One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 5

“Cathy it will be okay mom is a strong person you know that” Jessica said hugging her sister.

“Where is dad?” Jessica asked, “I haven’t call him yet, because he will just come take me away and I don’t want to go” Cathy replied.

Made sense dad was always trying to find ways to take Cathy away from mom being she was his favorite. A nurse came out of the back

“Kimbell” she called.

“That’s us” Jessica replied and motioned for the nurse.

“You’re mom is stable but she is being kept overnight for observation, you can come see her if you want” the nurse told them.

Cathy finally smiled and Jessica motioned for Jason to follow but he decided to hang back in the waiting room.

They were lead down white corridors with glass doors with numbers. Finally they reached their moms room.

“Mom?” Jessica said.

“Come in” they heard their mom’s voice.

Both Cathy and Jessica walked into find their mom hooked up to oxygen and other machines.

“Its not as bad as it looks trust me, I just had a small heart attack I’ll be fine.” Their mom told them.

Mom was always trying to make things sound better than they were.

“Jessica oh my god you’re okay!” their mom cried out in surprise

“Careful don’t get too excited” Jessica told her

“What happened to you?” her mother asked

“I’ll explain things when you’re in better shape mom” Jessica told her. Jessica hugged her mom for what seemed like forever.

Jonathan reached the hospital in record time and walked in. He noticed a young man sitting in the waiting room. So he went and joined him and thought of how to locate Jessica. Then he got up and went to the desk.

“Excuse me but I am looking for someone who recently came in she had a chest pains,” he said staring her in the eyes. Without a beat the nurse went to her computer

“Yes we have a Mrs. Kimbell she had a mild heartache are you family?” he didn’t notice Jason had walked up behind him.

“Excuse me are you looking for Jessica’s mom?” Jason asked. He turned around and

“Well hello and who are you?” Jonathan asked

“I’m Jason her neighbor and Jessica’s friend”

Hmm now he was wondering friend or boyfriend. If he were to make Jessica come with him this boy would need to be dealt with.

“Do you have a name?” Jason asked

“I’m Jon I rescued Jessica off a dirt road the other day” and that’s when Jason look turned to surprise.

“How did you know her mom was here?” Jason asked,

“Jessica told me her mother had been attacked and was in the hospital. I assumed there was chest pains involved.” Jonathan replied

“Good guess but they girls are back with their mom right now if you want to wait with me” Jason replied

“Sounds good” Jonathan said while sitting down

“By the way thank you for saving her. There was something out there it killed a person that night” Jason told him.

“Yes I heard we have wolves in that area.” Jonathan told him.

“Yeah the police thought it was a vampire but that’s stupid they don’t exist.” Jason laughed.

Jonathan laughed with the boy and thought oh how little you know child.

It wasn’t long before Jessica and Cathy came back out to the waiting room. She saw Jason and went to fill him in. Before she could open her mouth to speak she saw Jonathan sitting there with him. Jessica stopped in her tracks and for a second she was terrified. Had he tracked her down was he going to kill her?

“Hey Jess this is Jon you remember him?” Jason told her

“Yeah he saved my life” Jessica told Jason

“Well we should all go for a cup of coffee if your mom is going to be okay” Jason decided

Jonathan had noticed the look of terror on her face. Jessica had tried to hide it and he knew what she was thinking. He wanted only her and no one else and he wasn’t in the mood to kill anyone but whatever was necessary he would do.

“Shall we?” Jonathan asked.

The 2 girls crammed in with Jason into the truck and told Jonathan they would meet him at the Denny’s on 2nd St and 1st Ave for Coffee and the drove off. He walked to his car and unlocked it and got in. He started it up and headed to Denny’s. He found a parking space close to the door and locked it up.

When he walked in he noticed that Jessica, Jason and Cathy had picked a booth in the back away from others. Cathy was seated on the outside while Jason and Jessica sat talking and from the look on her face she was more then friends with him. A bit of anger flowed through him but he pushed it back because he was going to have her and Jason was not going to be a problem. Jonathan could easily turn things to his favor when it came to humans. It was rare when he couldn’t make a human do as he wanted.

Jessica looked up in time to see Jonathan walking to the table. “Hi” she motioned for him to sit down next to her.

“So I was just telling Jason and my sister what a good host you were to me,” Jessica mentioned.

“She said you live in a castle” Cathy butted in.

“Well it’s just a style not really a castle” Jonathan answered

“Cool” Cathy said with a kid like amusement

“I have many rooms but its rather nice thank you” Jonathan said. The waitress walked up and took out her order pad

“So what will be tonight folks” the waitress asked

“4 coffees and is anyone hungry?” Jason asked.

“No” Cathy answered

“Yes” Jessica answered

“No” Jason answered

“Yes I could have a bite or two” Jonathan said humored by his own response.

Jessica stared at Jonathan not liking his joke.

“We will take the coffees for now and order in a bit.” Jason told the waitress.

“Okay those will be right up” the waitress said walking off. Jessica felt her stomach rumble she was starving

“Just get me a hamburger and fries, Cathy have you eaten?” Jessica asked

“Yeah” Cathy said more interested in Jonathan

“Jonathan are you going to order?” Jessica said with a glare that said don’t you dare.

“Actually I think I am good with Coffee for now I was just kidding.” Jonathan responded.

The waitress came back and Jessica gave her order. Minutes later Jessica’s food arrived and she grab her burger and didn’t realize she was eating it so fast.

“Slow down sis there isn’t a time limit” Cathy said sarcastically.

“You try being kidnapped, beaten and nearly eaten by a wolf and not eating for 24 hours and see how fast you eat” Jessica said between bites.

She didn’t realize what she said because at that moment her sister mouth dropped open and she was starting to cry.

“Cathy I’m sorry I didn’t mean it to come out so mean” Cathy got up and ran to the bathroom.

“Shit” Jessica sat back realizing she had probably just scarred her sister for life. She motioned for Jason to move “I need to go talk to her I’ll be right back” Jessica said

Jonathan sat there stunned that Jessica had been so bluntly honest about what had happened to her without being emotional. She was starving because she had no eaten at his house. Note to self he thought stock up on food if he was going to have her stay with him. He looked at Jason who was shaking his head.

“Well that was interesting” Jonathan said trying to break the ice.

“Yeah she has been through a lot the past couple days. I am guessing Cathy is a tad fragile after their mom ended up in the emergency room twice in the past couple days.” Jason mentioned

“Well I am sorry the for the girls but I am sure they’ll sort this out” Jonathan said and thought for a minute he wanted to find out what the romantic situation was between Jason and Jessica.

“So on another note are you and Jessica an item?” Jonathan asked

“Me and Jess no but I honestly am considering it, but with everything that has happened I don’t think I should right now” Jason answered.

This boy may turn out to be a problem in the long term. Time will tell if he will have to be dealt with.

“Cathy I am so sorry I didn’t mean for you to find out that way” Jessica said handing her sister a couple tissues. “No one will take me away from you, I know it’s been hard with mom, but please stop crying. I am right here and I am not going anywhere ok” Jessica continued

“Did all that stuff really happen to you?” Cathy asked

“Yes and I need to go by the police station to tell them and give my statement today. The guy who hurt me was killed by someone I don’t know who because I was unconscious. When I woke up I ran and got lost that’s when Jonathan found me.” Jessica told her but she knew she was fibbing but no one would believe the real truth.

“Why don’t you wash your face and come out and join us ok?” Jessica asked her in a soft voice.

Jessica came walking back to the table. Jason was a bit relieved as there was something about Jonathan that wasn’t right and he couldn’t figure it out.

“Is everything ok now” Jason asked,

“Yes she just needed to talk” Jessica responded as Jonathan stood up so she could slide back in. A few minutes later they saw Cathy making her way back to the table and she sat down. Jessica finished eating and began to sip her coffee.

“So where were we?” Jessica asked.

They talked for a few hours before heading home and even on the ride home Jessica couldn’t shake the feeling of being followed. Was Jonathan the reason Jessica felt like that after turning up at the hospital? Jessica couldn’t understand why he had shown up after everything that had happened. Jessica decided to put her mind to rest and get a good nights sleep.

After they arrived home Jessica thanked Jason and went upstairs with Cathy. Jessica went to unlock the door and it opened before she got the key in. Had someone been in their apartment again? Maybe the lock was damaged from the previous break in and Jessica hadn’t noticed. They went inside Jessica didn’t want to scare Cathy anymore then she had been tonight. So Jessica grabbed a chair and slipped it under the lock and jammed the door shut. Cathy gave her a strange look “Can’t be too careful” Jessica told her with a shrug and then they headed off to bed.

Jonathan sat in his empty castle and thought about Jessica and seeing her earlier that night. He had learned some things about her and her friend Jason. This Cathy apparently was a delicate young woman and loved her sister very much. Cathy would have to be dealt with carefully once the time came if it was called for. The fact that their mother had survived being attacked by him and then a heart attacked just showed how strong the women were in this family. Jonathan had felt Jessica’s unease at the restaurant as though she was sensing that he was trying to insert himself into her life and his desire to learn more about her. After their encounter in the woods she apparently was not trusting of him due to his reaction. Jessica was not dumb he would have to step up his game in order to change her mind.

Jonathan walked to the library and sat down in his chair by the fireplace and looked at Angelique’s photo

“My sweet Angelique if I cannot have you I will have her” he threw her photo in the fire and sat back in the chair. This Jessica was as close as he was going to find happiness.
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