One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 9

This was it the moment he had waited for; he kissed her back and held onto her. When they finally parted lips he looked into her emerald green eyes and knew she wanted him to. “Just so you know I like you too” Jason told her

“So where do we go from here?” Jessica asked,

“Well I am going home and you are getting some rest and then tomorrow you and I are going to hang out and get to know each other some more.” Jason said and he kissed her one last time before he headed for the door.

She was speechless she had just kissed the hottest guy she had ever met and he liked her in return. Than a sinking feeling took over ‘Jonathan’ she mumbled. He had asked her out again and with him being a vampire she was scared to cancel on especially after she had seen what he could do. He drained that man of blood and he had fended off a wolf. All of that was to save her and she knew calling him and cancelling wasn’t going to end well but she wanted someone who was warm, living and not going to stay the same age forever. She wondered on what to do until she fell asleep.

Her dreams were just as confusing. In her dreams she was kissing Jonathan so passionately that she wanted him, all of him. Then there was Jason oh how she desired him. Jonathan saw her glance and proceeded to rip Jason limb from limb.

“You are mine!” Jessica woke with a start.

“Oh my god this can't happen,” she told her empty room.

Had she really endangered Jason? Would Jonathan really become that violent after all she never agreed to the 2nd date but she knew he already had feelings but those feelings belonged to a dead woman not her. She tried to tell herself it was just a dream but deep inside she knew better.

Their dinner had been so interesting that he would have to take her out again he thought. The more she pushed him away the more he wanted her. The only thing or person in his way was this Jason boy.

After Jonathan had dropped her off he parked a few blocks down and ran back. He saw her father come back and heard the fight. He wanted to run in and console her but yet again there was the Jason boy-playing knight in shining armor protecting her. He would wait until he left and check on Jessica for himself. He didn’t have to wait long as the fight apparently ruined the plans they made and she was going to bed. He crept slowly into her room and stared at her she was beautiful when she was asleep. He knew he could easily give her a dream she would remember.

He whispered, “You are mine”. Planting that seed in her mind was easy enough now he would wait and see. He careful left the house making sure no one saw him.

Jessica woke up early, as she wanted to check on her mom and talk to Jason. Her dream had struck a heart chord and she now feared for his safety. What if Jonathan really did want her would he really hurt Jason to be with her? Her thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing she rushed to answer it.

“Hello” she waited for an answer and it was her mother’s voice that came back over the phone.

“Hi Sweetie, I guess I finally get to come home. Think you could drive up here and get me?” her mom asked,

“Yeah just give me a few minutes to get dressed and then I will be there ok.” Jessica told her

“Thank you,” her mom told her.

Then Jessica felt regret but pushed it away.

“Be there soon mom” Jessica told her. As she hung up the phone rang again

“Hello?” Jessica asked

“Hello Jessica this is Jonathan” he just never gives up she thought.

“What can I do for you?” Jessica asked

“Well I was calling to see if you would like to see a movie or.” Jonathan asked

“Look Jonathan I am sure you mean well but I have got to get my mom and right now I am not interested in dating you I told you that.” Jessica said cutting him off “Look I got to go” and she hung up the phone before he could answer.

Jonathan threw the phone “this will not do I will just have to force her.” He yelled at the walls. He began throwing things. “I will just wait and meet her mother again she won't remember me. I will win her over.” He left to go see Jessica and her mom.

“Jessica?” now who wants my attention she thought while running a brush through her hair. She exited the bathroom. She had left the front door open and there stood Jason.

“Hi, I wanted to come up and invite you to a movie tonight” Jason told her

“Yeah that would be great, I have to go get my mother from the hospital they are finally letting her out.” Jessica told him

“You want company?” he asked “Sure you want to ride with me?” Jessica asked

“Yeah just let me tell my dad.” Jason told her.

Jessica and Jason were becoming good friends and she had the feeling he was testing the waters for more not that she would complain after the kiss last night. As she grabbed her purse and keys Jason was knocking on the door

“Ready to go?” Jason asked,

“Yeah does your dad just let you do whatever you want?” Jessica asked,

“When it’s with pretty girls he does,” Jason said laughing a bit.

There it was Jason admitted he knew she was pretty. She smiled and shut the door to the house. She would have to remind her mom to get a locksmith out there to fix the lock

“Well let’s go get my mom before they decide to keep her again.” Jessica said. As they walked across the parking lot to the car Jason took her hand in his.

“Look before we go Jessica I want to tell you something, I like you and I would like to date you.” Jason told her

He was actually asking her out to be his girlfriend

“I’d like that” Jessica said smiling ear to ear. They got in the car and headed for the hospital.

Jonathan was pacing the floor at the hospital waiting for Jessica to arrive. He had already told her mother who he was and when Jessica got here he planned to ask her out on another date. However to his dismay there was that Jason kid again and he was holding her hand and both had smiles on their faces. He walked back into her mother’s room and sat by her acting like he actually cared how she felt. He was after all footing the bill at the hospital, which Jessica didn’t know yet. As Jessica and Jason walked in he took her mothers hand in his and asked her if she needed anything.

“I’m just waiting on my daughter so I can go home, you have been such a gentlemen. Oh and there she is with the neighbor boy. I got everything packed lets grab and go.” Jessica’s mom told her daughter

“Have they checked you out yet, where is your paperwork?” Jessica asked her mother

“Yes they did that an hour ago,” her mother told her.

Jessica’s eyes moved to Jonathan and froze. “What are you doing here?” Jessica asked

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