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Chapter 22

The Temples

The temple of the Protector with the Force of Fire stood strong; though it looked as if at any moment, it was going to collapse.

Faint whistling breezes blew by every now and then. And a smell of mildew and age had congested the air! A supernatural ghostly hum, had sounded loudly, then, the air became troubled and the random breezes had ceased! There was an apparition; a presence.

Out of nowhere the leaves on the ground whipped up, left to roll in the rushing air caused by a poltergeist’s movement; and as the leaves twirled and dropped back down, giant footprints had been left behind, in the rich black earth! Whatever caused the movement… was headed to the temple! A wraith, a demon, of evil and malicious intentions.

The phantom dashed into the narrow entrance, pulling leaves on in with it, on passed the stone walls and into the dark!

The air was motionless for just a moment, then fragments of dirt and leaves were drawn out from the temple as the unseen thing rushed through the forest; with the red stone levitating in the air! Whatever it was, it was heading in the direction of the next closest temple! The temple of the Protector with the Force of Water!

Tesmorlah landed. As soon as all four of her limbs and essence had touched the ground, what had just happened, came to her in a vision. The great evil, rampaging like a villain from one temple to another, and then the vision was gone!

She drew her head up, and looked at Cristoph and Lithia; and then, Jack! She fixed her eyes on him, staring for a while; she moved her eyes passed Angelus and Helen; and Adrian and Elvia, then slowed her acknowledging and searching eyes, to look intently at the Protectors. “Why won’t you do anything? Why won’t you stop this? You have the power!!!” Tesmorlah flared her nostrils and glared with an angry gaze upon these three beings!

The three Protectors hadn’t answered her, and she became enraged and faced them straight on as if to challenge them in combat!

In Tesmorlah’s fury and rage, she was given an odd reaction; one she had not expected. The Force of Water, Soscorek, said calmly. “We do not know! We do what the Creator asks of us… We really don’t understand Him, or His mysterious methods… but we still trust in Him! When He wants us to interfere... we interfere! When He wants us to stand aside... we stand aside…”

Tesmorlah’s face softened as if she understood, and then, all the Protectors said at the same time, to finished Soscorek’s speech. “Yes, we have the power… but we are not God.”

Tesmorlah had looked away from them, and said to Astrid and the rest. “An evil unseen spirit has taken the sacred stone of the Protector with the Force of Fire... the Protector with the Force of Water... and the Protector with the Force of Air... and now, it is headed for the last temple to acquire the last of the stones! The stone of the Protector with the Force of Earth!

If we don’t hurry, it will be the end for us all! We must act with haste to prevent this from happening!”

Jack had looked to Astrid and Astrid had her focus on Tesmorlah; but then, looked back at Jack as he declared. “What are we waiting for? We must stop this foul Creature!” Cristoph added. “I’m with Jack, why are we still standing here; let us go annihilate this fiend!”

Jack began to stride off, hellbent, and ready to face havoc; look it directly in the eye, and do it in once and for all! There he was… gliding on through the empty Forest, with Cristoph and Lithia, following close behind!

Astrid climbed up onto Tesmorlah’s back, and dashed off ahead of them all, as Angelus and Helen had made their way on forward along with Lithia!

Elvia had watched the Protectors, and grabbed hold of Adrian’s hand as the three beings of light, set in motion, hovering through the trees behind all the others. Elvia and Adrian flew alongside of Zulmpreedor, the Force of Fire; they all were, now, off to eradicate whatever it was that lied ahead!

The Forest was unnatural with a cold silence, while the invisible warping specter stormed passed the trees, leaving a trail of spiraling leaves as the only sign of its presence and existence… it was appalling, nevertheless, no one had been near to be such a lucky witness of this wraith... no one and nothing for miles; but this evil essence alone, meandering through the Forest.

Jack, the Cloud Clan Queen, the Mydite Warrior, and Tesmorlah, had come, and stopped in front of the sacred temple of the Protector with the Force of Fire. There was a peacefulness about this ancient place, and something peculiarly untouched about it; though Tesmorlah knew better than that from her visions. The thing had been here alright. Elvia and Adrian flew up beside them, and Elvia moved furthest on, and dashed like a bolt of electric, on into the temple to inspect! It had been a long time since she had been here, but she knew exactly what to look for, and where to find it.

Angelus and Helen, came and stood next to Lithia, while Elvia now sped out from the narrow passage of the temple entrance. “The stone is gone!”

The three Protectors, who stood in a precise and perfectly uniformed line behind all of them, hadn’t the slightest reaction to this!

Widespread smothered sounds, rose from the distance. An animalistic roar, followed by a violent charging thunder, sounded through the trees from all around them! Jack, Cristoph, and the others nearby, readied themselves for an attack. Elvia and Adrian, and the two humans gathered in between of their own logic, and more importantly, for their own safety!

Ever-searching eyes, aware and alert, fluttered through the trees for the origin of this plundering thunder.

Adrian watched all around, and found his attention drawn to the Protectors. He was shocked to see them all still standing there in the same uniformed manner, with their heads slightly bowed, and their faces, overflowing with calmness and serenity; they behaved so much like light; unchanged, and forever shining into the places accepting; where it could reach.

Another roar echoed through the trees, and Adrian’s eyes were back, watching the Forest!

They found themselves waiting, tantalized by a growing suspense, and then, without warning, there it was! A giant wolf beast, with thick silvery gray fur, containing piercing yellow eyes! The Beast stood there staring directly at them, drawing its head up. They felt, that not just this Beast, but that the entire Forest had been closing in on them. The Beast rumbled a gurgling growl in his throat. Jack held out his hand in a claw, and formed a flame, whispering rapidly!

“Stop Jack!”

He turned back to look at the Protector that had unexpectedly spoke this! The Protector with the Force of Water, Soscorek, nodded his head sincerely, as Jack looked into his large shining white eyes, with seemingly animated watery blue light, lining the outer iris!

Soscorek spoke again. “It’s okay everyone, it’s Hineeruss, the guardian of the temple of Zulmpreedor!”

Jack spoke with heightened fury. “But we were attacked by a Beast like this before, and it killed Emily! Angelus and Helen are my witnesses; same goes for Adrian!”

Hineeruss announced in a faint growling canine burr. “The other guardians… their souls are eaten away, and they have been taken by the Darkness!”

Jack closed his hand, putting out the flame; and the others composed themselves, drawing back their hostility.

As if they were expecting to grasp something they did not know, they gave their complete and undivided attention to the beastly wolf, Hineeruss, as he declared. “I’m too late… the stone has been taken…”

Through the Forest, the unseen, unknown fiend dashed with three stones also floating along, as if they were gripped firmly in a hand!

The temple of the Protector with the Force of Earth, was just within reach of this devil now; and for the first time this invisible fiend gave out a sound. A warped laugh, breaking through from another dimension, as if struggling to fully come into being in this world!

Vines and moss covered the entrance of the temple! The poltergeist rushed forth, ever so hastily; but something sudden and also unexpected, had happened before the fiend could reach its destination! The thing was thrown back by a powerful blast, like something massive had struck it!

The night sky, turned black, after the fiend came in contact with the thrash! A fierce unexplainable gust of wind, blew the fiend away, carrying it through the air, and smacked it into a tree! The surrounding trees cracked and snapped as they mysteriously came to life, and reached out in claws to snatch up the fiend. Something strange began to happen to the poltergeist; ripples rolled up its invisible warping presence, like it was trying to shape itself into a human form! The branches reaching for it, began to stretch forth like vines, and entangled it in their grasp!

The trees ceased movement, after they had completely covered the poltergeist, revealing the profile of a tall man’s body.

Total and uneasy silence, prolonged… the thing showed no sign of struggle… then there was a blast! The ensnaring branches surrounding the fiend, burst into millions of shards, and the invisible demon was freed. This invisible distorted existence, was definitely in conflict, with remaining a substance in this dimension. It dashed off once more, and headed straight to the entrance of the temple; but it didn’t make it that far… there was no way in hell it was going to get inside that temple.

The fiend had been body-slammed as if there was a monstrous creature that had done this to him; and as this unseen thing made contact with him, it flashed visible for a few moments exposing its form! The unseen monster was a great beast made of earth, rock and plants!

This monster was able to grab the poltergeist, defying the very rules of life and death. Or was it that this poltergeist was neither dead nor living! The fiend flew far off through the air sliding on the ground, and crashed into the base of a tree!

The tree cracked, and split in-two, and half of the tree had fallen crushing the poltergeist, while the other half continued to stand.

The long and laid out half of the tree, rose up from the ground, and then, flew aside as if tossed!

A loud thunderous sound resonated!

The massive unseen beast charged at the fiend, and a clear liquid distortion of space and time appeared between as the two collided!

Again and again the collisions occurred, creating sounds of lightning and thunder and impact! Two equally matched opponent; they would destroy the Forest before they would even come close to destroying each other!

A bent and twisted rumbling grew louder and louder, as Jack, along with all the others, and now joining them, Hineeruss, made haste on forward towards where the indescribable sound was coming from!

Lithia began to sprint and zoomed off; barely a second after, Cristoph jumped, ascending into the air. He spun around as he snagged up Helen and Angelus, while they ran on the ground, and held them in his giant arms as if they had been no burden whatsoever to carry.

Sleeping Nox, slipped out from under Helen’s collar and free fell towards the ground!

Adrian and Elvia spotted the little green dragon, and quickly dashed to his rescue! Elvia caught him just in time by the claw! The grip she had was wanting to slip. Adrian hurried to the other side and grabbed hold of him as well! Elvia was relieved, and snatched the little green dragon’s arm firmly now with her other hand, and released her clumsy grip from his claw.

They flew to catch up to Cristoph who excelled in speed; with Angelus and Helen in his tight but not painful grasp.

Elvia and Adrian flew as fast as their wings would carry them, but Cristoph had just moved farther and farther away!

Astrid took notice to Elvia and Adrian flying above her, and leaned forward to speak in Tesmorlah’s ear.

Tesmorlah jumped up and spread out her wings!

“Get on.” Astrid said to Elvia and Adrian holding onto the strange green lizard, as Tesmorlah gained altitude, and now flew alongside them.

They landed on Tesmorlah’s head, and seized tightly to her horns!

Astrid drew up the little green dragon, and held him in a somewhat closed hand. Tesmorlah had picked up her speed, and the green dragon awoke in shock, when he discovered himself in a strange hand!

Nox decided to stay completely still so the owner of the hand would not know he was not still unconscious.

Astrid said to Elvia, in her intellect. “Where did this little dragon come from?” Elvia answered aloud, not noticing that Astrid’s mouth hadn’t moved once, when she asked this of her. “He slipped out from underneath that human’s collar—the female!”

Astrid looked at Helen, and then looked at the little dragon; caged by her fingers, and said to him. “Wake up… I’m going to send you back to your friend!”

Nox, with anticipation, stood up from his pretend sleep and shouted. “Helen!”

Astrid cast her eyes upon the little excited leaf-green dragon, and he had disappeared in a poof of pink dust, and reappeared in the same pink poof to underneath Helen’s collar, where he had now held tight!

Astrid sensed the poor things confusion, and said in his thoughts with a friendly chuckle. “You fell.”

The three Protectors, Hineeruss and Jack, charged across the Forest floor, and had caught up to Lithia and Cristoph!

Tesmorlah flew precisely to Cristoph’s side, far enough away, so is to not strike him with her wing.

In the far distance, they saw a flash of something that appeared to be, some form of liquidized light; they turned slightly, advancing in that direction, at a confident speed!

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