One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 49

Jessica was so excited about their trip when they got to the plan she nearly fell out of the car. She walked as calmly as she could to the plane. The driver was bringing the bags and she was nervous, happy and just a bundle of emotions. She was married now to a man she loved. However this was her last trip as a mortal and she wanted to enjoy it. She had never been out of the United States let alone Costa Rica. She turned and looked at Jonathan he smiled back at her. “Don’t be nervous my love” he said. Jessica stepped onto the plane and took a seat in an oversized leather chair. Jonathan took the seat facing in front of her. She was in shock by the luxury of the jet. “This is amazing, I have never been on a plane like this before” she told Jonathan.

Jonathan just smiled as they taxied out to the runaway. “You will love Costa Rica my dear,” he said. He felt it was relaxing as they reached the runway and began to pick up speed. He loved the rush when it left the runway it was like he himself could fly. He knew the flight was a long one but she would be so happy when they got there. He noticed she had fallen asleep and he decided to get a drink he waved over their stewardess and asked for a scotch on the rocks.

After two stops to refuel they finally reached Costa Rica. Jessica was practically jumping out of her seat when the plane doors opened. It took everything to restrain herself. She waited patiently for them to open the door and bring the steps. When she got up she kissed Jonathan.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“For giving me so much when I have so little to offer” she told him putting her arms around his neck and kissing him again.

“Now, now Mrs. Rice you must wait until we get to our honeymoon beach house before any of that” he said removing her arms and kissing her.

As they both got off the plane Jessica saw how green and lush the area was. She took in the air it was hot and humid. They walked to the car waiting for them. Once their luggage was loaded they were on their way. She looked out the window and saw palm trees and people on bikes. It wasn’t long before they reached their beach house. Jonathan told the driver to set the luggage inside.

As Jessica wandered out on patio where two chairs sat overlooking the beach.

“I don’t think you will have much time for looking at the beach,” he told her with a grin.

Jessica took her bags into the bedroom. She opened her bag and took out her bikini.

“I want to get a little sun and tan while I still can” she told him.

“I can understand that but how about we clear this bed off and consummate our marriage” Jonathan said moving the bags.

“That’s not very romantic Jonathan shame on you” Jessica said scowling.

“Sorry it was meant to sound less cheap than it came out,” he said reaching for her hand.

“How about we lay here together while I kiss every inch of your body?” he tried again.

“As charming as that sounds lets unpack and get settled before we dive into things and I might say let things happen naturally not forced” Jessica said walking off to the bathroom to get her bikini on.

Jonathan was surprised that she had refused him. She had just tried earlier on the plane to seduce him as well as many times before but now when he offered she had refused. He was confused but decided to wait as she had requested to let it happen naturally.

However when she walked out in the bikini from the bathroom it was hard to not grab her and throw her on the bed and take her.

“I’m going to go lay out on the chair and enjoy the sun for a little while” she said as she went outside.

He watched her lay there with her bare legs and her body exposed and wanted to cover her up. Instead he changed into his swim trunks and grabbed a towel and joined her. The weather was sunny and it was time he told her the truth about vampires and daylight. He walked out and sat down on the chair beside her. She looked up surprised.

“Wait why aren't you burning up the sun is up and its clear skies?” she asked.

“I could always step out in the sun I just wanted to spend time with you. Forgive me?” he asked.

“Yes but you didn’t have to do that to get my attention I would have liked you anyway.” she said with a smile.

“I just don't normally like to expose my pale skin but since we are alone there is no harm in it” he told her.

“How about we try out the pool?” he asked.

“Sounds good to me,” she said getting up and taking her towel to the pool.

She dived in and came back up inviting him to do the same. He grabbed his towel and followed. He dove in and came up back up wrapping her in his arms.

“I love Jessica Rice,” he told her kissing her.

“Now this might be a little more romantic,” Jessica said kissing him back.

They swam for a good half hour before the teasing of kissing and touching became too much and Jessica ran to the bedroom with Jonathan chasing her laughing. When they made it to the bedroom Jessica was laughing until Jonathan caught her his mouth hungrily taking hers in hot frantic kisses. He quickly untied her top and untied her bottoms. He slid his shorts off to the floor. He grabbed her in a less rushed kiss slowly taking her in, breathing in her fragrance, her pheromones. He knew she wanted him and he wanted her more than she would ever imagine. He picked her up ad kissed her breasts noticing her quiver as he licked her nipples. He than laid her on the bed and slowly kissed down her body noticing her shake with excitement. Then he exposed her nub between her wet swollen mounds of flesh and licked while holding her body as she quivered and shaked in his arms. She finally tensed so hard in his arms and let out a moan. He grinned and moved back up her body kissing till he reached her lips. He kissed her like he had never done before with such urgency. He moved his hips and gently pushed his hard love muscle inside her.

She felt a sharp pain then she felt pleasure as he began to move inside her. She felt like she was floating at times. She always seems to float back down gently. This went on for hours. Finally they had to stop because Jessica was exhausted.

As Jessica lay exhausted and sweaty in bed a thought occurred to her “Why don't you just change me here in Costa Rica?” she asked.

“There is no accommodations for that here sadly my love” he told her.

“Well it was a thought can't hurt to ask,” she said lying down on the soft bed.

“I love how eager you are to change my love but be patient and enjoy your time as a mortal while it lasts so you have no regrets” he told her smiling.

They lay there wrapped in each other’s arms till they heard a rumble coming from Jessica’s stomach.

“Sounds like someone needs to be fed” Jonathan said out loud.

“Is this place stocked with food or do we have to go out?” Jessica asked.

“I will go and check” Jonathan said grabbing his shorts and pulling them on.

For a moment Jessica was grinning because she realized her husband had an amazing ass. “Stop staring at my ass and get dressed” he told her.

She got out of bed and pulled on a sundress she had in her suitcase.

“Looks like you get to see how well I cook or do you want to eat out?” he asked.

“Hmm a vampire who doesn’t like to eat making my food or eat out? Tough choice” she said laughing.

“I think I will try the vampires choice meal,” she said with a smile.

She sat down at the island in the kitchen and waited to see what he was going to put together. He pulled out chicken and spices and a frying pan.

“You can stop me at any time and I wont be offended” he said smiling.

He began making the meal and dicing in the kitchen like one of the chefs on TV. Before she knew it time he was setting a dish in front of her.

“I hope you like it I had no one to taste it” Jessica forked a piece of chicken and put it in her mouth and put it down.

She saw the look on Jonathans face and then said “It is good I like it but next time add pepper” she said laughing and she began eating the food.

“You're a good cook for a vampire,” she said between bites.

“I was a chef once when I was human well I was for... never mind I don't want to talk about things long left alone” he said looking away.

Jessica made a mental note to not discuss his past.

Jessica finished her lunch and put the plate in the sink carefully washing it off first. She turned to Jonathan

“So what are we going to do all day?” she asked.

“I thought we would see some sights while we are here” he told her.

She smiled and went to put on some shorts and a tank top over her bikini should they find somewhere to swim. She loved driving and seeing the sights and taking photos of them and the scenery. She was making memories she would hold onto for eternity. She tried different foods at a sweet little cafe and she danced at another that had live music. She was having fun for the first. She had never imagined life to be like this. She had to come back here one day even if it was just to dance and take in the sights.

Seemed like the week flew by. The nights however were filled with passionate lovemaking. When the time came to return home she was exhausted and sunburnt. She boarded the plane with a smile and ready to begin her new life when she returned.
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