One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 6

Jason woke up early he loved the summer his birthday was just around the corner and he was almost 18. He realized he had forgotten to ask Jessica when her birthday was. He got dressed and wandered into the living room and found his father watching TV drinking a cup of coffee.

“Hey dad” Jason said

“Morning son what are you up to today?” his father asked, not taking his eyes off the TV

“Thought I would try to see if Jessica wanted to hang out” Jason told him

“Boy you sure got a thing for her, she sure is nicer than that Abby girl you were dating. What did happen with that?” his dad asked, looking up from the TV.

“She was rude, and insulted Jess for helping us move in and honestly I don’t like that type of girl.” Jason answered,

“Good was wondering when you would realize that girl was trouble,” his dad said looking back at the TV.

Jason smiled he knew his dad had never approved of Abby. Jason moved to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and some cereal before realizing they were out of milk.

“Hey dad do you think Jessica is up cause we are out of milk?” Jason shouted from the kitchen.

“Yeah I heard someone moving around” his dad shouted back. Jason grabbed a cup and put on his shoes and went to leave when he heard a knock on the door. His dad looked up from the TV then just shook his head and smiled.

Jason went to answer and there was Jessica

“Hi I hope I didn’t wake anyone up” Jessica asked

“Nah I was just getting ready to come knock on your door and ask for some milk for my cereal.” Jason smiled.

“Well that we have” she told him. Jason went outside and shut the door behind and followed Jessica up the stairs.

“So what did you come down for?” Jason asked

“I just wanted to see if you could give me a ride to the police station in a bit so I could give my statement.” Jessica told him.

“Yeah no problem I can do that” Jason replied

“I would take moms car but I just can't get behind the wheel after what happened it scared me” Jessica told him

“I thought you just wanted to spend time with me” Jason told her with a smile

“Jason!” Jessica said laughing

“Ok ok I’m just joking” Jason laughed

“Let me ask the neighbor if she can look in on Cathy while I am gone or you can eat your cereal then we can go” Jessica told him.

“Nah I can eat it later I wasn’t all that hungry honestly just wanted an excuse to see you” Jason said with a smile.

Jessica blushed before heading upstairs. Jessica came back downstairs after letting Cathy know the neighbor would be checking on her and if she needed anything to ask her.

As they loaded into Jason’s truck Jessica felt a pit in her stomach. She wanted to tell him how she felt. However they barely knew each other and telling him that she liked him and wanted to be his girlfriend at this moment on the way to much. Especially on the way to the police station with a massive bruise on her face was not the way she wanted to do it. She wanted it to be right when she told him, she could tell he liked her but she was unsure if it was more than just friends. If she said too much it could destroy what they had developed in just a matter of days. So she would smile and wait for the right moment.

When they arrived at the police station Jessica gave her name at the front desk. It wasn’t long before the detective that had interviewed Jason came out.

“Well you have been a hard girl to find, can you follow me please?” the detective asked.

“I’ll be back in a bit Jason” she followed the police officer into an interview room.

“So Jessica can you tell me what happened the night your house was broken into?” the detective asked

“Yes but even I don’t know what happened in parts. I was on a date with my neighbor’s son and when we got back someone had broken into our apartment. Someone had hurt my mother and I was asked to come to the station by an Officer Howell. I decided to ride with Jason but his truck broke down and he had to go for water.” Jessica stopped for a second and then continued “Then a patrol car pulled up because I got tired of waiting I took the ride and it turned out to be Officer Howell and he said he would take me to the station.”

She took a breath and continued “I noticed we were turning down a dirt road a while into the ride and going away from the police station and I tried to get his attention because he was ignoring me and so I started protesting and he got out and pulled me from the car and hit me in the face and handcuffed me and hit me with the butt of his gun.” Jessica stopped and took a sip of water that was on the table.

“I was out for a while but when I woke up I saw a figure in the road and he ran it over although he tried to swerve. Next thing I know he is out of the car then he is getting back in then I heard a horrible sound of metal crunching and his door came off and he was ripped, I mean something literally ripped his door off its hinges. I am not sure what it was that did it but I passed out” she finished and looked at the officer who was staring blankly at her.

“So you never saw what did it or who?” the detective asked her

“No and I don’t know what could do something like that either” Jessica told him.

The detective began looking through the folder and pulled out a photo of Kenny’s neck where there were two puncture marks. Jessica cringed at the sight.

“He was drained of his blood and these were the only puncture marks on his body. What happened after you woke up?” the detective asked

“Well I was handcuffed and had no idea where I was and with Officer Howell dead on the ground I freaked out and began running but then it’s a blur” Jessica replied

“Let me see your hands” the officer asked. Jessica did as she was told and showed the detective her bruised wrists. “Look I am going to need to take photos of your injuries for our file,” the detective told her. Jessica agreed and waited patiently. A woman came with a Polaroid camera and started taking photos of her cheek and lip and her wrists. “Are there any other injuries?” the detective asked

“Not that I am aware of other than my head but you cant see it through my hair” Jessica replied

“You are one lucky girl we have had several girls turn up missing and most are never found and this Howell man may have been behind it. Do you know where he was taking you?” the detective asked

“No sorry I don’t, he keep telling me to shut up or he was going to punish me again” Jessica told him.

“Well he won't be coming back and you are free to go and if we have any other questions we will call you,” the detective told her “Jessica” the detective called after her

“Yes” Jessica asked

“Where have you been you were missing for over 24 hours?” the detective asked “A man named Jonathan Rice found me and took me in until daylight then helped me get home”

“Thee Jonathan Rice that lives in the woods off the dirt road?” the officer asked

“You know him?” Jessica asked

“Yes he is rather wealthy. Your lucky he found you and not the wolves in those parts” the detective added

“Lucky me I guess” Jessica smiled as she walked out and left with Jason.

Jonathan waited outside the police station. Should he go in and say he found her. He had to cover his tracks without bringing suspicion onto him. Jonathan walked to the doors and as he grabbed the door as Jessica and Jason emerged.

“Hello” he greeted them acting surprised even though he had followed them there.

Jessica became wide eyed and he knew what was on her mind. A vampire in daylight was it possible. All those fables the world had created had no idea what the real rules were. He was older he could handle the daylight more than a new vampire.

“Hello… why are you here?” Jessica asked.

“Oh I figured since I was the one who found you I had better make a statement. Is that why you are here to make a statement?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes I am headed home now so I will talk to you later” Jessica said as though she wanted to get away. He could tell she was uncomfortable, Jonathan was curious as to why she suddenly felt uncomfortable around him when just a day ago she was practically forcing her way into his house for answers.

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