One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 8

“So my sister sent you to babysit me?” Cathy asked sitting down next to Jason.

“Yes after all that’s happened I think you can understand why.” Jason told her

“So what are we going to do why my sister is on a date?” Cathy asked moving a little closer to Jason.

“We could watch a movie,” Jason said getting up and walking to the bookcase.

“Your sister isn’t on a date she is just thanking the guy who saved her life.” Jason corrected Cathy

“Oh please my sister is on a date cause if I saw a guy that hot and he wanted to take me to dinner it WOULD be a date. So lets me honest I am almost 17 years old and I don’t go running off with guys when I have one right here who is perfect” Cathy said coming up behind him. “So what movie did you pick?” Cathy asked

“Look Cathy I like your sister and your nice and all but we are just friends.” Jason told her

“Are you fucking serious that bitch runs off with another guy and you still like her?” Cathy said fuming

“Wow calm down Cathy you don’t even know me and…” Jason said

“And what I’m just the little sister who needs a babysitter? I actually like you and would be willing to profess it and you are too wrapped up in my sisters bullshit. Yes she got kidnapped and rescued by a hot guy who obviously likes her and is willing to show it” Cathy said cutting him off

“You really need to calm down” Jason told her

“Screw this shit I’m leaving” Cathy said grabbing her jacket and moving for the door but Jason blocked her.

“You're staying right here now stop with the tantrum, you may be 16 years old but you are acting like a 12 year old brat. That right there is why I am not into you cause you are a child,” Jason told her.

Jason stopped talking as he saw the tears welling up in her eyes. “Look I am not trying to hurt you just chill out ok before someone calls the cops.” Jason told her.

They moved back to the sofa and he hugged her while she cried. “Its just she runs off and its like she doesn’t care about me or mom. If I were her I would have asked if my sister could come but she didn’t even ask. She never includes me in anything” Cathy cried.

Jason didn’t know what else to do so he just kept hugging her.

“Jason” she said bring her face to look at him “can we go visit my mom?” she asked.

“Its past visiting hours why don’t you call her instead” Jason told her

“Okay” Cathy said. Jason was happy find a medium for Cathy to calm her down.

After a while Cathy got up and went to call her mom. Jason took this opportunity to move to the chair. He was a tad uncomfortable with Cathy’s advances. Cathy came walking back in

“So my mom is never getting out it seems,” Cathy said with a sad tone.

“Why do you say that?” Jason asked, “They are holding her cause there was a bleep on her EKG test from what I could understand.” Cathy said. She sat down and sighed,

“I know you miss your mom but I am sure your mom wouldn’t want you being depressed” Jason told her “Lets turn on the movie.” Jason told her

“Yeah I guess” Cathy said as she sat down on the sofa.

As they sat down in the restaurant Jessica noticed they were off away from the group of people who were being a bit loud. They were celebrating what looked like their buddies birthday.

“So can I ask questions? I mean we are a ways from others.” Jessica asked Jonathan. A waitress walked up and Jessica was quiet.

“So what can I get you?” the waitress asked. Jonathan didn’t miss a beat he ordered for both of them a hamburger Deluxe and after the waitress walked off to put their orders into the chef.

“So you want to learn more about me or my nature?” Jonathan asked. Jessica was a bit shy and she hadn’t expected him to actually ask that.

“Well…” Jessica stammered, “Can you drink other things? Besides blood I mean?” Jessica asked,

“Of course how do you think I have blended into society? I have mastered the art of the drunken playboy in wealthy society and lasted this long. Plus I drank that cup of coffee remember” Jonathan told her.

“Do you eat? I can but it isn’t the greatest I prefer what flowing in your veins honestly.” Jonathan said as though he enjoyed making her squirm.

“Well you are not getting that” Jessica stated,

“I could have already and you just don’t remember.” Jonathan stated right back at her.

“Oh my god did you drink my blood?” Jessica said looking shocked at the idea.

“No” Jonathan replied

The waitress returned with their hamburgers, which looked amazingly good. I have got to start eating more often she thought as went to take a bite of the burger. Its been a rough few days and here she was sitting in front of a real live vampire and she was stuffing her face because she didn’t know what to say.

“So umm can you die?” Jessica asked. Jonathan raised his head on that question and it appeared she had hit a sore spot.

“Yes but I don’t see anything wooden for you to pierce my heart” Jonathan said,

“Your heart is still working?” Jessica asked

“Well of course how do you think I am alive even the devilish ones have hearts its about whether you listen to it. Most I met just were in it for the kill they lost their humanity a long time ago.” Jonathan told her.

“From all the movies and novels I just assumed it was dead and just a myth of striking a wooden stake through a blackened heart.” Jessica told him.

“Well your entertainment business is half right and half wrong. Think of what I am as a disease, it needs to spread through the body preserving it so the blood I ingest… why do you care about all this anyway?” Jonathan asked

“I was just curious its not like I plan on killing you.” Jessica answered him.

“As though you could you are little and weak compared to me” Jonathan snared.

“I think I am done eating can I take yours home since you seem to have no interest in it, my sister might be hungry and I think we should go.” Jessica suddenly feel extremely uncomfortable

“Why” Jonathan asked

“I think I hit a chord in your attitude and I just feel like going home.” Jessica told him

There it was he had insulted Jessica and now she had enough. The games you play with this vampire won't work he thought. He found her composure entertaining and flagged the waitress to get their food to go. “I was just being honest” Jonathan told her.

“I shouldn’t have expected human conversation from a vampire.” Jessica said,

“So I take it you don’t want another date as you put it?” Jonathan said coyly she looked up shocked

“I didn’t know this was a date. I thought it was thank your rescuer dinner” Jessica said although the words came out of her mouth even he didn’t believe them. She wanted to know more and he found it entertaining.

Though the main reason he had wanted more from her was she looked so much like Angelique. He could tell that they had things in common. He remembered Angelique’s fiery temper and how he had killed anyone who had upset her but she had changed him because she didn’t want that. What he hadn’t told Jessica was that he had finally agreed the night before she was killed to make her a vampire because they decided on forever together. The town they were in would have nothing of it though. She was a poor man's daughter but beautiful and how they had murdered her was what broke his heart. At this moment it seemed life had given him a second chance by bringing Jessica into it his life.

“I think its time to go,” Jonathan muttered and Jessica looked at him with her emerald eyes and for a second he thought he had caught the look of pity in them again.

“Thank you for dinner” she told him though he hardly heard it. The waitress returned with a to go box and then they left.

Jonathan had that lost look in his eyes again but Jessica didn’t know what to say and she felt so bad for him being alone. As they gathered up the to go box she thought about how they had met she had been so frightened and he had just tried to make her feel at home and help her. Yes her look had saved her life but was that enough to save herself? She felt like there was more to his explanation of why he had spared her life. It was enough to strike a chord in her heart and she knew it was written all over her face judging by the look he had given her. He hated pity as it probably made him feel weak or so she thought.

As they made their way out to Jonathan's car she let her mind snap back into place. Jessica couldn’t help but wonder though if she had some feelings for the man. He had saved her life maybe it was just knowing he had cared enough to not kill her. He was very handsome and she had felt intimidated maybe.

“So did you enjoy dinner?” he asked, as though he knew she was lost in thought.

“Yes I did” she replied quickly. She quickly reminded herself he was a vampire and there was no future there for her but part of her was daring herself to kiss him again.

As they arrived home she felt a pang of guilt as they parked next to Jason’s truck. He was human and she belongs with humans no matter what she felt for a brief moment with Jonathan.

“Well thank you for dinner I had better give this to Cathy she doesn’t eat unless someone makes it for her” Jessica laughed

“Yes she is a bit high strung?” Jonathan agreed

“Not so much high strung as lazy,” Jessica said “As I said thank you for dinner and I will talk to you later” She continued.

She had no idea what to say but now it sounded like yes we should do this again. Why give him false hope where he keeps coming around. Her words seem to fall unedited from her mouth around him as though she felt a need to be completely honest with him. She was about to invite him up but then she remembered Jason and smiled as she left the car.

“Okay I will be talk to you later” Jonathan said. As she walked up her stairs she noticed he was watching and waiting for her to go inside. As she turned her key in the lock and opened the door she heard him drive away.

As she walked in she saw Cathy stretched out on the couch and James sitting in the chair, “Cathy are you hogging the couch again,” Jessica said laughing a little.

“No I liked the chair better” Jason replied.

“Oh mom is in the hospital another day they caught something on her EKG” Cathy said casually.

“I’m sure that she’ll be ok, we can visit her if you like tomorrow,” Jessica told her

“Yeah thank you” Cathy seemed distracted.

“I’m going to bed,” Cathy mumbled out loud.

“I brought you a hamburger in case you were hungry,” Jessica told her

“Thanks just put it in the fridge” Cathy told her “Night” Cathy left the room and went to bed.

“So how was your date?” Jason asked Jessica.

“Wasn’t really a date it was more of get to know the girl you rescued dinner” Jessica replied realizing his hint of sarcasm.

“That was nice of him,” Jason’s said

“Yeah so how was your night” Jessica looked at him.

“Your sister has a crush on me,” Jason told her

“What?” Jessica seemed shock well actually not that shocked since her sister had good taste.

“Well she has good taste” Jessica said without thinking. Then Jason asked the question that made her almost drop the hamburger leftovers.

“Do you want to go out again with me?” Jason asked. There it is the question she had hoped for.

“Yeah I would like that, but instead of going out how about a movie at home. Since Cathy went to bed I got free time.” Jessica said

“Shall we watch one here or go to Red Box?” Jason asked

“I don’t want to leave her alone,” Jessica said

“You don’t have to worry sis I called dad and he is coming to get me.” Cathy said a snide response suddenly from behind her.

“Cathy I thought you went to bed” Jessica told her

“I did when I realized it was to early I called dad” Cathy replied

“Great now I got to deal with him?” Jessica groaned

“Dad is a good person what’s your problem, he treats me better then you do, oh and he’s upset with you too” Cathy mentioned

“Are you serious! Mom is going to be so pist. Do you ever think of her when you do things?” Jessica reminded her

“Wow you're one to talk running off to dinner with a mystery man leaving me with another boy you apparently like is just tasteless. I’d rather live with dad then this bullshit” Cathy snapped at her.

“So that’s it you're jealous that for once I am the one getting dates and you are left behind, grow up Cathy you're almost 17 years old.”

“You're such a bitch Jessica” Cathy snapped back. Just then they heard a knock on the door.

Jessica went to open the door. There was their dad standing at the door.

“So I hear you're both are left here with no parent another amazing job your mother does.” Their father retorted,

“Don’t start trash talking mom, you and Cathy can both leave.”? Jessica said,

“Young lady I am still your father regardless of your age you show respect.” Their father demanded,

“For you never you're just a sperm donor.” Jessica snapped at him

“Cathy you got your things?” their father asked. Cathy walked to her room and grabbed her bag and walked back out.

“Goodbye” said Jessica

“Good reticence to you both.” Cathy snarled

“Tell your mom I’ll see her in court my daughter deserves better” her father stated and then both he and Cathy left.

“God I hate that man!” Jessica said as she flopped on the couch. Jason was thinking of how to make this situation better.

“I don’t know if you want to hear this but while you were gone your sister tried coming on to and I told her she wasn’t my type.” Jason told her

“This isn’t your fault Jason she has always been a daddy’s girl… and what right do they have trashing my mother like that?” Jessica asked the room. Jason sat on the couch next to Jessica

“It will be ok Jess you just have to relax.” Jason said trying to reassure her

“Well this is going to upset mom but she is in a safe place I can't let her come home to this bombshell.” Jessica said sighing,

“I don’t think right now is a good time to tell her you’re just upset right now.” Jason said

“Yeah I know but with moms heart problems I am not sure if she can handle that her daughter just gave dad all the ammunition he needs to get custody of his youngest. I know he won’t come after me with how much I hate him. I think I am just going to go to bed I’m sorry Jason but I suddenly don’t feel up to a movie.” Jessica said apologetically.

“I understand maybe tomorrow,” Jason said

“Goodnight and thank you for everything” Jessica said hugging him and without thinking she kissed him.

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