Dawn's Dusk on the High Seas

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An adventurous story of two pirates that are more than what they seem. What could happen with all the powers they have? What battles and treachery will they face? Find out. A story of two pirates that have met by chance conquering the seas, the horrors of the darkness, and themselves. Jack Dusk and Colton Daybreak, as different as the sun and moon, embark on an adventure that none to hear shall forget. Especially if they were there. These two pirates have an unruly and rare set of abilities that give them an edge in plundering and ransacking, but will it be enough? What about those they love? Will they be safe?

Fantasy / Adventure
Captain Dusk
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Chapter 1

Endless amounts of blue surrounded the three rocking ships. The sun bared unforgivingly down on the ships’ crews, showing the glistening sweat on their scar strewn skin. Men barked orders about sails, rigging, knots, and various other things. Until, the captain spoke.

“Men! Our latest haul has been a great success! Just think of it! Four ships sacked in less than a day! And what’s more! One filled to the brig with loot! I say! And, plenty of rum for us! Well, mainly you. Rum all around!” he shouted.

The crew cheered as the captain raised his fist to the air before barrels of rum were rolled out from below decks. Crew mates produced mugs and bottles from where they were hidden amongst the ship while others stabbed their swords into the barrels and caused the alcohol to come spewing out into cups before being swigged in hearty gulps. Meanwhile, a single, younger, crewmate made his way up to where the captain stood at the railing in front of his quarters.

“Captain Dusk, sir, would it truly be a good idea to let them drink so much? We-” the crewmate began.

Garbed in lithe black robes, tough leather wrapped armor, a weapons belt loaded with two rapiers, two bladed tonfas, and two daggers, black leather braces with metal spikes extending half an inch over the knuckles, extremely sturdy leather greaves with an inside lining of metal, and a hood that shadowed his face with another piece of fabric covering the area under his eyes, Jack looked to the crewmate.

“Are still in spaniard waters? That is true, but I’ve studied their trade routes. We, are in a large gap from horizon to horizon that the ships do not travel. A little bit of a blunder on their part, but we can use it to our advantage. Go see if you can plug up three of the four barrels. We want to save some for the next haul,” Jack replied.

“Aye, Captain Jack Dusk. Sir,” the crewmate ended, moving quickly down the stairs before trying to find some of the least drunk to help him plug the rum and move them back below.

Jack laughed as he watched young Will get pushed around in the crowd of the other pirates as rum was spilled from several cups as well. A light flashing from the ship to his right caught his eye. His friend Captain Colton Daybreak was sending him a message.

Let’s head to shore to a tavern. I’ve got plenty to spend with you.

Jack had a mate send back a response of agreement. What no one but Jack and Colton knew was, they were different. Jack and Colton were mutants. Jack’s abilities involved shadow and being able manipulate them, teleport through them, and make them solid into any shape he wanted. Colton, was the opposite. He had the same versions of Jack’s abilities, but instead of teleporting, he was able to create an intense flash of light and leave enemies blinded for several minutes. Not to mention, they had contrasting personalities. Jack was gentlemanly, extremely smart, an amazing tactician, incredibly skilled in hand to hand combat, and had a secret love that only Colton knew of. Colton, on the other hand, had a bipolar personality that could switch from merciful and gentlemanly, to merciless and vulgar at the drop of a dime. Also, he preferred to act first and ask questions later, as well as being an expert marksman that could put a bullet between a man’s two front teeth from across the ship. But, both were supremely loyal to each other and their crew. They’d never trade another of their men’s lives for something without the gain of the rest of the crew. Jack, owned one frigate that was feared by all sailors across the oceans. “The Jackal” could strike fear into any sailor’s’ heart upon seeing her black sails billowing on the horizon with a single red sail on the highest mast. Also, the hull of the ship was painted black with the railing painted to a blood red. Colton, owned two brigs that he named, “Vitae” and “Mortis”. Mortis was painted in solid black with black sails, while Vitae was painted solely in white, with white sails. Both were equally as feared as The Jackal, but the three ships were rarely apart from each other. Jack’s boat was flanked by Vitae and Mortis as they sailed back towards Cuba.

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