Damian's Deeds (The One-Hundred #4)

By K. Weikel All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Dametria’s eyes flutter, and I feel even my heart begin to race at the woman’s words. What did she mean by it? Dealing with her is like receiving wishes from a genie—there is always a price, and always a way to twist words around. And I wasn’t going to be that price.

“Love?” Dametria repeats, acting unphased by this offer. But I know her better than she knows herself. “What if that isn’t my greatest desire?”

Morgiana leans forward, intrigued by this statement.

“Really?” She chuckles. “Then what is it?”

Dametria inhales, shrinking into herself. She doesn’t want to open up, but something tells me she will anyway. Especially with Morgiana sitting before her with that smile.

“I’ve heard stories of you,” she says, pulling herself away from the woman slightly.

“And I of you,” Morgiana grins. “You did a terrible thing, going against my Damian-sai’s wishes. But I know you thought it was for the better. For both of you. If only that Cressa-la was out of the way, right? If you had her powers and she was dead, you’d have your man and he’d have the world. You’d both win.”

Dametria scowls and I grit my teeth. I can feel my blood boiling in my veins, switching my gaze to Morgiana, who was staring at me. Her eyes flash purple and I felt the anger grow and leap into my throat like a scorching fire, longing to be exhaled as if I were a dragon and I wanted to protect my precious treasure. Dametria.

A treasure that, suddenly, I feel is in danger.


A burst of green light explodes from my pores, breaking the bonds Morgiana had held me with, and I drop to the floor. Dametria turns to face me, shock blatant in her eyes.

“Damian,” she whispers, standing from her chair. Morgiana shifted her hand and my girlfriend was thrown across the room, her head slamming against the wall, the force knocking her out cold. Her body hit the floor like a wet cloth, her breathing deep and slow, her brow furrowed.

I leap forward, transforming into the black panther I so dearly love to be, but Morgiana just smiles as I hurtle through the air toward her, claws out.

She flicks her wrist downward and I’m pinned to the stone below, unable to move or escape.

“How dare you attack your master,” she smiles, the words casual. Her knees crack as she got down on them and looked me in the eyes. “I have complete control over you, and you don’t even know it. Emotions are an easy thing to manipulate, dear, and I know I’ve taught you that. For now, you are relieved. Dametria has brought me what I needed, and in exchange, I granted her the desire in her heart. Let her know it might not come right away, but when the time is right, it will come to her. Take care of her, Damian, because you will be each other’s undoing.”

With that, she smiles, and the world changes around me. Trees bubble up from the ground like an inky sickness, growing and stretching with colors that shouldn’t exist, slipping into a prune and then to its natural colors. My body returns to normal, but whatever thrall Morgiana had placed over me probably still runs through my system until I learn to control it. And as Dametria materializes beside me, the words return to my head, the words Morgiana had said.

My hand shakes as I reach out to touch her face. This warm feeling coursing through my veins hasn’t been present in years... not for her.

You will be each other’s undoing.

There’s no sign of the woman’s house, no sign of anything I recognized. It didn’t even seem like the island I’d grown up on.

And as I stand, the trees giving way to a shoreline, I realize this isn’t the island Cressa-la had crushed me on, but somewhere else entirely.

fear the sea,

fear the moon,

fear them all,

trust nobody.

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