One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 50

Jessica woke up as she felt the wheels touch down on the runway. She looked over at Jonathan who was reading the paper. “Where are we?” she asked.

“We are home my dear time to wake up” he said folding the paper in half setting it down on the seat next to him.

“Ugh I have to move all my stuff from moms to our house still” Jessica said groaning.

“Actually with your mothers assistance we already packed up your room and moved the boxes while we were gone. That’s why it pays to have money you can pay others to do things while your gone. I left the furniture as you have new furniture already if you don't mind.” he told her.

“No I don't want the old stuff just my things”

They exited the plane and walked to the car. As they got Jessica felt a sigh of relief. Things were going as planned and that was good.

The car slowed down as it moved through the gate that led to the large estate of Jonathans home, well their home. She had to get used to calling it their home now. She climbed out of the car and stood there looking at the massive house and it was no wonder some called it a castle. Jonathan told the driver to bring the bags in.

“Hey don’t go inside yet,” he shouted.

She stopped unsure if she had done something wrong. He ran up to her and picked her up.

“Its tradition to carry the bride over the threshold” he said smiling.

She smiled as he carried her inside. She kissed him for being so silly. She loved his silly ideas and she had heard of the gesture and forgotten about it. She went to pick up her bags but one of the servants stopped her and picked them up and carried them to her room for her. Another servant grabbed Jonathan’s bags and took them to his room. She turned to Jonathan who was going through his mail.

“So how is sleeping arrangements going to work since we have separate rooms?” she asked.

“You can sleep wherever you like but I don't mind sleeping in your room with you for now until you get settled then we can work on a more permanent solution” he told her.

“I will be preparing a separate room for your changing. It will take a little while to prepare it to perfection so please be patient. There is a lot to get ready for,” he said

Walking off to a room she noticed he had to unlock. She trailed behind him and walked in. It was a room with a desk. He looked up when she walked in.

“This is my private study the only room I ask that you don't wander about in” he told her.

She backed up a few steps and then walked out the door. She got the feeling she wasn't welcome in that room by his words. Everyone was welcome to a room where they felt like it was their own. She would have to have one of those if he had one. She walked off to the kitchen to see if the chef was there and sure enough he was they’re making some kind of treat.

“Hello Mrs. Rice what can I do for you?” the chef asked.

“Do you or should I say can you make me a sandwich I am so hungry right now” she asked him.

“Of course madam” he said pull meat, cheeses, lettuce and chopping away and then sitting a sandwich before her.

“Thank you” she told him.

He smiled and began cleaning up. She took the sandwich to the dining hall and sat at the table and began to eat. The sandwich tasted so good she didn’t notice how fast she had eaten it. She got up to take the plate to the kitchen when one of the servants stopped her and took it for her.

“Jessica?” came Jonathan’s voice

“I’m in the dining hall,” she shouted back

“Good there you are, look I am sorry if I came off rude or mean earlier. I just don't like others in my office.” he said

“No need to explain but since you got a room I want a room all for me to and not my bedroom because you're allowed in there” she said

“I think we can work something out for you” Jonathan said leaning into kiss her.

“Now my love if you don't mind I need to get your room for your change ready. They said the fridge came in while I was gone I hope the blood came in to. I hate having to deal with getting the blood supply,” he said wandering off.

Jonathan wanted to make sure her change would happen with no hiccups. He had the fridge situated with a stock of blood in it. She would be hungry once she changed. She would need to feed to secure the change or she would die after 24 hours. Thank goodness for blood banks this would secure her change. He made the bed up where he would change her with silk sheets. He wanted the best for her. He could change her tonight if he wanted and he decided then it should be her decision even though he wanted her by his side as a he was he had no reason to wait since everything was in place. He went out to find Jessica to see if she was ready.

Jessica was sitting in her room on the bed relaxing. Why did he want to wait for perfection? She lay back on the bed when she heard Jonathans voice.

“Jessica?” She got up and opened the door.

“Yeah?” she answered. Jonathan appeared before her.

“I decided that if you want this today then it will be yours. I am honored you want it so much and I want it to” he said smiling.

“Are you serious?” she said smiling.

“Is there anything I need to do first like shower?” she asked.

“If you like you can then join me in the library and I will show you to the room. Wear something like a tank top and loose fitting shorts or pants” he said.

She was in shock it was finally happening. She grabbed a towel and undressed and walked to the bathroom.

As she showered she felt the excitement building she didn't think she would feel this way. She thought she would be more scared of changing when the time came. The shower helped relax and calm her down a little. When she walked into the library with wet hair she met Jonathan who was grinning like a fool. He took her hand and let her to another room in the house. They entered and sat on the bed.

“I want to explain what's going to happen so you're not scared. I am going to drink your blood and you're going to see my creatures true face and I will weaken you to near death and then you're going to drink my blood until I say stop. Then it will take time for the changes to take effect and when your changed I will feed you human blood I got from the blood bank. Then you will be like me and we will discuss the changes and do’s and don'ts ok”

“Okay” she said not looking forward to his true face. She had seen it once so she knew what to expect.

“Lay back on the bed and stay still this may hurt a little at first but try to not fight it and it will go easier okay” he told her.

Before her eyes she saw his true face emerge and she tensed up and wanted to run but she fought those feelings easing the tension. He turned her head and sank his teeth into her neck gently. She could feel a rush and then she felt weaker and weaker and when her heartbeat began to slow he stopped. He grabbed a knife and cut his wrist and put it over her mouth.

“Drink my love, drink it and we will be together forever,” he said through his bloodstained lips.

She had tasted so sweet he had wanted to keep going but he would have missed the window for changing her. She sucked his blood slurping it from his wrist.

“Okay that’s enough time to stop,” he said trying to pull away from her grip.

“Got a good grip there don't you” he said laughing.

“Now we wait and let the changes begin,” he said as he sat in the chair close to the bed.

For some the change was painful and for others not so much. It was rare to not feel pain during this process though. She lay there looking like she was sleeping until she suddenly she arched her back and cried out in pain. She thrashed her body around and cried out in pain. He wanted to help her but there was nothing he could do.

Jonathan felt like crying at some points because he could see the pain she was in. At one point when she arched her back he swore he heard a rib break. She screamed no doubt it was painful. Part of him told him to leave the room but he stayed. When she wasn’t arching her back she lay there talking mumbling things like “oh god” and “damn you Jon” he understood her cries because of the pain.

There were points where she began to sweat and he would dab her forehead with a damp cloth. He did all he could to help her through this hard part of becoming like him. She was strong though and he knew she would be ok.

There was a moment when she reached her hand towards him but he knew better then to reach back as during this time she could easily crush or rip his limp off. He had seen it happen years ago and chose to follow a no touching policy unless it was to dab a cloth on the forehead.

Jessica began tossing and turning as though she was having a bad dream. He knew the pain and the bad dreams that came with the change.

Jessica was lost in her dreams she was being chased by vampires and they wanted to end her life to savor her blood to take it all for themselves. Where was Jonathan? She couldn’t find him and having no one to protect her. She chose to stand her ground and fight the vampires. They came at her sometimes 2 at a time and she fought them off with such strength. She welcomed the strength tearing their heads off. Than Jonathan appeared and told her she was safe no one could heart her anymore. As they kissed the haze of the world she was in faded and she snapped her eyes open.

After hours of painful cries she finally opened her eyes and they had a gentle hue of green to them still, which was odd.

“I’m hungry,” she said through weak lips.

He went to the fridge and pulled out a bag of AB- and opened it and poured it in a cup and handed it to her. She drank it and asked for more. Eventually he was handing her the bag, which she empty in less than a minute. He handed her a few more bags, which she emptied.

She licked her lips and noticed her teeth had changed they were a little pointier on her K9’s.

Her eyes could see the clarity of the stitching on the curtains. She saw colors bright and vibrant. When she stood she felt a different more energetic.

“I take it I am like you now?” she asked. Jonathan grabbed the knife to check he cut her arm and it began to heal by itself slowly.

“I wouldn't advise you being around mortals for a bit until you can control yourself. The staff here will be a good test. I will stay with you to make sure nothing happens.” he told her.

“So I will live forever now?” she asked.

“Yes my love you will live forever with me” he said kissing her forehead. Jessica crossed the room is quick speed and threw open the curtain. “It is night how long did the process take?” she asked. It took several hours for your change, you are incredibly fast aren't you” he said rather interested.

He began to wonder if she had any other traits he was unaware of.

“Why are you wondering about my traits?” she asked. Jonathan now looked shocked.

“You can hear my thoughts to?” he asked. “We might have to work on controlling that ability my dear.”

“I guess so this should be interesting learning to curve these so I don't go insane,” she laughed.

“I wonder if its just vampires or if I hear humans also” she said out loud.

“I am curious as well,” he answered

“Well I am glad you made it through there for a while I was scared the transformation was going wrong as it was taking so long.” he told her.

“I am fighter you should know that” she said with a smile.

She looked around the room taking in her new vision. Everything was different with her new eyes clearer and brighter almost as though someone had installed HD TV in her head.

“How about we test out my new found life,” she said snuggling up to him kissing his neck.

“Let’s see how fast you are” he threw a ball across the room fast. Jessica speed around grabbing it. I got a better idea lets go play another game. She said joining him by his side.

Gently nibbling his neck and then kissing his soft lips. She never had noticed how soft they were. She had the life she wanted and the man she loved. She couldn't ask for more than that. As they wandered off to the bedroom she had nothing but happy thoughts from both her and Jonathan.

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