Into the woods

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"People die... Beauty Fades...Love Changes... And You Will Always Be Mine. " I never thought that someday I will be one of those people. One of those who is bonded to a beast. And that beast who makes everyone scared is my soulmate. - Elizabeth

Fantasy / Romance
Isabel Wolf
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- Warning! Read this book at your own risk! Since I get a lot of comments about grammar and spelling, I want to quickly mention it up here that this book is getting published in autumn. This book is JUST A DRAFT and of course, there is a lot of miss-spelling and everything. I appreciate your comments and because of those comments I grew as a writer and learned how to write better. English isn't my mother language, it's Croatian, that's why the double quotation marks are different. Each language has its own grammar. It's not my attention to be rude to anyone that is reading my books because of you this world wouldn't have insisted in the first place. -

- Isabel

Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose mother always told her bedtime stories before she went to sleep. Stories about big, black, red-eyed beasts walking during the nights, destroying villages and killing people only to find their lovers. Soulmates.

Lovers to whom they will be bound until death separates them apart.

I’ve never thought that every story she told me would end up being true. Hell, I’ve never thought that someday in just a matter of seconds I would become one of those girls, one of those who would become bonded to a beast.

- Elizabeth

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