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Chapter 21

Black-Thorned Snake

The trees cracked as the current of the wind manipulated their nature. Astrid and the snake brutishly sped passed! This was it!

Jack stood ready on the ground, his muscles flexed; Lithia prepared to jump from off of the branch, and Cristoph hovered in the air, about to have at the snake as well!

What had she become? Tesmorlah stared upon Astrid and whispered to her. “Astrid… why do you wish to harm us…? What has that snake done to you?” Though her quiet little whisper could not have been heard over the blasting wind, and all the rushing movement it had stirred in the trees, she still felt like Astrid would have heard her… if she was really in there somewhere. Could she really be imprisoned in that cold, scaly monster; that looked blankly into the void, not looking back at her.

The snake and Astrid, were no more than nine yards from them! Jack raised his hand up in a forceful manner, and spoke in his spell casting tongue; loudly and ferociously! A giant zigzag shard of ice, had appeared beside him, pointing straight on for the snake!

With no more than a slight motion of his hand, the glistening shard bulleted up into the sky, and plummeted down to impale the serpent!

While the serpent slithered rapidly through the trees behind Astrid, the large spear of ice, pierced through the snakes back!

The snake slid forward, folding and wailing in pain, as it came to a stop! It threw its head straight up, and gave out an unnerving cry!

Astrid continued onward at the same incredible speed. There was a loud rumbling sound, and the ground shook till the earth began to break, and yes, still the quaking grew stronger; and more life-threatening peril, was underway!

The serpent drew his head down, and peered, squared at Jack; but Jack did not dare look the snake in the eyes!

Something flickered, disrupting his focus. Jack caught this distraction far off with his peripheral vision, and he turned his head to look.

He saw the sparkling, but he hadn’t seen what it was. His eyes turned purple, and he scanned the distant scenery to find it again… It was his staff of light!

I must have dropped it when I was blown up into the sky, and for the life of me, I have forgotten all about it! Jack thought.

Jack’s eyes turned back to their supernatural gray color, and he stared intensely at the sparking speck in the distance; while he put his hand out, as if he had held the staff! Then! It came flying at him with ludicrous quickness, and he caught it in his outstretched hand, and did so, easily!

All of a sudden, the rumbling and shaking stopped, and the ground cracked into a large firework pattern, spreading out just three feet from Jack! A couple seconds after, the same cracking occurred right next to the snake; which still had the giant ice shard in its back!

Chunks of the earth began protruding out, and the cracking continued, breaking out over the ground, quickly and unstoppably!

Jack backed up a bit, and shouted, while scanning the area with frightened eyes. “What’s happening!?”

Lithia examined attentively, and answered in a loud, yet very feminine yell. “I can’t tell you! I’ve never seen this before!”

Just then, a snake broke up and out through the ground, coiling itself around the large dark hole where it had come from; from within the earth!

The snake peered down at Jack, and opened its mouth, displaying its sharp fangs, that dripped with venom!

Lithia quickly, without thinking, jumped off the branch, and landed on the snake’s immensely wide and large snout!

The snake swung its head back and forth, trying to shake Lithia off, while Cristoph darted for the snake’s ribcage!

The snake saw Cristoph out of the corner of its eye, and caught him swiftly, coiling him up in solid constriction! But the snake couldn’t hold Cristoph for long. He cut through the snake, severing its tail!

In the commotion, Jack’s attention was drawn to the other serpent, with the large ice stake in its back; when more cracking and protruding of the earth, began now right beside it!

Violently, another thorned snake, burst up from the earth like a bullet penetrating through! He watched as the snake then screeched, and drew near to the other, which called for him when giving out the squeal of pain. It then, had stopped screeching, and the snake with the ice spear in its back, squawked to the other as if they were communicating.

The serpent had now done something Jack didn’t expect!

It slithered over to the back of the other, biting the large ice shard, pulling it out!

Jack looked at the snakes in fear and amazement, as he watched the defending one toss it to the side like a twig!

No more than a moment after, the two black-thorned snakes looked at Lithia and Cristoph, attacking the other of the serpents; and then found their immediate antagonist, Jack, and stared at him with fury!

The two snakes came slithering straight at Jack, and the uninjured of them did so at full speed! Tesmorlah gave out a loud roar and lunged at them!

The injured snake, did nothing more than look at Tesmorlah, and wielded Astrid to take care of her; Astrid raised her palm up, causing Tesmorlah to rebound and slide far off on the ground; as if she collided with an extremely stretchy elastic invisible barrier!

He was on his own. Jack stared at Astrid and created a watery dome around her; but she just touched it, and it disintegrated immediately; before it had the chance to completely form!

Jack had become frustrated and angry! He looked upon the two snakes, still coming at him, and then, turned his head to the three Protectors, staring for a couple seconds at the one which blasted the wind from its palm. Jack shouted. “Are you going to help us?”

Immediately! Before Jack had even finished his sentence, Zulmpreedor, Force of Fire, and Soscorek, Force of Water, dashed on through the air at the two snakes as if they were flying; flying, even though they didn’t have wings!

Jack was amazed at what he saw, and there was no need to say anymore, but he completed his question, vainly anyway. Either they had planned to deal with the snakes coming at him, or they somehow knew what he was going to say, before he had said it!

Jack was in awe, as he watched the being of red light, and the being of blue, working together to take down the great serpents!

Cristoph kept slashing at the snake, and the snake continued its attempts to capture him in its coils; but every time the snake did, Cristoph sliced off another chunk of its tail, and the snake would screech loudly in agony; tormented and fed up, but still hadn’t had enough.

The snake was at a disadvantage, and couldn’t really see to make effective judgement of the whereabouts of its victim; Lithia held onto its head, blocking its eyes as it shook in so many failed efforts to fling her off!

Jack came up beside Cristoph and touched the snake with his white staff!

Instantly, the snake had stopped moving; it had been paralyzed! It took Cristoph a few seconds to realize what had happened, but then, he didn’t waste any more time!

He tore through the air with his sword pointing straight out for the serpent’s heart!

The blade pierced through the snake’s black-scaled chest, and, on removal of his sword, a massive amount of blood sprayed out, splattering Jack and drenching Cristoph!

Lithia leapt down from the head of the dead snake, still petrified as a statue in the same upright position.

The two Protectors had slain the other serpents just as quickly as Cristoph had, and hovered towards Jack now, just a few discrete inches above ground. Behind them was an indeed disturbing sight to see; the snakes lying there dead; one burned to death and the other frozen solid. The extreme opposites of transcendent elements, accidental poetry… the ice burns in a paralyzing flame.

The Protectors stopped and stood, turning to face Villicus from afar. The raging wind was peacefully decreasing, and then he drew his arm down to his side, and it had ended.

Jack gazed into the distance to Astrid, and said to Cristoph and Lithia. “Look!”

Her eyes turned back to blue, and the scales disappeared! For the first time, Jack had taken notice of how flawless her skin really was; and her long glowing white hair, turned back to its natural hue.

Astrid blinked; had come out of the trance just like that.

She looked at Jack, he and Cristoph soiled with blood; and then she saw Lithia, who had managed to get away with barely a few smudges of the crimson stain; from what looked like a successful, but not easy victory.

From the violent shaking of the Creature defeated, Lithia’s rich black hair had slightly been a mess, and her armor was loosened as well. Cristoph ran his fingers through his dripping hair, wet with blood, pushing it back out of his face. Jack held his stare upon Astrid as she looked at Lithia, then Cristoph, then finally… him…

He wanted her; he craved her… in all her dark mystery and gruesome flaw. He forced himself to look away; it was too arousing, looking upon her… for him to be able to escape from doing something about it; those small particles in her slightly matted hair, while the dirty black cloak she wore had been weighed down by the clumps of mud clinging to the bottom… accentuating the undeniable shape of her breasts and the perfect curve of her hips.

Something was drawn to Astrid’s attention, as she looked upon them who were still alive! “Tesmorlah!” She said. “Where is Tesmorlah?”

Jack walked forward a little ways and pointed. “She was thrown off in that direction!” He then looked at Astrid, studying her and noticed that this had been something more new to her than it was to him; and he finished speaking. “You do not remember, do you? You created some sort of elastic forcefield when the snake had control over you, and she flew into it and bounced off high through the air… maybe she’s laying somewhere out there unconscious!”

Astrid took a moment, and then said quietly. “Maybe.” She looked off into the distance, eyes turning to purple! She skimmed over the area, and then spotted a clearing; which appeared as if it had been created from a dragging, or massive sliding object!

She followed up with her eyes and said with excitement. “Tesmorlah!” She took off running, and then whispered and began to run now, even faster, blurring out of sight!

Jack released Angelus and Helen, and, Adrian and Elvia, from the watery domes, as they all stared beyond where Astrid sped away.

Tesmorlah laid against a heap of leaves, branches, and other things, collected from the ground; scraped from the Forest floor. How that must have hurt.

Astrid began to slow her pace as she came up to Tesmorlah’s breathing stomach. To Astrid’s surprise, Tesmorlah’s head drew up and faced her! Tesmorlah looked deeply into Astrid’s eyes, and suddenly she had a visitation of another one of her visions!

The terrible evil she sensed… was on its way now to the sacred temples of the Four Protectors!

Tesmorlah snapped out of the vision and said immediately trying to rise to her feet. “We have to hurry! The evil…” But she couldn’t, for her left side ached, and she had no feeling in her left arm at all.

Astrid noticed this, and swiftly came over to her arm, and had put her hand on it. Shimmering gloss spread out from Tesmorlah’s arm, over her massive and entire scale-covered body!

The pain was gone, and she had her strength and health again. Tesmorlah rose and Astrid climbed up onto her back. It was a miraculous recovery. Tesmorlah began to run, and right after she gained enough momentum, she leapt up and spread out her wings, leaving the dust to stir below. They were on their way back to the group, and to bring to the attention of the three Protectors, of what Tesmorlah had seen; and she had learned from the passing of time to trust her visions and intuitions… she hadn’t been wrong so far up till now. It’d be unwise to not heed to such a thing.

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