One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 47

Jonathan and Jessica pulled up as the decorators were packing up the van.

“Mr. Rice your back good we just finished setting up the stairs and the arch and all the decorations” the decorator told him looking at her clipboard.

“Oh and we will be back tomorrow to do final checks before the wedding” she continued.

“Thank you for your hard work and quickness.” Jonathan said walking off to talk to her.

Jessica just walked into the house and wandered to the stairs to see the arch and small stage they would be saying their vows on. It was beautiful the area looked like she had stepped into a fairy tale. She stepped up the small steps to the stage and her heart beat fast.

Her life really would be changing and be beginning anew tomorrow and they would be Mr. & Mrs. Rice. She smiled and started to cry she felt so overwhelmed with emotion. She felt scared, happy and even a little sad. Every new bride felt scared to step into a new life and happy to be with the one she loved. But she felt sad to because she was going give up her mortal life and she felt she had taken it for granted. All the things she had never done as a mortal she would never have the chance to do now her time was up.

She sat down on the steps and gazed through her tear filled eyes at the beautiful decorations all done for her to her liking. He was doing this all for her to make her happy. What kind of man does all of this for a woman? A man who truly loves her. She sat there and thought of the months that had passed and all the time they had spent together and how she had protested about his ways and how it would never be and now here she sat a day away from changing her protests into I would do anything for this man. She didn't feel like she was going against her morals anymore but she felt foolish for protesting so much. She wasn't even trying to see who he was she was at the time just judging him for what he was. Had she not opened her eyes she could have missed out on so much? When it came to his money it was nice but it didn't mean much she was raised on way less. She couldn't deny it, it was nice to be pampered like a princess but money didn't change her feelings only Jonathan changed those. His gentlemen nature, his kind eyes, his never give up attitude. She had pushed him away so many times but he had kept coming back and now here they were about to get married.

She was glad that Jason had broken up with her to be honest he was a bit of a bore and how he treated her breaking up with her was rude and selfish. She had left him off the guest list especially after his research he did on Jonathan. That was a chapter in her life she was willing to leave behind.

She looked up to see Jonathan strolling in with a smile.

“It does look beautiful doesn’t it?” he asked her. “Yes I was just admiring it myself, you really did go all out” she hugged Jonathan.

“So tomorrow we will have the wedding then a small reception with the cake, no dinner and then we will leave for our honeymoon while the staff clean up and lock up the house” he told her.

“I can’t wait for the honeymoon, you never told me where we are going though,” she said looking at him.

“Well I had booked a cozy cottage in Costa Rica actually not far from a private beach. I think you will like it and the weather will be sunny but cloudy so perfect not that we will be outside very much,” he said with a grin.

Jessica wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled as she kissed his lips. “Sounds like a dream come true, you know I do have a few more hours we can cuddle and maybe watch a movie” Jessica told him kissing his neck.

“My dear your idea of cuddling is bordering on foreplay and that we are saving for honeymoon” he said removing her arms.

Jessica began to pout “but I thought you liked to cuddle” she told him.

“I do but you need to be back at your mothers before midnight and you also tend to fall asleep”

Jessica sat down and pouted.

“We will have all the time in the world to cuddle my love but tomorrow needs to be perfect and you need to go home and get your rest I don't want you falling asleep or being cranky tomorrow” he said sitting down next to her.

“I love you and I promise I do want you I just have to follow your mother's wishes and its for a good reason” he said hugging her.

Jessica just sat there his words made sense and she knew she had to leave and go home but it was hard to part from him. She got up and collected her keys and purse and hugged Jonathan and kissed him.

“I’ll be at my moms,” she said letting go of his embrace.

“You aren’t mad are you?” he asked.

“No of course not I just need to take a cold shower,” she laughed a little.

Jonathan walked Jessica to her car where he kissed her and she quickly said goodnight knowing if she stayed a second longer she would never go home and her mother would be extremely mad. As she waved goodbye and drove down the driveway she found herself aching to stop and drive back. She kept driving though and eventually the ache went to dull and stopped altogether. This was the last time she would have to say goodbye though after this everything was different and even her body couldn't wait for the change.

Jessica walked in the apartment feeling tired. She had planned on going to take a shower and go to bed. Instead she found her mother waiting up on the couch. “What you didn't trust I would be back in time?” Jessica asked.

“I knew you would be back I just stayed up to be here incase you wanted to talk. You know your life is changing tomorrow. I find it hard because my baby is leaving to start her own life. Your 19 years old I know but part of me wishes there was more breakfasts where you come out with bedhead and sleepy eyes. I’m not ready for you to be an adult and get married. I’ll get over it but just know your mother loves you and anytime you want to come home just pack a bag and come over you don't even have to call ok.”

Jessica tried to hold back the tears in her eyes but they slipped down her cheeks. “Oh mom I will make time for you even if it’s just watching your soaps. I may be married tomorrow but I am always your little girl.” Jessica hugged her mom.

“So what are you watching on TV?” Jessica said sitting down beside her.

“You should be getting to bed you are getting married tomorrow” her mother reminded her.

“I can make time for my mother we just won't stay up to late and besides that’s why they make coffee” Jessica said laughing giving her mom a hug.

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