicken salad.

Her mother decided to leave it alone or ran out of things to say because she continued to eat and say nothing.

“Well ladies I need to steal Jessica from you but I will return her later tonight after all the wedding is tomorrow and rules are I cannot see the bride until the alter” he said laughing.

“Okay so I will be home before midnight,” Jessica laughed.

“I’ll be counting the minutes,” her mother laughed. Jonathan paid the bill and excused himself and Jessica.

As Jonathan drove him and Jessica to his home he thought of how nice it would be to call it their home. Soon he thought to himself, soon it would be theirs.

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