One Vampires Tale

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Months later…

The sun broke through the trees on the meadow and while the dew was heavy on the grass. Jessica was enjoying her nature walk with Jonathan. He had told her it was best to stay away from humans for a while. She had put off phone calls to her mom and sister to even let them know she had been back. Her and Jonathan had not been at home much since she had changed. She stopped walking to take in the sunrise over the mountains. It was beautiful out here and it made her think about building a cabin right there and staying. However there was the problem of blood, she needed it to survive. The nearest humans were at least 45 minutes or more away so that would never work.

She returned her thoughts to the task at hand she was hiking to the top of this mountain trail. Jonathan had not understood why she had wanted to hike when she could run with her speed and be there quickly but she wanted to see the beauty as it woke up that’s why she had done things the mortal way. With her heightened senses she saw with more definition and closer if she wanted and it was amazing.

Jonathan had expressed concern about mortals being up on the trail and her not being able to control herself. She had to learn sometime though and so he had agreed to the hike. She was only beginning to learn to control her ability to read minds. That had its problems too as she would read his mind then he would get mad and he had learned to put up a mental wall to deter her from reading his mind. She understood why he did it but he was the only mind she had to read as they had little interaction with mortals. She hoped that would change soon and he would learn to trust her more
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