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Chapter 19


Astrid and Tesmorlah came to the dark cloud of heavy rising fog, but Tesmorlah, still had continued to fly onward.

The mist grew thicker and thicker. After a while, not just the cloud was dark, but everything turned dark, and it was just a few more wing lappets, before the smell of mold would fill the air.

Astrid put out her hand in a fist, off to the side, and whispered, and then, opened her hand. A blue light appeared in her palm, as she let it go, controlling it to fly ahead of them, and light the way.

Tesmorlah grew nauseous! Her speed dropped, and she tipped back and forth, trying to stay in flight.

Astrid quickly noticed this, and she leaned forward to her reptilian ear. “Let us land… we’ll continue on foot.”

Tesmorlah began to slow her pace, hovered, and descended in between the trees, to the ground. All Tesmorlah’s four limbs, came in contact with the Forest floor, but had first, with her hind legs. Astrid slid down from off of Tesmorlah, as Tesmorlah drew her head down in dizziness, and supported the weight, with, and rested, on her closed mouth! The harshness of her breathing, blew dust away, as she exhaled.

Astrid came around from her belly and held her large, scale-covered face, being careful with handling the jagged spikes, decorating her jawbone.

The moonlight, cast the dead trees’ eerie shadows all over. Astrid feared for Tesmorlah, and what had ailed her. “What’s wrong Tesmorlah?”

Tesmorlah closed her eyes, for a long time. Astrid waited patiently, trying to understand what was the matter with her dragon companion. Tesmorlah opened her eyes, and raised her head, while holding her teeth clenched together; so the hinges of her jawbone, flexed under her cheeks. She grunted in pain, hoping the vibrations from the sound would help. “My eyes and my head… it aches so horribly!”

Astrid turned away from Tesmorlah, and whispered for a while, in meditation. She stopped, and then, turned abrupt, and held in her hand, with her fingers slightly curled over, a green-blue and yellowish swirl, of a dimmed light; with all the same colors of sparkling specks; also in a greater luminescence, floating within the swirling.

Astrid opened her hand, and the swirl of light, flew towards Tesmorlah. The dancing light, had opened up, shining in a vortex of color, that spun and sang, in a faint high pitched chiming, as all the colors separated, and then, came together, absorbing into Tesmorlah’s eyes!

Tesmorlah was unexpected of what had happened; she squinted her eyes tightly shut, and stepped back, as she brusquely shook her head. It was then, she realized, that the pain was gone!

She opened her eyes, stood straight up, and looked at Astrid! Astrid watched, as Tesmorlah blinked the second time. “How do you feel now?”

Tesmorlah opened her eyes, wide and alert. She was amazed at how good she felt! Not just that though alone, had been what was done by Astrid’s magic. Her vision became sharper, and her hearing more keen! She sniffed the air in one direction, and another, and could smell what had been ahead, in that area!

To the left, she smelled thousands of rotting Creatures, and to the right, she smelled there to be dead dragons, mostly! She quickly exhaled in disgust, and looked, and said to Astrid. “My vision, my hearing, my sense of smell! It’s…”

“Better?” Astrid added.

Tesmorlah looked at her in astonishment, and she knew this witch, would never cease to amaze her. “Thank you.” Astrid started to walk. “I didn’t make your senses better; I returned them to what they were, before we came into the mist. It would be wise to continue on foot!”

Astrid had been quite a bit ahead of Tesmorlah now, but she quickly scurried up to her side, grabbed her, and had tossed her up, on her back, continuing to run!”

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