One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 7

He walked into the police station and asked for the detective. “Yes Mr. Rice it is a pleasure to meet you.” The detective said shaking his hand.

“I thought it would be best I come to you and give a statement about the young girl I found on the dirt road by the woods” Jonathan said

“Yes of course come with me,” the detective said “So can I get you a coffee or anything?” the detective offered

“No I am fine thank you” Jonathan offered while thinking a drink from your neck would be lovely but all that red meat and donuts you eat would make it less inviting he thought as he moved his gaze.

“Okay let’s start at how you found Jessica” the detective started once they entered the room turned on the recorder

“That’s simple I found her wandering on the edge of the woods down the hill from my castle” Jonathan answered

“Castle?” the detective asked

“It’s a home but designed like a castle” Jonathan answered

“Oh ok so moving on you found her wandering by the woods” the detective asked

“Yes she was handcuffed, bruised and bleeding. When she saw me she collapsed. I think she was in shock.” Jonathan explained,

“So what happened next?” the detective asked. “I took her back to my place and tended to her wounds and waited for her to wake up” Jonathan asked,

“Why didn’t you call an ambulance?” Detective asked

“I didn’t want to leave her alone near the woods where wolves have been sighted” Jonathan answered

“I tried to call a cab but all the services refuse to come up to my house at night. She woke later that night and was very shaken and freaked out and I offered a couch for her to rest on until morning.” Jonathan continued

“She called a cab and left the house and I wanted to check on her and I remember her ranting about her mom being in the hospital so I checked on her there and she seemed ok” Jonathan continued.

“Well I wish there was more people like you Mr. Rice. Thank you for coming in.” the detective said with a smile. Shaking his hand. Jonathan decided to go home and form a better plan on how he was going to get her back in his arms.

I can’t believe the last 24 hours Jessica thought to herself.

“Thank you Jason” Jessica said

“Hey no problem your family has been through a lot the last few days” Jason told her.

You could say that again Jessica thought.

“I am just thanking god that guy Jon found you.” Jason said

“Yeah lucky me” Jessica sighed.

They pulled into the parking spot at the apartments and got out. “Hopefully mom will get out of the hospital here soon,” Jessica told Jason.

“Yeah I agree, hey if you need anything I am downstairs, just an apartment away.” Jason told Jessica as Jessica walked in she heard Cathy talking on the phone

“I love you too mom, get better” Cathy hung up the phone.

“Where you been?” Cathy asked Jessica.

“Had to run to the police station to answer questions.” Jessica answered

“Oh well mom called she is being kept another night but should be coming home after that.” Cathy told her

“Have you eaten yet?” Jessica asked

“Yeah” Cathy answered

“Okay well I am going to lay down for a bit I am tired” Jessica told her sister

“Okay sis” Cathy answered as she was walking to her bedroom she heard a knock at the door. I wonder who that is she thought as she crossed the living room to answer the door. There at the door stood Jonathan holding flowers.

“Hey” Jessica said stunned.

“I wanted to bring your mom flowers and see how you were doing.” Jonathan said

“How did you find out where I live?” Jessica asked

“I followed you after our last conversation I felt bad” Jonathan told her

“Well you shouldn’t have yelled at me for caring you were in pain” Jessica told him

“I know and I would like the chance to make it up to you.” Jonathan told her

“Are you serious?” she lowered her voice “You’re a vamp...” Jessica cut herself off. She shut the door and stepped outside.

She couldn’t even finish the word. “I can already see how this would play out you like me, we date, we get married, I grow old and die. I don’t think that’s a life I want.” Jessica told him in a matter of fact tone

“So you are judging me by a condition I have, isn’t that what you call... racist?” Jonathan said rather amused

“The fact is you’re dangerous and if people found out then what?” she asked

“Are you saying you will tell?” Jonathan asked

“No…I can’t believe I am having this discussion. Look I am sure you are a great guy aside from the things you have done. I just want to live my life. Are there not others like you?” Jessica asked

“So I guess me asking you to have dinner with me would be out of the question.” Jonathan asked Jessica laughed a little.

“Why you don’t eat my food” Jessica answered

“I would still like the pleasure of your company but please leave the opinion about my race at home. After all I did save your life.” Jonathan answered

“Fine one dinner then you stop stalking me,” Jessica answered

“Shall we go then and I can't guarantee I will stay away you are a beautiful woman” Jonathan added

“Now you want to do this now? I am not even dressed or going out and my sister is here.” Jessica said in shock.

“Is she not old enough to stay by herself?” Jonathan asked

“After all that’s happened I doubt she would want to, let me ask Jason if she can hang out with him.” Jessica asked.

She felt nervous knocking on Jason’s door but she had no one else and she didn’t want him to think she was taken. He answered the door on the second knock.

“Hi, feeling better?” Jason asked

“Yes can I ask you a favor?” Jessica asked

“Sure” Jason answered seemed like she was asking him a lot of favors lately.

“Can you keep an eye on Cathy because Jonathan wanted to take me out to dinner and I don’t feel right leaving her at home alone at night after all that’s happened?” Jessica finished waiting for him to say no

“Sure why not, Jon came to your home?” Jason asked

“Yeah we are in the phone book not that hard to find us and I do owe him my life” she mentioned

“Yeah I will be up in a few minutes” Jason answered seemed a bit off after he heard about the dinner but she didn’t want to address it now.

She wanted one night with no drama. She walked back upstairs and found Jonathan sitting on her couch.

“So I just need to tell…” Jessica started before Jonathan interrupted her

“I already told Cathy and she is rather pleased to be hanging out with Jason tonight, one would think she has a crush on the boy” Jonathan said with a smile

“Huh?” Jessica said rather puzzled she had never even thought that her sister might even like Jason.

“I’m sorry I have said too much shall we go?” Jonathan said standing up.

“So where are we going for dinner?” Jessica asked

“A place that requires no fancy clothes if that’s what you’re asking.” Jonathan told her. With that Jessica rushed to her room and threw on some jeans and brushed her hair and they headed out.

He knew he had pushed Cathy’s crush on her to see the response and there it had been. Jessica did like this boy and he would have to find a way to win her heart before she confessed to Jason that she liked him. He showed her to his car and it was not what she was expecting by the look on her face. She was probably wondering how many vampires drove cobras. He wondered if she would figure out he could read her like a book.

Once they were in the car she finally said something

“So why can you walk in daylight I thought all vampires burnt up?” Jessica asked.

He wanted to laugh but held his composure.

“You learn over years how to is all I can say” Jonathan told her. He didn’t want to give away all the secrets to the mortals.

“Okay then can you read minds?” Jessica asked.

“Myself no but other vampires have dabbled in it” he answered.

“So what can you do besides drink blood?” Jessica asked.

“Well I can fight off wolves and save girls in distress.” Jonathan smirked.

“Ha-ha that I already know” Jessica said with a bit of sarcasm

“Do you expect me to tell you all my secrets because I fancy you?” there it was it had slipped from his mouth he liked her.

“I already told you it couldn’t work and I don’t want to be a vampire…” Jessica told him.

This gave him some regret because that would be his last hope that she could chose to be with him as he was. He pulled into a parking spot and looked at her

“Lets just have a nice meal and leave everything else aside for now ok” Jonathan told her

“Agreed” Jessica said.

This girl would be his and he would find a way to make sure of it.

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