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Chapter 25

The Evil

From out of the sheer blackness of the Forest, came a dismal and whimpering howl. A half dog, half dragon Creature, having white scales, and a white beard, freefell to the ground; left in mystery of how it had ended up that way, now lying there dead!

Near it, the two invisible phantoms collided; and though trying very hard, neither of the two could weaken nor shake the other.

Both so powerful, and both so equally destructive to all surroundings; the Forest would surely meet its doom before one of them would.

Flying above Jack, Lithia, and the man, in the dark Forest, Tesmorlah spotted a massive and pale, dusky object, against the bottom of a tree.

Before Tesmorlah spoke, Astrid declared, elongating forth her arm, reaching her hand, and pointing out her index finger. “What do you make of that?”

Cristoph dashed on to the forefront and peered ahead, squinting into the distance, while Astrid watched, her gaze intensified as well!

Though dim and generally not very noticeable, her eyes appeared to produce a purple luminescence shining in the darkness. “It’s another Creature! From the looks of it, it doesn’t retain any signs of physical injury either.”

Lithia jumped up high, and had bounced off a tree, spotting the giant white dragon, and knew exactly what species it was upon first sight of it. She let the name of the Creature roll off her tongue, so the others could hear, as she flew through the air towards another tree. “A Birrat!”

She bounced, and pushed off from against the tall titan, and then continued; picking up her pace, bouncing on, from tree to tree; it was that, and a combination of taking off on foot, of which she did every now and then.

“What is it?” Jack exclaimed as the man and him had hurried to catch up to Lithia. She stopped just ahead though, right there in front of the great white resting Creature. Jack had taken notice of this thing like how everyone else had from afar, yet thought it nothing important, or too terribly significant that is was there. Just another unfortunate and butchered Creature.

“It’s a Birrat! A Birrat Dragon!” Lithia said with pity in her voice.

“Why did you stop?” Jack asked.

Lithia turned and stared him in the eyes. “Eight hundred years ago… these dragons were seen everywhere, all the time; they were a prolific and a happy species... they quickly disappeared…” she said, then turned her back to Jack and the mysterious man. “It is grieving, to see one after all this time … dead… such a beautiful Creature… dead...”

Jack looked at the dragon’s pitifully dull face, and felt such irked sympathy, but said nothing to Lithia.

Tesmorlah, Angelus, Cristoph and Helen, landed engagingly, about twelve feet from Jack! Jack turned and watched Cristoph, who gathered over to the perished Birrat. He then did something as brutal as it was unpredicted. He lifted up the large scale over the heart, and carved it out with the tip of his sword.

“Why are you doing this!?” Jack shrieked, as Cristoph reached deep into the dragon’s chest pulling out its heart! “Birrat’s have a special gift! he said. “They can foreshadow the future, yet they can’t see it, unless someone or something has asked them to show them. These oracles were approached by Creatures all over this Forest, almost daily, until they grew scares and became extinct— I’m going to find out what happened here!”

Cristoph held the heart up to the heavens, then a sort of pale blue light began to radiate from it. It drifted up, levitating and rising from off of Cristoph’s cradling palm. It had come to a stop, above and in front of him, bobbing in the air.

The light grew brighter and the heart burst open! Then, unexpectedly, the spirit of the Birrat dragon appeared.

The dragon hovered in the same bobbing, floating manner; the same movement as the heart before. The ends of its fur swayed weightless like it had been underwater.

“What happened to you?” Cristoph boldly demanded, getting straight to the point.

“Two evil forces clashed… my life energy was absorbed, ripped away from me... and I was no more.”

Cristoph asked, as the dragon lowered his head with a loud airy sound as it moved.

“What are these two evil forces?”

“You mean what were they…” the dragon said.

“I don’t have time for your riddles Birrat! Tell me what I want to know! Where are they?” Cristoph said with a stern tone, though remaining brilliantly calm and contained. The Birrat dragon blinked his sad blue dog eyes, and then opened them into something different. His eyes lit up and his sight beamed out upon their faces, a glorious and holy shining white. “One is not of this place, but of a drifting form of the spirit world, and one is of this world, a living being. They are far too powerful to be destroyed, even with all of you combined! I see a tragic ending. The darkness taking over, and the two evil forces, at war with each other forever fighting, until they destroy this Forest, and then... have their way with the world of the humans!”

Cristoph lowered his head, and tightened his grip on his sword for a lack of another way to express his sudden heroic drive to take care of this matter. He said with hopeless frustration. “Is there not a way to stop them...?”

The dragon glanced at Astrid, and then glared at Cristoph and answered. “There is… you must speak the spirit’s true name, and it will be sent back from whence it came. Be warned and beware of the forces draining your life source!”

The Birrat floated there for a little longer waiting, and then Cristoph bowed his head down in silence, lingering there for a moment. He looked to Lithia, and then to the Birrat. “Where are they?” The dragon drew forth his ghostly limb and turned his head to look behind himself, pointing into the depths of the unknown, where only darkness would survive.

“Thank you…” Cristoph said as he looked beyond the distant trees, seeing through the transparent oracle.

The ghostly figure of the Birrat began to fade; then in a snap, followed with a sheer and certain high-pitched cracking, the dragon’s spirit disappeared; and the pieces left of the dragon’s heart, disintegrated into dust and fell to the ground.

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