One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 48

Jessica opened her eyes and looked around through sleepy eyes. She was in her room at her mothers. She had stayed up watching her mother’s soaps for hours with her. It had felt good to spend time with her though. They had finally gone to bed after 4am in the morning. Jessica looked at the clock it read 9:30am. She felt sleepy but she had to get out of bed. Then she stopped for a second she was getting married today! She jumped out of bed and opened her bedroom door and went into her mom’s room and jumped on her bed like a little kid.

“Mom wake up we have things to do! I’m getting married today!” she said in a singsong voice.

She walked quickly down the hall to Cathy’s room and opened the door.

“Cathy wake up todays the big day! I’m getting married!” when Cathy didn't move so Jessica went in and bounced on her bed like a little kid.

“Oh god go away already,” Cathy groaned.

“Its my wedding day come on get up!” Jessica told her. Jessica made it back to her own room and grabbed her wedding dress box and put it on the bed and her shoes. “Come on everyone get up we need to get on schedule we are supposed to be leaving for Jonathans so we can get dressed come on already!”

She was excited this was her day and she was suddenly a ball of energy. She had been so nervous and now all she could do was jump around trying to get everyone in gear.

“Okay we’re up stop being so damn cheerful” Cathy yelled.

“Oh Cathy calm down she’s getting married she has just cause to be happy” their mother yelled back.

“We overslept but we will get back on track let us grab things and get dressed Hun” their mother told Jessica.

Even though things were finally getting back on track Jessica felt excited and nervous. There was no room for error. She wanted everything to be perfect. She planned on saying her own vows. She was so excited she was shaking.

It seemed like hours until her mother and her sister were ready to finally go. They all grabbed their bridal boxes and shoes.

“Did we grab the make up bag?” Jessica asked before they exited.

“Yes I got it” her mom said “I also got the curling iron and other styling products lets go okay” her mother said pushing them out the door.

The drive over seemed to take forever and Jessica was antsy so she turned on the Radio. She tuned through stations till she ended up just landing on a random country station and leaving it.

“Okay so when we get there mom will go in first to make sure Jonathan gets out of sight so we can sneak you in” Cathy told her.

This felt like a secret mission all of the sudden like sneaking in a foreign agent. No one wanted to break the tradition of the bride and the groom seeing each other before the wedding on their wedding day. It was better to start off with good luck. Once they saw her mom they got out of the car and headed in. They passed people setting up chairs and putting last touches on decorations. She pasted the arch and saw how beautiful it was and nearly started crying. This was her day and she was so happy. The few guests they had invited would be arriving in a few hours. She looked towards the right side of the room and saw Devon with his camera. She waved hello to him and he waved back. She wondered if he had invited any other vampires to their wedding.

As she made her way to her bedroom she smiled it was officially hers in a few hours. She opened the door and they went inside. “So this is my room,” she said out loud. Her mother and sister roamed around. Her sister went straight to the walk in closet.

“You have some nice clothes in here I’m jealous” her sister shouted from the closet.

“It is a beautiful room Hun, lets start setting up and start on your hair and makeup ok,” her mother told her.

Jessica sat down and let her mother do her magic. It took over an hour to do her hair and makeup. Than she got into her wedding dress and when she looked into the mirror she saw a woman looking back with her mom by her side. Cathy was still looking through her closet.

“Cathy get out of there and come sit down I need to do your hair and makeup,” her mother shouted.

“Okay coming, by the sis I see some things I wouldn't mind borrowing” Cathy said as she sat down.

Getting ready seemed to take forever but as they all stood there dressed in front of the mirror their mother began to cry. “Mom don't cry please” Jessica told her wrapping her in a hug.

“I feel like I am losing one of my babies today is all” she said

“You aren’t losing me I will still live in the same town when I get back so I can visit mom” Jessica told her.

“I know but its hard when you a mom you’ll understand one day if you have kids and I hope you do because I want to be a grandmother.” she said smiling.

“I had better go fix my makeup” she said and walked over to the vanity.

“Let me go check on things and when we are going to start this. Who knows maybe I can steal some bubbly to loosen things up” their mother told them.

It seemed like forever until her mother returned with a bottle and 3 glasses. “You have some time until you have to be out there so lets toast to Jessica’s marriage may it be long and bring me lots of grandchildren” her mother said as she hand the glasses out and raised them.

Jonathan was making sure all the final preparations were in place. He ran into Devon and saw he had set up the video camera.

“Looks like everything is coming together,” Devon told him.

“Yeah even small weddings are stressful” Jonathan joked.

“You planning on saying you own vows?” Devon asked.

“I think Jessica plans on it so why not I’ll wing it” Jonathan joked.

“Man I am just happy you found your soul mate. Me I prefer the single life makes things easier for me” Devon told him.

“Well good luck to you on that I have to check on the wedding cake” Jonathan told heading for the dining hall.

Jonathan went to the library to think of his own vows he would say to Jessica.

Jason wiped the sweat off his brow he was nervous heading towards Jonathans. He knew he was marrying Jessica today and he wanted to stop it if he could for her own safety. He had to confront Jonathan on what he was. His truck seemed to not move fast enough. He hoped he would get there before the wedding because it would be awkward telling someone in the middle of the wedding you needed to talk to them. He hoped he could find Cathy before the wedding also he had been waiting forever to find the right chance to talk to her. However her mom or sister seemed to be almost babysitting her.

He believed she saw Jonathan suck the life out of her father and shoot him to cover his tracks. He didn't under why he had done it though. He had been there the day Jessica’s dad had words with Jessica but nothing to kill over. He knew there was a custody battle but once again he saw nothing leading to murder.

Jason pulled into the gate and parked. He got out of the truck and grabbed his folder holding all his proof or at least what he was tying things up with. He walked into the house and there were decorations everywhere.

“That had to cost a pretty penny,” he mumbled.

He asked a few people where Jonathan was and they pointed towards the library. He started that way when he ran into Cathy.

“Hi, I didn’t know you were coming” Cathy said her eyes brightening.

Jason felt a lump in his throat Cathy looked amazing in her dress with her hair done.

“Yeah I was heading to talk to Jonathan but I actually need to talk to you first. Can we do somewhere private?” Jason asked.

“Sure we can go the living room,” she suggested.

As they walked he really kicked himself for not noticing how beautiful Cathy really was.

The living room was empty so they shut the door.

“Look don’t get upset but I believe you about your dad and I think I know who did it” he told her.

“If mom finds out we are talking about this we will both we committed” she told him eyeing the door.

He pulled out his folder from his coat and opened it.

“Jonathan has roots that go back to the 1800’s but in every era he seems to be there in photos and there are murders like your dads. Everything was quiet until the night your sisters attacker was killed and then your dad.” he looked at Cathy who was looking over the photos and the articles.

“You show this to anyone else?” she asked.

“I tried to show your sister but she told me I was nuts and to leave them alone” he told her.

“You want to confront Jonathan on this?” she asked.

“Yes, he can't do anything to us without losing Jessica and I think he wouldn't do that” he answered.

“Than lets do it, I want to be there after all he killed my dad” she said.

“Ok safety in numbers” he said.

“Oh by the way you look amazing,” he said with a smiling. Cathy blushed and said something sounding like a thank you. They quickly made their way to the library to speak to Jonathan.

A knock came at the library door.

“Who is it?” Jonathan asked.

“It’s Cathy” came the female voice.

He opened the door and stepped back but Cathy was not alone in with her came Jason. So they young man had built arms and come to confront him how noble.

“What can I do for you?” Jonathan asked noticing the tension now developing in the room.

“Is it true, are you a vampire? Was it you that I saw killing my father that day?” Cathy blurted out hands clenched at her sides.

“Don’t bother denying the truth you know I dug up your family history and put things together,” Jason said daring him to lie.

“Okay first I am a vampire but I was not the one to kill your father. I have been trying to hunt the one who attacked your father. I fear it was a rogue vampire that is known to cause problems from time to time. He and I have never been friends and how he found your father I have no clue,” Jonathan told them.
“Lies you are the one who killed him!” Jason yelled.

“Please lower your voice all we need is a scene. This is Jessica’s day and mine. I love her more than my own life and ask that you listen and know I would not lie to you. I was a hunter in my previous life and made a vampire as punishment for killing a clan of vampires. I would not risk murdering the father of my beloved and losing her,” Jonathan continued.

While it was only a half-truth it would help sell his story.

“You were a hunter and you hunt your own kind still?” Cathy asked.

“I don’t unless they cause trouble and this one is in hiding now so there is not much I can do but I would advise this, confronting a vampire is dangerous I will get the one who did this don’t you worry Cathy I promise you his head” Jonathan told her.

Jason had seemed to be taking the bait as well as Cathy.

“Jason why don't you stay for the wedding and have some cake with us. I am sure this pretty young lady wouldn't mind the escort,” Jonathan asked.

Jason smiled when he looked at Cathy. Cathy blushed again as Jason gazed on her. Jonathan could plainly see there was a possible romance there.

“Well ladies its the top of the hour its time for us to get into place. Are you sure you want to walk up the aisle alone Hun? I can walk you being your dad well…” her mother trailed off.

“Its okay mom he wouldn't have done it anyway so this is how I want it you stand up at the arch with Cathy” With that the three of them left the bedroom and went to take their places.

Jessica felt nervous as she took her place waiting to hear her wedding song cue. They had chosen “Angel of Mine by Monica. As the music started Jessica started making her slow walk up the hall to the arch where her future husband stood. She fought back the urge to cry and kept walking. Instead she lost herself in the words of the song and thought of all the time her and Jonathan and spent together. She looked to her side of the room and saw Jason and was shocked and worried he might cause a scene but he was smiling. She decided to not worry unless he was a problem. As she slowly reached the arch she stepped up and her hands met Jonathans.

The priest opened his bible and stood before them.

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today in the sight of god to join Jessica and Jonathan in holy matrimony. They have chosen to say their own vows”

The priest looked to Jessica. Jessica cleared her throat.

“When we first met you saved my life, I was hesitant to even date you but you didn’t give up and my life changed for the better. I wake every day with thoughts of you and a love that builds everyday deeper and deeper. You changed me for the better and even though I am 19 and some would say my life has only begun I was lucky to find my soul mate early in life. I love you Jonathan and I couldn’t picture a day without you. I am yours forever in life and I will wait for you even in death.” Jessica said with tears sliding down her face.

The priest turned to Jonathan who was smiling. “Jessica my sweet angel when I first saw you I knew you were someone special. I knew you would be my angel. I may not be a man of many words but know this I will always be there for you to dry your tears and I too will be here for you in life and wait for you in death. You are my soul mate my love.” He said wiping her tears away.

“Beautiful vows and now, do you Jessica take Jonathan to be your lawful wedded husband in to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do you part?” the priest asked

“Yes 100% Yes” she said smiling

“Do you Jonathan take Jessica to be your lawful wedded wife in to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do you part?” the priest asked

“Yes forever” Jonathan said looking into her eyes

“The rings please” the priest asked. Jonathan grabbed them from his pocket and handed one to Jessica.

“Jessica place the ring upon his finger and repeat after me please. With this ring I thee wed, as a token of my abiding love and constant faith to love, honor and obey for the rest of our lives”

Jessica fumbled a little with the ring but slide it on his finger and looked into his eyes and repeated the words. Jonathan pulled out her ring and she was in awe it was similar to the other but this time the two hearts were equals and it had their names engraved with the word forever.

Jonathan place the ring upon Jessica’s shaking hand and repeated the words. Than the Priest continued. “If anyone has just cause why these two should not be married speak now or forever hold your peace” Jessica looked around and no one stood or spoke. Than by the power vested in me by god and the church I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride”

Jonathan lifted Jessica’s veil and kissed her with such passion and force she had not known before. She melted into him and when it ended she was dazed. “May I introduce Mr. & Mrs. Rice”

Jonathan announced “we have cake in the dining hall which I hope you will all join us for” Devon stepped forward with his video camera, which he had set aside and had his camera out. “Can I get some shots of the bride and groom please?” he asked. As Jessica posed with Jonathan she felt the butterflies stop and she felt like this is where she belonged.

After the photos they all went in for cake. As she cut the slices and turned to give Jonathan his she noticed he was smiling. They fed each other a bite then opened the floor up to others to have a piece after removing the decorations.

Jessica took the lace train off and sat down. Jonathan asked one of his servants to take it to her room. Than Jonathan stood up and said “I know we are a small wedding but I wanted to share my brides and I’s first dance with you. Music filled the air and he took her hand and began slow dancing with her. Jessica cried,

“My dear are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes I am just so happy right now” he held her tighter to him because she wasn’t the only one who was happy.

“I have a private jet that is waiting for us to whisk us to Costa Rica as soon as the party is over my love.” Jessica put her arms around his neck and kissed him long and passionately.

“Are you sure we can wait?” she said teasing him.

“Well we will be alone on the plane so who knows” he said grinning.

When the song ended they returned to their seats. As they sat down her mother stood with her glass of champagne to make a toast.

“I want to make a toast to the happy couple, and I see how happy you make my daughter and I wish you two the best.” her mother told them.

Everyone raised their glasses to that. There were other toasts and eventually it was time for the happy couple to leave on their honeymoon. With packed bags in the car and just married on the back window on the limo everyone cheered them on their way.

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