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Chapter 26

The River

They emerged from the trees and came to a broad riverbed. Dried up, and failing to give so many unfortunate Creatures that have passed through here water. Cristoph was the first to land as Lithia, Jack, and the hidden-faced man, gathered to the edge and stopped; and looked across to the other side.

Angelus, Helen and Tesmorlah landed in the river. Tesmorlah’s weight triggered the rocks to shift beneath her feet, and she was about to stumble over, but quickly regained her balance.

Cristoph looked at Lithia, and met her eyes for an instance before she returned her gaze on down the massive riverbed.

“They can’t be too far now…” Lithia said.

“Yes, I can feel them!” Tesmorlah confirmed, as Astrid jumped off her back and stood by Cristoph. He had his wings draping down loosely to both sides, for fear that he might have to take off at any moment!

Sure enough, a disturbing sound had echoed from on ahead, farther on than they could see! No more than a second after, the sound had been accompanied by a low rumble, quaking; and it was then when they saw it! A violently charging flashflood!

Astrid mounted Tesmorlah as she leapt up, hovering above in the air. Cristoph, Helen and Angelus, flew up and idled there aside Tesmorlah, as the rest took to the trees!

Just as Jack, Lithia and the man reached safety upon a high branch, they spotted something that frightened them!

The giant titans of trees, standing tall and strong as if they would do so forever, were being torn up row by row by a massive monsoon, and the storm had been heading towards them and fast!

Cristoph looked ahead, a massive three hundred foot wave as far as the eye could see, was approaching. Cristoph worried, realizing the situation, and had looked down upon Lithia.

“Angelus, get Jack!” Cristoph said as he dashed towards the giant branch, where Lithia, the man and Jack, were sitting ducks!

The sound created by the massive wave had drowned out all else… the usually loud air-cutting sound of Cristoph’s wings, along with all of their screams and shouts, went unheard.

Jack gazed on up at Tesmorlah and the rest, hovering high above them, and then with relief, he spotted Cristoph rushing now to their rescue!

“He’s not going to make it!” Jack thought, as he had stared at the monstrous wave coming at them, destroying everything in front of it.

Jack could wait no longer for this fate to seal them. Jack took matters into his own hands, taking immediate action by clutching tightly to Lithia and the man, while then whispering violently, these five harsh syllables over and over!

They lifted into the air and spun around, leaving a spiraling trail of fog behind! Jack repeated this strange gibberish until he reached Cristoph... and Angelus had been right there too, just coming up behind him!

Cristoph grabbed onto all three of them, holding them securely flying up as fast as he could to the others above! Angelus came up to catch Jack as Cristoph tossed him to him like a rag-doll. They were out of reach of the wave, and just in time before it collapsed down upon them!

Water went rolling on passed with broken trees drifting calmly within it. The loud sound of the water’s movement faded and rested.

Tesmorlah, Astrid and Helen stared at Cristoph and Angelus, with anxious astonishment. What a feat they had executed. Helen hurried to help Angelus support Jack; who was, for the first time worn out!

This version of him, one zapped of energy drained of power, was quickly rejuvenated and replenished, just as it had been discerned. He lifted his head which cradled on Angelus’s shoulder; back to his old self. It had been as if he was in a dazed confusion, rather than experiencing exhaustion; in fact, it had seemed more like he just fainted and now had awakened. He glared at the boundless river of flowing water, now far behind and below them.

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