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Chapter 15

Cristoph, Lithia, Jack, Angelus and Helen

The Forest had changed, coming into age, with the time passed, day growing older as well. It thickened. They endured, and kept on moving, no matter what! Roots were bent up, twisted, and as black as the obscure, of the ground they clung to. The great titans of trees had spread wider and wider apart, and the moss... the moss that had been seen everywhere so far, was now more prolific than ever. Helen stumbled on a giant uplifted root, and Angelus, aside of her, caught her barely before she fell! He marveled at the fact, that she had made it this far, without spraining an ankle or something. Tightly, he held onto her, as the force of gravity and his hold on this beautiful Helen, had swung her over into his arms! She looked up into his eyes. “Angelus, what have we got ourselves into? This is too much to take, and I can’t stand it! Out of all places, if only we weren’t here!” The delicate execution of her voice, bit into his heart. Angelus peered deeply into her sparkling green eyes, with a steamy truth of passion for her. “If we never came here, then, I would have never met you! And Helen... you’re worth it all... and worth dying for.” Helen threw herself forward into him, and he held her close; and they both held each other for a long while. She drew her lips to his ear. “You’re worth dying with...” They turned their heads back to face one another, and looked at each other with ever wandering, and wanton eyes, lips desiring to meet. Then their passion exploded like a time-bomb. They started kissing violently! Helen threw her head back, and Angelus began kissing down her neck as she breathed deeply, and sensually.

Jack, Cristoph and Lithia, walking on ahead, heard a quiet and slight rustling of movement, and then, heard Helen sigh. Cristoph and Lithia had paid no mind to it, but Jack hadn’t; he glanced back and saw Angelus, holding Helen, with her bent back, as he kissed her collarbone. She then raised her head up forcefully, and grabbed onto the back of his head and kissed him; and as she did, Angelus ran his hands down her back. That kiss from her, consumed him; how enthusiastic she was about it, and how she let the moment carry her away; away from this place. What a lovely woman; strong of mind, and of passionate desire.

“Enough! Come on you two!” Angelus and Helen looked at Jack, as he turned away from them to face forward, and continue walking. They then looked at each other with a knowing, an awareness of the other, and Angelus let go of her, as she grabbed onto his hand, and started to walk with him. A lovely and affectionate woman she was.

Helen and Angelus, caught up to Jack, as a loud angry screeching and wailing, bounced through the trees! Nox woke up and looked out from under the collar of Helen’s jacket. Cristoph and Lithia stopped both at the same time, then Jack, Angelus and Helen, stopped as well! Not knowing it, they all looked up into the trees, and Jack watched Cristoph, checking the direction of the wind, with his finger. “What is it Cristoph?”

Cristoph raised up his hand, and motioned Jack to be quiet! There was an abrupt change in the wind; it started to blow in the opposite direction, bringing with it, the stench of death and decay! Then the ground quaked, and Jack, Angelus and Helen, began to stumble, almost falling over. Lithia and Cristoph, stood strong, as a loud thunderous stampede, echoed from ahead of them. “Quick! We have to get up into the trees!” Lithia grabbed Jack, and jumped far up into the safety of the branches. Cristoph grabbed hold of Angelus and Helen, and flew on up, right after her, while Nox, hid underneath Helen’s collar, and clung his little dragon claws onto it, holding on for dear life! They both landed in the same tree, and then, Lithia looked over. “Grip onto the tree, as tightly as you can!”

Jack immediately laid out flat on the branch, and cleaved his hands on the jagged bark, locking his legs, to the sides of the branch! Cristoph grabbed onto one of the smaller branches, growing out of the bigger branch, and Angelus and Helen, held firmly to it!

Then, in the blink of an eye; a herd of bulky ox beasts, with blue and gray fur, and giant gray horns, stampeded, crushing all the plants, and all else in their path. The herd seemed endless, and thousands upon thousands of them, continued to charge passed. Jack closed his eyes from the redefined, god fearing sight below, and hugged the branch even tighter! Loose debris, moss, branches, leaves, all falling down from the trees; when would it be over...

The thunder of the stampede, began to fade, and the horrible shaking died away. Angelus glanced down and beyond the trees, he saw the herd now far, far away. Nox poked his head up, and from out of Helen’s jacket collar, and looked around, frantically filled with shock, and then, he fainted! As Angelus turned to look at Helen, he found that she was staring at him, with big sweet and saddened eyes… he let go of the branch, of which he held to, and moved closer to her. She cast her eyes down, and turned her head to the side. Of what and of how this woman thought, was a mystery to him; in all his life he hadn’t met someone like her before.

Angelus grabbed her hand, and held it with such care and sensitivity, as he knelt down at her feet. “What is wrong Helen?”

Helen kept her eyes cast down. “I was afraid for… for your soul…” Angelus questioned. “What do you mean?” Helen looked up at him, and then, back down. “I was afraid that you would die without ever knowing your Creator… without ever knowing God!” Angelus humbled himself, eyes looking down now, as well empathetic of her feelings. “I’m sorry Helen…” His eyes grew blurred with tears. “I don’t know what to say Helen! I can’t say I’m a believer in a God, just to make everything alright with you! I’m not going to lie to you Helen!” Angelus turned his head up into Helen’s eyes, which were looking back at him. Her eyes, were such beautiful eyes; completely full of love for him; she threw herself forward, and embraced him. Angelus stayed his gaze on her, and softness lavished his tone. “I’m sorry…” Helen was an all too sweet of a girl, an angel; overcome right away with humility, and peacefulness. “Shhhh it’s okay! I have faith that someday you will!”

Cristoph walked over to Jack, still clinging to the branch, and picked him up. Jack yelled no, and had ripped off some of the bark along with him! When he realized the stampeding herd was gone, and it was just Cristoph; he settled down and brushed himself off. “Oh! It’s over!” Cristoph walked passed Jack, towards Lithia, sitting upon the branch, while Jack’s attention, had been caught, by something he overheard Helen and Angelus speaking of; something very emotional, spiritual, and altogether stirring. What a beautiful idea. Cristoph sat down beside Lithia, and she acknowledged him, as he did. “Are those two alright?” Cristoph glanced over at Helen and Angelus, where Lithia had darted her eyes to. “Yes… Helen was just upset, because Angelus’s soul, would be damned! Ha, it’s funny you know… humans don’t know there’s a Creator automatically! They have this thing called faith… a process of believing, they must go through!” Lithia returned her stare to the trees, in front of her. “Ah, the Secret! Our Creator... but the humans’ Savior! Yes! It’s a laugh!” They sat in silence, and Cristoph stared at Lithia for a while, until she looked back at him. “What?” Cristoph replied. “Did it ever occur to you, why the Creator has given us power? It is so we won’t need his help! We aren’t a part of the human world… Lithia; we are a part of this Forest…”

Jack moved over near to Cristoph and Lithia, and asked. “Lithia, I just thought of something! Remember the trees I came through to get to you, in the cromlech?” Jack paused for her to reply, but she just nodded, and stared blankly at him, as he continued. “Well… why don’t we use the trees to get to the Tree of Ending… it would save time!” Lithia stood up and began to reply, while Cristoph rose to stand beside her. She said. “Those trees were being powered by the Sacred Stones—oh how can I put it in a way you will understand… ah! Yes, you can’t comprehend it, for in your world, the Creator limits your minds, of what you can understand… but don’t worry! Your eyes will be opened someday.” Jack looked at her, dumbfounded, and questioned, as she jumped up above, and leapt over him and Cristoph, to land on the branch on the other side of them. “Try me! I might understand! But then again… maybe you’re right! I mean… there is a lot I don’t get about this Forest! This Forest… I’m doomed to die in. What am I doing here? Oh yeah, well dad... I found the Forest! But I won’t live to prove it! But whom do I have to prove it to…the rest of the world? No! Because when Lithia and Cristoph destroy the Tree of Ending, there won’t be anything left to gather evidence of, of this Forest… let alone me! Yes, ’cause I will be dead and gone with it!” Jack continued to ramble on and on, and Lithia questioned, doubting his sanity. “Are you mad?” Jack didn’t answer, he just kept rambling on nonsense, as if she had never spoke.

Cristoph walked up to Jack, and grabbed hold of him, and gave him a good shake to rouse his logic. “Jack, Jack! Pull yourself together you lunatic!” Jack was completely obsessed, and didn’t listen or respond at all. He just went on and on about everything he didn’t understand, and that nothing mattered! Lithia closed her eyes in annoyance, for a moment, and then, opened them. “Alright! I’ll tell you! Even though you won’t understand… I’ll tell you!”

Immediately Jack stopped, and faced Lithia, with total sanity and intrigue, and waited for her to tell him all he wanted to know.

She looked at him sincerely. “The Portal Trees that you came through, are controlled by the Sacred Stones. They only open up to lead you to the Sacred Stones, not to wherever you wish!” Jack questioned. “Who controls the Sacred Stones?” Lithia sighed. “That’s what you won’t be able to understand! But here it goes: The Sacred Stones are not bound by time! Anything that is frozen in it, as stone, will not age! It is controlled by the one who is not bound by time; it is controlled by the one who began the world, but didn’t begin themselves! And that’s what you don’t understand; that’s what your mind can’t comprehend… our Creator, has always been, and always will be! Though it doesn’t make sense scientifically to you! The Secret has always been, and is the Creator of time… the world… and everything you know... and don’t know!”

Jack looked at her with a confused expression, and then, looked up at what little part of the sky he could see. He said out loud—not to himself, not to Lithia, Cristoph, Helen or Angelus... but to God. “Our flesh can’t understand… only our spirit can… forgive me…”

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