The Diamond Spy

By C. Swallow All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

FC Series Paperbacks and Ebooks

Links via my Wattpad - CSW1995 - Bio :) it’s here peeps, it’s finally here! If you want, you can purchase the series so far as ebooks or PAPERBACKS - YES YOU CAN HOLD THEM [drooling].

I've made paperbacks and ebooks for:

The Diamond Spy

Princess of the Shadows

Ultimate Underworld

FC Series Trilogy

Fantasy X

Thank you to everyone who’s been following the series so far <3 [this took me over 7 hours but I’m so happy with the result!] once I receive my author copies I’ll post up pics on IG, FB and Wattpad of what they look like in real life. Down the track when I’m finally living in America later this year, I will also sign some copies and send them out to a few lucky readers! I still have to work out how to do some give aways but when I do, I’ll let you all know :)

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