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Chapter 10


In a dark shadow, embraced, by a haunted mystery of an obscure nature; in the forest, where a shallow fog, drifted over the ground; Astrid’s portal opened. She walked out with an elegant, enigmatic, tranquility to her movement.

Her eyes turned violet, and her vision enhanced. She scanned the far off distance, as if she had been looking through binoculars. She stumbled, upon view of something; two creatures, slashing at each other in a fight. They both were identical, except one gave off an aura of evil, which bothered Astrid’s sense indefinitely. She watched, as the devil of a creature, knocked the other over, and pinned it down, scratching at its throat, with constant blows from left and right, until it bled out. How vulgar and barbaric.

She took a look in another direction, and saw three bulky bodied creatures, that appeared to be a combination of a bear and a cat, with an ivory horn, adorning each of their foreheads.

They had come together and ambushed a dragon, that was many different shades of green, with intense neon-yellow eyes. On both the dragon’s horns, there were hundreds of small jagged hooks; like how thorns are on the stem of a rose.

The great reptile swung its head to one side, then, slammed back at one of the creature’s that came jumping through the air, crazed, reeking with evil!

The serrated horns, pierced and burrowed, into the immense creature, and the dragon tossed the creature off, in the other direction. It flew aerial, smashing head first into a tree, with such an organic bone crushing sound, it was almost too grotesque to mentally process. The dead body slid down the trunk, leaving a generous amount of blood, trailing behind, as the other two of the remaining Dark Creatures, jumped at the great dragon!

One of the beastly creatures, clung onto the dragon’s front shoulder with its cat like claws, and drove its sharp, pointed horn, into the hard scaled-armor; penetrating through its bicep. The dragon roared loudly, as the other creature, slashed its claws across the dragon’s chest.

She had seen enough. Astrid couldn’t just stand by and watch, as these brutal beasts, destroy such a beautiful creature.

She took off, running towards the dragon, while she whispered the same agility spell, as she did, those eight hundred years ago. She came up next to the creature, that slashed the dragon’s chest, with amazing speed and dexterity.

Her hand moved up so fast, the creature hadn’t even known she was there! She positioned herself, palm aimed to the thick-furred creature, and blasted the beast far back, with a golden white, fiery blazing light. An intense heat blew back at her, manipulating her hair. It was hot enough to leave burns on her face, but she was left untouched by it. The creature had turned into ashes, just before it met the large boulder, in its path; it was sent as a ball of burning fire, through the air; the heat had to be of great degrees, in order to pull off something like that. She moved to the other side of the dragon, where the other creature was tearing up the flesh with its horn, from the dragon’s arm. She ripped it away, once and for all, and tossed it off, towards the same huge boulder as the other.

The dragon flexed its muscles and roared, adrenaline rushing through its veins! The blood poured out of the wound; it was bad; and if Astrid didn’t do something quick, the dragon would indeed bleed to death. With all the squirming and wailing, of the inured leviathan, she would not be very successful.

Astrid had to put the dragon to sleep to work on it. She pointed out her finger in front of its snout, and a glittery powder, sparkled down from above it. The dragon’s breathing, grew very heavy, and the limbs, bracing it from collapsing, shook and weakened underneath it. The majestic creature... a fallen titan.... what wretched beasts; they might have just about done the titan in, leaving this powerful, yet purely graceful creature, in this critical condition. The dragon breathed in the powder, and became drowsy. It swayed back and forth, as the magic dust, had loosened its limbs, and colored its dreamland. It gave out a moan of submittance, while it had still been conscience of the pain; and then, it fell to the ground. The bleeding slowed, and it was at rest; surely sedated sufficiently. Astrid ascended in the thin air, up onto the scaly body, and knelt down by the dragon’s, gouged, and torn limb; she gently put her hand over the wound. A bluish purple light, streamed into the injury, and rebuilt new flesh and scales. The wound was closing up, as she moved and drifted down, to the dragon’s chest. She held out her hand, and the same bluish purple light, streamed into all of the other wounds, slashes, marks, and bruises that plagued the dragon; all at once, the wounds were healed; now, she would wait for the dragon to wake. Hours passed, it grew dark; Astrid laid by a tree in front of the dragon, and fell into dreamland as well.

No sunlight... but it was the next morning. Astrid woke and saw, that the dragon, had still been fast asleep. She watched over the great creature, curled up peacefully, and did not wake it; no, she let the dragon sleep, and waited for it to awaken naturally; when it was ready.

Later, but not much later, the dragon opened its eyes, to find Astrid there, looking back. The dragon rose up on its feet, and in a quite elegant voice, it spoke to her. “I’ve never seen you in the Forest before! The elegant voice was female. Where did you come from?” Astrid replied, not changing her assertion or behavior, or altering her gaze; she continued to look back into the dragon’s eyes, as it still, had stared back at her curiously. “You’ve never seen me before, because I came from far below the mountain.” The dragon’s eyes fluttered in surprise. “It is forbidden to go passed the border trees of the Forest… for it is feared, that our existence will be revealed again.”

“Again? What do you mean again?”

The dragon answered. “A long time ago, long before the Tree of Beginning, Life and Light, was destroyed. Way back to the birth of it all... there were two humans, which walk this Forest. They were created by a divine entity. Only the Four Protectors know, and have seen the Creator. The rest of us, know him as the Secret. In the Beginning, the Secret created the Earth, along with every living thing. The world was covered in a beautiful Forest as far as the eye could see. The Secret, loved his creation so much, but he wanted man, who was created in his image, to love him back. So he created two trees, with magical powers, the Tree of Beginning, Life and Light, and the Tree of Ending, Death and Dark. He told the two humans of those Trees, and then, told them that they could not eat of the Tree of Ending, Death and Dark; but they could eat of the Tree of Beginning, Life and Light. The woman found the Tree of Ending, Death and Dark, and ate of its forbidden fruit. As the fruit touched her lips, she found herself naked, and was aware of evil. Then the man came to her… he saw that she ate of the Tree of Ending, Death and Dark. He didn’t think anything odd, and he did not yet possess the knowledge of evil. She had deceived him… tricking him; persuaded him to eat from the Tree as well; and then he did eat of the Tree. Once the fruit touched his lips, he also found himself naked! The Creator knew of the wrong that they had done, but before the Creator punished them, the Creator wanted to see if they loved the one that gave them life; enough to tell this one the honest truth. So the Secret asked them, why they saw themselves as naked, but the man just blamed the woman, and the woman gave her Creator a sad excuse, saying that the fruit looked so pleasing to the eye, and her mouth watered to know of it, and its taste. The Secret was furious, so it created a land of desolation, hard ground and death. The Creator cast them out upon it, cursing them with pain and suffering, telling them that they would no longer know a world to be magical. The Creator told them they would have to till the ground, and plant it, in order to produce food for themselves. This was the punishment for their betrayal. The Secret, then, created animals for them to eat, and use to work the ground, and for other hard labor. The Creator never abandoned them though. The Creator, was still always there for them... After that; the Creator hid the Forest from them on the top of a mountain, and told the Creatures, which lived in it, that they would feel the curse of pain and death also, but their years would be longer, than the humans. The Creator, then, told the Four Protectors, that they were to be in charge of the Forest; and in charge of keeping the laws, of which were given them to follow. The Four Protectors, wrote the laws on the front stone of each one of their temples, so the Creatures in all areas of the Forest, would be informed of them, and follow the law as well. I’ve read the laws at the Temple of the Protector with the force of Earth. They are: Thou shall put no other before me… Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image… Thou shalt not speak of your Creator in vain, Remember the seventh day, and keep it holy, Honor thy Elders, Thou shall kill, only if to eat, or to protect thy life… Thou shalt not commit adultery, or lust after another’s mate, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, and thou shalt not covet… These same laws, were given to the humans, but that was some time after, and well, the answer to your question is quite simple, really. We use to roam free all over the mountain, wherever we chose to wander, and, naturally, humans came in contact with us… they have a broad sense of adventure that needs to be satisfied… and spread tales of what they uncovered.... of magical Creatures. Humans have always had an aroused, hungering curiosity, as well. It was only a matter of time, before one of them would stumble upon, and discover, the home of these magical Creatures. The Four Protectors, then, made it forbidden for us to leave the Forest… when finally a human man found it. The first man, who found the Forest, ran away, left and was never seen again. After that occurrence, any human that entered the Forest, would not be allowed to leave the Forest… they would remain, to live out their lives as one of the Creatures! In other words; they would be turned into Creatures, by using an enchanted crystal, which, from then on, were given to all of the Elders, all around the Forest, so that they could execute the process. The Crystal turns a human into the same kind, as which, the Creature that possesses the crystal, is; and it will be a permanent transformation, after three days’ time. If the human does not want to be the Creature it is transformed into… or if they make known, out loud, that they do not want to be the Creature they have been turned into... then, it changes them back into a human. When that happens… we tell them they must pick another Creature, or be killed, for the safety of the Forest… and keeping it hidden. None of them, so far, have chosen death.”

Astrid told the dragon that she was a witch. She also told her, that she was a rare kind of witch. The dragon didn’t know quite how to react, or what to make of this. “So… you say you are a Trance Witch… but you came from below the mountain? You must be human.” Astrid stood up and spoke slowly. “I’m not baffled by your story! I understand perfectly what you’re getting at, what you’re implying! You want me to be turned into a Creature of this Forest; and of course, you’re an Elder, if I may add; it’s no mystery, that you are all knowing and wise of things long ago, you were alive for a long time, dragon, weren’t you... so you are to change me into you? Am I right?” The dragon lifted her head high. “During this war between the Dark Side and the Light Side, my priorities have changed; and you prove to be more useful as a witch, rather than a dragon! We’re all fighting the Darkness! Not patrolling for humans... If the Dark Side takes over the Forest.... then, the world you know, and were born of, will be corrupted as well!” Astrid replied. “So you’re not going to change me into a dragon?” The Dragon looked at her, and said, with a screaming air, blowing from her mouth. “I’m not just any dragon, I’m the Dragon Queen.”

Astrid responded, unimpressed. “Queen Dragon? You’ve got to be joking! You can’t even defend yourself, properly, in a fight with three beasts!” The dragon lowered her eyes from Astrid, and then, looked back at her. “Those aren’t just beasts… they are Dark Creatures… they were of a kind called Dirids before. I fought, battling alongside my fellow kin, two other dragons! These dragons were some of the oldest companions I had. We stood our ground no matter what, fighting against hundreds and hundreds of Dark Creatures, but they just kept coming and coming… and we had become worn, and rundown. We fought and fought, victory nearing… there were only ten more. Six Dirids, two Homkeps, and two Forstiens. Lirrac, of the red dragons, flew over both of the Homkeps, blowing fire at them, until burned up completely! Dostis went for the two Forstiens. He flew over, and blasted ice, and froze them… then, landed and broke them into thousands of little pieces; by whacking each one of them, with the ball end of his tail. The six Dirids where coming straight at me… for I was the weak link, too weak to fly... Lirrac came to protect me, landing in front of me to fend them off. She blew a rolling fire at them… but they scattered to each side, dodging her blast, and jumped at her… sliced her… bit her, and stabbed her, tearing her apart. I rammed one of them and tossed the thing off her. But there wasn’t much I could do, and then, Dostis came to help. He couldn’t use his blasting ice, and I couldn’t use my solar blowout, for we would destroy Lirrac along with the Dirids! One of them jumped onto Dostis’s neck, as he came to our defense. The Creature brutally sliced at his throat, and he was struggling to pull it off. I was angered greatly, that these big dumb Dirids, might kill my fellow dragons. I pulled the Dirid off Lirrac’s back; the thing had its claws pierced deep into her flesh, and it ripped up chunks of her along with it. I held it by the horn, and then, smashed its body on the ground from side to side, as another one of them, leaped off of Lirrac, and onto me. I used the one I was holding by the horn… to knock the other off my back. I crushed the Dirid, with the half dead thing, I was holding. I beat it and beat it, until its eyes popped out… and its fur covered skin, broke open. Lirrac wasn’t doing too good… she fell down, and the two Dirids, crouched low, and began creeping up to me. I saw the one on Dostis’s neck, slice his jugular vein, and watched him hit the dirt, as his blood flowed out of his esophagus. I ran, as the three were coming for me! I knew I might die, if I didn’t do something quick. I was way too weak to fly, and barely even strong enough to run! But I knew if I faced them… it would be my end. The Forest grew thick with trees and life, in despite of all the death, I struggled on. I tripped, and then, that was it… they had me, and when they began to attack… you saved me! Why...?” Astrid answered. “I saved you, because I couldn’t watch you die. I couldn’t bare the sight of such a beautiful creature, being destroyed, right in front of me.” The queen dragon lowered her snout to Astrid. “I can never thank you enough... but, I am more, than sincerely grateful... what are you called, your title?” Astrid choked back remorseful tears. “I’m Astrid! What’s your name?” The dragon raised her head up slightly, and said, with steady eyes. “I’m Tesmorlah.” Astrid looked up at the ancient and majestic Creature. Tesmorlah peered off into the distance, as if she was as far away, as her point of focus. She stared off in silence, and then, turned her head in awareness. “A terrible thing is about to happen! I can sense it… in this direction! I must go!” Tesmorlah started to flap her wings, then, jumped up into the air, as Astrid caught hold of her leg. “I’ll come with you, and help fight!” Tesmorlah, then, took off, flying above the trees.

A witch and a dragon, joining forces. This was a very rare thing to take event, in this Forest. But with such telling times, there wasn’t much of a reason to keep to the rules now. No. There might not soon be anything left to keep secret.

Tesmorlah thanked her. “I would be most honored, if you’d fight by my side!” Astrid climbed up Tesmorlah, and lifted onto her back, as they were now well on their way, to whatever troubles lie ahead; trouble… it would clearly be. Higher and higher she flew, scouting out for anything below. The change of the temperature, as they descended, brought on a sudden chill to Astrid, with a shiver; and then, they heard a screech from out of the darkness, and went down to see what it was. They saw there to be a blue, silver-scaled, giant lizard; aggressively running, either away from something, or after something!

“A Garbire! I can’t believe it!” Astrid watched the Creature. “What is so unbelievable about it?” Tesmorlah landed on a low branch. “Garbires are one of the most powerful Creatures! And there aren’t many of them… so it is a very rare thing, when you see one!”

“Well! What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Tesmorlah jumped up, above the trees, from the thick branch she had perched on. She flew in the direction, which the Garbire had gone. Astrid spotted the Creature’s blue and silver body, moving beneath the tree. “There it is.”

Tesmorlah dove downward, and landed, ten yards in front of it. The Garbire saw Tesmorlah, but kept on running, and shouted in a doubled voice. “Get out of my way!” Tesmorlah jumped up from off the ground, and the Garbire, just barely missed, ramming into her. The great lizard, aggressively rushed through the Forest, and did so, carelessly as well. “Let’s follow her!” Tesmorlah, anxiously jumped up, and flew on, after the Garbire. They caught up to her, and were in the air straight above her; but she didn’t seem to notice, this time. The Garbire kept going and going, and far off, in front of them, there was the very unwelcoming sound, of many roaring Creatures, whipping movements, and breaking of branches!

There was sure, something, this Garbire had been single-minded about. She jumped over a thick overgrown bunch of thorns and bushes, ready to tear something apart! She landed on a giant canine beast, that had a head, at each end of its muscle-massed body. She clung onto the Dark Creature, off-centered, and crushed its spine, while two other of these unpolluted Creatures, fought with the two heads. Astrid and Tesmorlah, followed her overhead and saw, that they had stumbled upon a battleground. The whole area, was covered in Creatures, of all kinds, tearing, biting, crushing, and killing each other. As they scanned the area further, Tesmorlah spotted a fellow dragon, that had been snatched by the neck, and shaken in a strangling manner, by a Miclorhum! Sensitive to this, she dashed at the thing and struck it hard, at full speed and force, with her tail! The Miclorhum flew through the air, and landed upside down, upon its turtle like shell. Astrid, from on Tesmorlah’s back, stood up, and pointed out her finger towards the monster.

A blue energy, collected in small sparks, and then, began to change to the color yellow. Astrid closed her eyes, and when she opened them, they were shining as the sun, and the blue yellow, glowing energy, started to burn, in a see-through topaz fire. Astrid gave out a horrifying war scream. The burning ball, blasted off at an incredible rate, at the odd turtle, lizard, snake, multi-reptilian Creature. This thing of evil will and reason, yes, a monster. When the bright fiery ball came up to the Creature, it hadn’t blasted it away, it absorbed into the Creature’s body, and everything of this magic, grew very enigmatic and surprising for a moment. They waited...then, the Miclorhum blew up and out, from the inside, guts exploding everywhere. Tesmorlah had a look of awe, when she beheld that the burning ball, was still there, and levitated on the ground, under the falling chunks of flesh. Astrid looked to her side, where there had been another Dark Creature. She pointed out her finger, and the fireball, directed towards it, with extreme force. Tesmorlah looked down at the wheezing dragon, while Astrid got off Tesmorlah’s back, and walked on over to it. There was that familiar crimson color again; its neck covered in four huge gashes, and it was barely able to breathe. A deep pool of blood, spread out beneath its neck, and flowed in tiny rivers, out from the four wounds. Astrid held her hands up to the sky, and a green, sparkling dust like glow, filled both of them. She slowly brought the dust down to the dragon, and released it over the gashes. Miraculously, the blood started to flow back into the wounds, instead of out. When all the blood had gone back inside the body, Astrid held her hands over the four gashes, and a bluish purple light, absorbed into each, and the flesh grew completely back. Tesmorlah watched, as the scales closed shut. “Is this what you did for me?” Astrid answered thoroughly. “I only had to use the Rematerializing, healing spell, on you… but on this dragon, I had to use the Absorbing, healing spell, and the Rematerializing, healing spell, also.” Tesmorlah looked, at the now, resting dragon; pleasant and peaceful. “How long is he going to be asleep?”

“Until morning; to have a healing spell performed on you, can be quite exhausting on the body.”

The trees were far spread in the battlefield, and the sky, was the most visible than it had ever been, thus far. The heavens thundered, and Astrid and Tesmorlah, raised their heads up. There were terrible, and unnatural storm clouds, rolling on their way, like a giant crashing wave. Astrid searched through the warring beasts around her, for her fireball. She scanned for it, and couldn’t find it, until she saw another exploding Dark Creature. Tesmorlah pointed her claw. “Look! It’s the Garbire!”

The Garbire tore apart the polluted, after polluted, leaping from one to another with ease. It was unstoppable and a never ending source of endurance and energy. The clouds now covered over the battlefield. The wind picked up, and then, lightning struck down from the dark clouds, as if heaven had poured down the wrath of God. All the Creatures, and Dark Creatures alike, stopped for a moment and looked up into the sky. Then… all of a sudden, the lightning bolted all around them. The Dark Creatures became calm, as if they knew they were not going to be harmed; what was the cause of this storm... was it of evil? The lightning only hit the Creatures that were untainted. They were assured the lightning would not touch them. Astrid and Tesmorlah panicked, but Astrid chuckled a little, as she stretched out her arms, and faced her palms to the sky. Tesmorlah watched her, as a small watery substance, appeared in her palms. The substance grew bigger and bigger, until it joined together. Astrid, effortlessly, lifted it up overhead. “We’ll be safe now.” The clouds above them, began to produce rain. Then, the rain turned into snow... then hail... and then, all of them at once! Astrid held up the shield over the resting dragon and Tesmorlah for a while. The Creatures out there, in the heat of battle, they didn’t stand a chance without her; they were being slaughtered mercilessly before her eyes. “I have to help them!” Astrid ran out from under the shield, and sealed it into a dome, around Tesmorlah and the sleeping dragon; trapping them inside, before Tesmorlah could try to stop her. Astrid ran off into the fight, and threw her arms down and out, to each side. A yellow fire, burned in her hands, as she came towards a giant rat, armored all over its body, with rock-hard bumps. Astrid chucked three yellow flames at the beastly creature as it spotted and came at her! The yellow fire, covered over the giant rat, but it still, came lunging at her. Tesmorlah banged on the inside of the dome shield, as she saw the creature near, dangerously closer, and closer, to Astrid. If she would just let her out of this confounded entrapment!

Astrid didn’t seem to be worried the least bit; either she was very oblivious, or had something up her sleeve; it was then, when the rat creature stopped, stunned, and trembling. It laid on one side at first, and then, threw a fit of convulsions, seizures, and rolled back and forth, on the ground; screeching, as if it were being electrocuted by the yellow flames. The signs of electrocution, had been correct, as the yellow fire also zapped, and scorched over this monstrous rat. Tesmorlah was relieved, to see, that Astrid had defeated the Dark Creature. She stared at the dying good-for-nothing. What surprising and mysterious abilities Astrid possessed. Indeed, a set of skills that were immeasurable, and unlimited; of such a power, she had never beheld before, in all of her years. This Trance Witch had been something, that must have evolved from, and adapted, out of desperation; for survival. The human race, would have been sorely brutal, and merciless, to the kind of the witch over the centuries. She sensed this about Astrid... Astrid was a survivor.

The yellow fire, idling in her palms, blazed all the way up to her elbows, as she threw her arms down again, and blasted fireball after fireball, at the Dark Creatures all around her! It was an extreme sight of domination and victory! The other fiery ball, continued absorbing into the Dark Creatures, detonating them, one after another. Never before, has Tesmorlah seen anyone act in battle so effectively. She was a natural.

Now, what was this... the sound of a roaring beast came from the clouds! A powerful darkness came with the roar, and fright, crept into every part of Astrid’s being, and had conquered entire occupancy of her conscious mind. She stood, remand collected and waited, till she saw, what it was, that had been creating the sound. She searched the thick clouds alertedly; it was a hideous beast, a soot covered, gray ox gargoyle, and the rain from the sky, sizzled, and steamed, as it drenched the beast. The scarlet eyes, stared at Astrid, with the soullessness of the devil himself; it was the gaze of pure evil. She couldn’t break the stare, for fear of something wicked, would happen if she did. She felt, as if her locked stare, was the only thing that kept the beast in check.

Bright heavenly light, began shining from the beast; and right before Astrid’s eyes, the beast change into a beautiful angel, and the dark eerie clouds, turned that which is holy white. His face and his form, were so perfect, so beautiful. Astrid took a look over him, and then, looked back into his eyes. She could have never imagined, such an angelic beauty as this. His eyes were crystal blue, and his hair, thick and golden. He had perfect facial features; they were strong, but soft at the same time. He floated down on a white cloud, without taking his eyes off Astrid. Astrid had been seduced by his gaze, and she couldn’t look away. Tesmorlah rammed the dome, while roaring, and pleading with Astrid. Astrid heard her, but did not pay mind. She was completely captivated by the angel’s beauty, as he drifted down to her, with keenness, and liquidity; with perfection to his movement as well. Then, he began to chant. “I am yours… I am yours...” Tesmorlah screamed and shouted, from inside the dome. “No! Astrid! Don’t let him take you!” The angel stretched out his hand to Astrid, and she reached back up to him, longing to feel his touch, to know that he was real; but then, all of a sudden, amidst the chaos around them, a Creature jumped in between their outstretched reach for each other, and knocked Astrid down. She quickly came to her senses, no longer dazzled by the angel, and saw that it was the Garbire that had knocked her to the ground. The angel’s true form was unveiled; it turned back into the gargoyle beast, and roared at the Garbire, now guarding Astrid! The beast swung his claws at the Garbire, but the Garbire dodged his attempt, and the fiends claws cut through the air, at nothing, as the Garbire jumped up to the beast’s throat, and sunk her teeth into his neck. The beast tried to pull the Garbire off, but he was only ripping his own throat out, in doing so. The Garbire was not going to be stopped; she had her teeth, locked in his flesh. Astrid watched, as blood came gushing out of the beast’s neck, more and more, as he tried to pull the Garbire off. Finally, after a while, the beast dropped down to the earth, and the Garbire held on, until the body turned cold. It was a wonder to Astrid, to envision how much strength it would take, in the Garbire’s jaw, for it to hold on through all that struggle.

The Garbire turned to Astrid. “Do you have any idea, of what this Cloud Demon, could have done to you! It could have stripped your powers away from you!” Astrid replied, in understanding, and utter gratitude. “I greatly thank you for saving me from that dreadful situation.”

Astrid got up from the ground and bowed her head, in honor of the Garbire. As Astrid raised her head, and her eyes again, she saw that the Garbire was gone; bounced off, to kill another Dark Creature. What a magnificent, and quick Creature, the Garbire was. Tesmorlah banged on the inside of the dome, and Astrid finally took notice, as if coming back down to the planet, from her head up in space.

The rain continued to fall, but it started to ease, and grew gentle, as Astrid walked over to Tesmorlah, and the sleeping dragon, kept captive for their own safety. Astrid touched the dome, and a hole, big enough for Tesmorlah to slip out of, opened. Tesmorlah slithered out, with exact perspective of dimensions. “I could not stand it; to be trapped in there! I want to fight as well! Promise me, you’ll never trap me like that again...” Astrid replied rationally. “Of course, unless rocks are falling from the sky right over you!” Tesmorlah said. “I see, only if it’s direly needed. A Creature with a fighting spirit, does not like to be contained.”

The bright fiery orb, Astrid had created, from the beginning, was still moving, from Dark Creature to Dark Creature, destroying them. Hundreds had been exploded from this very useful magic of Astrid. There were five Dark Creatures left, and the Garbire had three of them under control, and the fiery ball had the fourth. Quickly, Tesmorlah darted to the last one, and blew it to bits with her solar dragon breath! Astrid whispered something, in a respired silence, and the bright fiery orb, had then gone; leaving a few blue sparks behind, that faded out, as it disappeared. The Garbire had finished its last kill, and Astrid, Tesmorlah, and the Garbire, looked at each other, with noble acknowledgment, and then the Garbire took off alone into the Forest. Astrid looked around, observing her surroundings. “We can’t stay here tonight, we’ll have to get moving before dark, to an ideal place of sanction, that doesn’t reek of death.” Tesmorlah agreed, by nodding her head. Astrid put her hand out to the sleeping dragon, and a bluish cloud, appeared underneath it; and lifted it up into the air. She began to walk on forward, in the same direction as the Garbire had gone; the sleeping dragon, floated alongside her, as Tesmorlah followed; protectively, and close behind.

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